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The jineta sword is a sword of Nasrid origin that was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula during the Arab invasion. It is one of the best known swords of Muslim origin with the scimitar, the kabila and the cutlass.

Characteristics of the geneta sword

The jineta sword is presented as a single-edged sword with a curved blade and medium-small dimensions (50-60 cm). The guard is very narrow and falls towards the blade, the hilt is one-handed and the pommel is usually round. These parts are engraved with floral and arabesque motifs and may sometimes present texts in Arabic letters. The most famous jineta sword is that of Boabdil, who was the last king of Granada. After the reconquest, several of the same or similar swords began to be produced in the famous town of Toledo in Spain.

Jineta-like swords

There are some swords, of Arab origin that are very similar to the genet sword, among them:


similar sword but it has a straight blade and does not usually have a guard.


Very similar sword but it is usually smaller and the blade is usually more curved.


the blade of some scimitars may resemble the blade of genets.


perhaps the most similar sword to the genet in its entirety.

There are very few replicas of the jineta sword and we have the honor of selling a replica produced by the Marto de Toledo house. This sword is produced entirely in Toledo, respecting manufacturing standards.

The sword is delivered with the "Made in Toledo" certificate. If you want this sword to be part of your collection, do not hesitate to reserve one online or by phone.

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