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Japanese Weapons

  • Bokken


    <p>The bokken is a wooden sword used in various martial arts from Japan, mainly in: classical Japanese swordsmanship or kenjutsu, modern traditional fencing or kendo, the art of unsheathing and cutting with the sword or Iaido, and the art of Jodo stick or fencing.</p>
  • Japanese weapons Accessories

    Japanese weapons Accessories

    <p>Tsubas Kitts cleaning, holsters and other accessories and clothing for katanas, iaitos, bokken, naginata, nodachis, sais, shirasayas, Tachis, many, Wakizashis, etc.</p>

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Tiger Katana Hanwei Cass created by hand-forged steel K120C. Saya lacquered black. Tsuka in ray skin quality and tsuka-ito and sageo Japanese cotton. The fuchi, Kojiri, koiguchi and Kurigata are manufactured in old...
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Katana of the famous series Bleach, which belongs to the character Kisuke Urahara. Kisuke Urahara is the Former Captain of the 12th Division. He is also the founder of the Department of Research and Development. He...

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Professional Katana. The sheath comes in lacquered wood. A choice of several types:Chrysanthemum (black wood). Ref. 090Crane (redwood). Ref. 092Angel (black wood). ref. 094NO includes wooden box. CUIDADO.- COMES SHARP
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Katana Zombie of the famous tv series The Walking Dead. The blade is made of carbon steel. Includes sheath made of wood. The Walking Dead is a series of comics published Us in 2003 by ImageComics is currently has more...
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