Hammer of God Thor, Mjolnir in steel Hammer of God Thor, Mjolnir in steel 2
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Hammer decorative of Thor made of steel and with all the details. Replica NOT official. In norse mythology, Mjolnir is the hammer of the god Thor. Contains a support in the form of rock.Total size of the Hammer: 45 cm (Length) x 22'5 cm (Width) x 13'5 cm (Depth)Size of stand: 28 cm (Length) x 24 cm (Width) x 8'(5 cm High)
Thor's Unofficial Mjolnir Hammer - Refurbished Thor's Unofficial Mjolnir Hammer - Refurbished 2
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Feel the power of Thor with our unofficial Mjolnir Hammer! This impressive decorative hammer, inspired by Norse mythology, is a replica of the famous weapon of the god of thunder. Featured Features: Sturdy Material: Made of high-quality resin, this Mjolnir Hammer is a robust and durable piece that captures the essence of Thor's legendary weapon. Its...

battle hammer

74.23 €
Get the handcrafted steel battle hammer you've always wanted! This amazing hammer, with an aged finish, is the perfect choice for all warriors and battle enthusiasts. It will provide you with a unique combat experience, as it has been designed with every detail in mind to ensure maximum effectiveness and durability. The battle hammer features a...

Spiked German War Hammer

Windlass Steel Crafts
99.00 €
Pointed German War Hammer. This mighty hammer is designed to break through the toughest armor. Its large bill and small spikes on the sides provide a deadly tool on the battlefield. The rear beak is thick and capable of piercing even the toughest armor. The hammer head is firmly secured to the hardwood shaft by steel pins, ensuring great stability and...

German war hammer, s. 16th

Battle Merchant
127.98 €
Discover the impressive 16th century German war hammer that will transport you to a time full of warriors and epic battles! This amazing war hammer features a curious hand shape holding a dagger, giving it a unique and striking look. The German war hammer is made to the highest quality, using strong and durable materials such as brass, wood and steel....
289.41 €
Are you a fan of the hit Game of Thrones series and want to hold a piece of its history in your hands? Then you can't miss King Robert I Baratheon's War Hammer, a powerful and true collector's item. Every detail of this war hammer has been carefully designed to give you a unique experience. Manufactured by Valyrian Steel, a brand recognized for its...

English war hammer, year 1430

Windlass Steel Crafts
74.25 €
This robust English war hammer from the year 1430 is the perfect weapon for fighting from horseback. Lighter than a mace, it will give you the power and control to dominate the battlefield. Manufactured by the prestigious Windlass Steelcrafts® brand, this English war hammer combines quality and durability to guarantee impeccable performance in every...

Italian war hammer, 14th century

Battle Merchant
143.98 €
This 14th century Italian War Hammer is a true historical gem. With its brass head and wooden handle, this hammer had a clear mission: to break the armor of enemies. Used in the wars of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa until the 16th century, this Italian war hammer can be yours right now. Designed with precision and detail, this 14th century...

Crow's beak Medieval war hammer, (70.5 cms.)

Battle Merchant
57.73 €
Looking for a truly imposing weapon that will make your enemies tremble? Look no further because we have Battle Merchant's Crow's Beak Medieval War Hammer. This hammer features a strong steel head, designed to provide maximum impact in battle. Its name, Raven's Beak, refers to its pointed shape and its ability to penetrate enemy armor. But that's not all,...

Medieval war hammer, 60 cm.

Windlass Steel Crafts
82.50 €
The 60cm Medieval Warhammer is an impressive replica that will take you back in time to epic battles. Based on a historically authentic design, this war hammer features a solid steel head with a sharp point on one side, making it a powerful and deadly weapon. In addition, it has an extremely resistant wooden handle with steel side reinforcements, which...

War Hammer Lucerna S XIV, length 135 cm.

Battle Merchant
103.98 €
Discover the powerful War Hammer Lucerne S XIV, with an impressive length of 135 cm! This war hammer, also known as the Lucerne hammer or Corbin's Bec, was developed in the 14th century from the pole ax and became a popular two-handed polearm among infantry and knights. Are you looking for a tool that combines elegance and strength? Do not look any...

