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Third of Flanders vest medieval model made of suede leather of the highest quality. This vest has the protection of leather armor and comfort of a fur garment. All sizes are suitable for people with a height between...
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This vest with laces of the SEVENTEENTH century is made of 100% cotton. It comes in red, green, or navy blue. This vest can be used with a variety of shirts of that era and has even been used by some ladies on board.
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Doublet of the royal court made with a fabric of brocade and heavy and with a row of antique buttons that give this jacket a truly royal. The elegance of the Renaissance lives on in this magnificent doublet for men....
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This vest is perfect to complete a set of pirate, a set of gothic or to take it alone. It is made in velvet, decorated, in a style of napoleon, with golden ornaments and black. 18 antique buttons brass round out the...
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Chleco Steampunk model Empire. This vest Empire is made in a brocade deep gold with five buttons with a design of gear wheel in antique brass to match. Wears a collar with a fold finish in the round and a...
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The Vest Don Juan offers the perfect touch to finish off your look noble and well-dressed. The sleeveless vest is made of a rich velvet black cotton and features a trim brocade black thick wavy lines on the front. The...
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Vest Mercenary, crafted in cotton with faux fur black. This sturdy, black vest can be worn alone or with any shirt of time. Made in a cotton canvas, is trimmed with faux fur black and a front lace-up. A side zipper...
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Vest SteamPunk model Capetiano. This rugged vest cross dates back to the days of the French Revolution, but it has a modern style. Made with a soft cotton fabric black. The vest wears an elaborate military style in...
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Vest medieval lace-up and with a design inspired by the models used in the FIFTEENTH century. The vest was a very important part of a man's wardrobe. Made of wool, (minimum content of wool 85% guaranteed) lining 100%...
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