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Japanese Weapons

  • Bokken


    <p>The bokken is a wooden sword used in various martial arts from Japan, mainly in: classical Japanese swordsmanship or kenjutsu, modern traditional fencing or kendo, the art of unsheathing and cutting with the sword or Iaido, and the art of Jodo stick or fencing.</p>
  • Japanese weapons Accessories

    Japanese weapons Accessories

    <p>Tsubas Kitts cleaning, holsters and other accessories and clothing for katanas, iaitos, bokken, naginata, nodachis, sais, shirasayas, Tachis, many, Wakizashis, etc.</p>

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Katana white from the Anime series Bleach. Bleach is a manga series and anime written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The series follows the adventures of Kurosaki Ichigo, a teenager who accidentally absorbs the powers...

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Tiger Katana Hanwei Cass created by hand-forged steel K120C. Saya lacquered black. Tsuka in ray skin quality and tsuka-ito and sageo Japanese cotton. The fuchi, Kojiri, koiguchi and Kurigata are manufactured in old...

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Professional Katana. The sheath comes in lacquered wood. A choice of several types:Chrysanthemum (black wood). Ref. 090Crane (redwood). Ref. 092Angel (black wood). ref. 094NO includes wooden box. CUIDADO.- COMES SHARP
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