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Hammer made in latex of first quality, ideal for LARP. Total size of 39 x 17 cms. The width of the hammer head is 10 cm.
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Hammer Lonnar the King of the Dwarves, ideal for LARP. This hammer was born from the imagination of Martial Grisé when he created the universe Seyrawyn, and was raised by the master craftsmen of Calimacil. A piece as...
Italian warhammer of the fourteenth century. The head is made of brass and the wooden handle. Their mission was to break the armor of enemies. It was used until the 16th century in the wars of Europe, the Middle East...
Hammer of battle manufactured by hand in steel. The hammer has an old finish. The handle has been covered with leather for a better grip./ p>
War hammer model Fiore from the Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection. It is a hammer made of 1065 steel with a high carbon content and with a dark, hardened and tempered finish. This warhammer has undergone...
Hammer of the German War with Tip. It has a large beak, as well as small tips on the sides. The peak back is thick and able to pierce armor. The head is secured with steel pins to the shaft of hard wood that is also...
Hammer of War-German steel head secured to the shaft of the wood and with steel pins. The tacks of brass to provide a more secure grip. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®.The proliferation of plate armor across...
This replica is based on a historically authentic design. This heavy warhammer has a solid steel head and is pointed at one side. This weapon has a very sturdy wooden mage with steel side reinforcements. Manufactured...
Double headed Warhammer M48. The M48 Double Headed Warhammer is approx. 17.5 cm long, double head in 2Cr13 stainless steel and black oxide bath with satin finish on each of its faces. The hammerhead features a spine...
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