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Lord of the Rings Swords

official replica of the sword used by the Nazgul of The Hobbit, the saga of the Lord of the Rings. about the size of 63 cms. made of sheet steel and finished AUS-6 acid. The metal grip covered in leather. It Includes...
Official replica of the Sword of Mirkwood Hobbit carrying the Mirkwood Army infantry in the Black Forest during the Battle of the Five Armies. Steel blade decorated with elven reasons. It includes hanging wooden stand...
Official sword of Thorin, from the Hobbit trilogy. This richly detailed sword design represents royalty from the dwarf kingdom of Erebor, with a carved handle with gold accents and an inlaid gold blade. This royal...
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Personajes Señor de los Anillos y Hobbit

Discover the Swords of the Lord of the Rings and the Swords of the Hobbit. We have in our catalog all the Swords of the characters of the Lord of the Rings saga. From the Anduril Sword, Glamdring, Eowyn, Dart, Narsil, Frodo, Strider, Hadhafang, Thranduil, the Sword of Arwen and more. The Tolkien Universe at a click.

Origin.- The Lord of the Rings

It all started with JRR Tolkien's 1954 novel conceived as a sequel to his earlier novel The Hobbit. The Lord of the Rings became one of the most popular works of the 20th century worldwide.

Title.- The Lord of the Rings

The title of the Lord of the Rings alludes to the One Ring also known as Isildur's Damage and Sovereign Ring that governs the nine of the humans, the seven of the dwarves as Sauron expected, the three of the elves.

The Swords of the Lord of the Rings

Espada Hadhafang - Arwen​

Hadhafang Sword - Arwen

The Sword of Arwen was originally the Sword of Elrond in the battle of the last alliance of men and elves, although over time he gave it to his daughter Arwen.

Espada de Eowyn

Eowyn's Sword

Sharp sword of King Rohan's niece, Eowyn. Tolkin describes her as a beautiful warrior maiden.

Espada Glamdring - Gandalf

Glamdring Sword - Gandalf

It is the signature sword of Gandalf, Orcrist's twin sister. Without a doubt one of the most powerful swords of the Lord of the Rings.

Espada Andúril - Aragorn, Elendil

Andúril Sword - Aragorn, Elendil

The Andúril Sword belongs to the future king Aragorn II. It was forged from the remains of Narsil, the Sword of Elendil. Aragorn fought in all the battles with his sword Andúril.

Thranduil's Sword

One-handed sword used by Thranduil that comes to the fore in the third Hobbit film when Thranduil takes down dozens of orcs non-stop.

Espada Dardo - Bilbo

Dart Sword - Bilbao

He is a living skeleton, a musician for the Straw Hat Pirates and one of their two swordsmen. The user of the devil fruit. An undead due to his powers.

Espada Orcrist - Thorin

Orchrist Sword - Thorin

They are known as the Straw Hat Gang, they are pirates with different members around the world. They are named for their captain's characteristic hat.

Espada Herugrim - Theoden

Herugrim Sword - Théoden

They are known as the Straw Hat Gang, they are pirates with different members around the world. They are named for their captain's characteristic hat.

If you are interested or need to make a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings gift, here you have all the Merchandising so you can choose what you like best.

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