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100 Shields, originally gold (Centen), minted during the reign of Felipe IV in 1637. In his legend says Rex Hispaniarum 1637. Tamaño.- 4 cm. diameter. It was a Spanish coin 100 gold crowns issued in 1609 under the...

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Two golden Shields, originally gold (Doubloon) minted in Seville during the reign of Felipe II between 1556-1598. Replica PHILIPPVS II dei gratia coin. Tamaño.- 3 cm. diameter. Felipe II coined different types of...

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2 Golden Shield (Doubloon) minted during the reign of Felipe II between 1556-1598. The doubloon (also called excellent) was a piece of Spanish gold was equivalent to two shields or 32 reais, and weighed 6.77 grams...

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Coin with the design of the Knights Templar with a brass finish. The coin has a diameter of 4 cms. and weighs 35 grams. Coin made in Toledo, Spain.

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Leather bag with 8 Spanish coins. The bag has printed the pirate coat. Contine a pair of each of the following currencies: 2 gold crowns (doubloon), 2 gold crowns (doubloon) coined in Sevilla, 2 pieces of 8 reales...

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Epaulette-general division metal. Perfect for comlementar a uniform or a suit of battle. It is metal and measures 4,8/4,6 cm In the back takes a punch to secure the pad to the fabric. INCLUDES TWO UNITS.

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Set 30 ancient coins with different finishes and allegories and fantastic images. Made of galvanized zinc and nickel. They include bag in brown leather.

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Set of 30 Dragon coins in gold color. Featuring an engraved dragon on one side and the Epic Armory logo on the other, these gold-finish coins are made to be durable and attractive. Copper lion coins feel heavy in the...
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Coins are metallic pieces that are usually round in shape and that have or had money value, to buy goods and services. Coins are also a symbol of wealth and power.

different types of coins

There are many types of currencies as there were many currencies. We focus on these types of coins:

Ancient and historical coins

  • They are coins that have made history and were used in ancient times. They had variable values. The most famous replicas that we have in our catalog are those of the "Spanish Shields".

Fantastic coins or coins for LARP

  • They are coins that have not had legal value in the course of history since they are fantastic coins and are used for recreations. Among the most famous we have the "fire coins" and the "earth coins".

Many of these coins are sold in lots, with a leather bag to carry them without losing them.

The plates are metal brooches that were used to identify a group, a person and their rank. In modern times they have always existed, as people began to need to find a way to identify and differentiate between them.

Especially at the time of the Great Wars, it was important to identify oneself in order to carry out tasks on the battlefield in an organized and orderly manner. To this day, the plates are still used in the army to give important information, such as: name, department and blood group.

Among the most outstanding plates we have

Old West plates or Western plates

  • They are plates that were used by Sheriffs and police officers. They have different shapes: starting from the classic gold star to the silver Marshal shield.

modern plates

  • These plates were used in the Great Wars and are still used today. Among the most famous we find the Nazi plates and the American plates. Each one served to differentiate the soldier depending on his department: infantry, aeronautics, navy, cavalry or heavy cavalry.

The plates are a very important complement in a historical costume. They allow you to stand out from the rest, and to belong to a specific rank of an army.

Coins have been a fundamental piece in the history of the world, since money has been the trigger for many ancient wars. Some coin has made the history of a country, which is why we continue to find them in museums as pieces of inestimable value, why don't you get one of our historical replicas?

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