M48 Double Headed War Hammer

United Cutlery
99.00 €
Discover the M48 double-headed War Hammer, the perfect weapon for those who seek maximum power and resistance in their hands. At approximately 17.5cm long, this war hammer features a 2Cr13 stainless steel double head, stunningly black oxide plated and satin finished on each face. What makes this hammer so special? Its head features a thorn at the top and...
Discover the functional metal Thor's Hammer with support from the Marvel brand. If you are a fan of Norse myths and superhero movies, this product is perfect for you. This is the modern version of the famous hammer "Mjölnir" of the mighty god Thor. The hammer features a round plaque with an inscription that translates to "He who wields this hammer...

Historical war hammer from the 15th century

Lord of Battles
66.11 €
Historical war hammer from the 15th century. This hammer is a museum copy intended for display only and is not to be used as a weapon on the battlefield. The hammer and butt are cast in strong CARBON STEEL, while the handle is made of teak wood. Its carefully detailed design and manufacturing make this hammer a true work of art. Inspired by the hammers...

medieval war hammer, gothic

Lord of Battles
71.07 €
Get ready for epic medieval battles with the mighty gothic warhammer! Crafted from strong carbon steel, this iconic weapon is designed to withstand the most violent blows on the battlefield. The hammer's full tang ensures maximum strength and durability, making it the perfect ally for fierce gothic knights in their quest for victory. In addition, its...
How would you like to get your hands on the legendary weapon of the mighty Thor Now you can have your own unofficial replica of the most famous hammer of Norse mythology! This Thor's Hammer is a stunning piece of decor that is sure to catch the eye of your friends and family. Made of high-quality resin, this hammer has a nickel-colored finish and blue...
Lord of the Rings - Hobbit

Unofficial Celebrimbor Hammer, Rings of Power

56.02 €
Are you a true Lord of the Rings fan then you can't miss out on this awesome replica of Celebrimbor's hammer! This legendary forger of the rings of power deserves his own collectible, and this unofficial replica will not disappoint.With gold accents and a striking blue handle, this hammer is a true work of art. Plus, it's made of high-quality resin, which...
98.92 €
Bring the power of Thor to your Assassins Creed Valhalla collection with this awesome replica of Thor's Hammer! This unofficial hammer is a true work of art, with its nickel color and gold accents that will catch the eye of any gaming fan. Plus, its brown handle makes it even more authentic, and it's made of high-quality fiberglass for extra...
217.43 €
Make the strength of the Female Thor your own with the UNofficial replica of the Hammer of the Female Thor! This impressive hammer is a detailed recreation of the model that the Female Thor uses in her fight against evil. Become a true superhero and stand out at any event or exhibition. Crafted from steel with exceptional detail, this hammer captures the...
142.50 €
Step into the grandeur and ferocity of battle with the unofficial Hammer of the Dwarf King, from The Hobbit's epic Battle of the Five Armies. Featured Features: Authentic, unofficial replica: This hammer is a detailed reproduction of the digital model used in the film, faithfully capturing the essence and power of the Dwarf King's weapon. Each battle mark...
218.55 €
Discover the power of Thrall's unofficial Doomhammer, a true gem inspired by the legendary World of Warcraft weapon. This imposing hammer, carefully designed to replicate Thrall's iconic Doomhammer, is an essential piece for any fan of the series. Advantages and benefits: Detailed and authentic design: Every aspect of the hammer has been painstakingly...
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Exploring the History and Strength of Hammers

Hammers are tools that have played an essential role in the history of humanity, both as work instruments and weapons of war. In this article, we'll explore different types of hammers throughout history, from medieval war hammers to Thor's iconic hammer and more.

Medieval War Hammers: Power in Combat

Medieval warhammers were formidable weapons used by knights and soldiers in the Middle Ages. Known for their strength and penetrating ability, these hammers were feared on the battlefield. With massive heads and sharp beaks, they were ideal for piercing enemy armor and defeating opponents.

Medieval warhammers varied in design and size, but their primary purpose was the same: to inflict bludgeoning and effective damage in hand-to-hand combat. His legacy lives on as a symbol of the bravery and strength of medieval warriors.

Viking Hammers: Tools of Conquest

Viking hammers, also known as "Mjölnir", were both tools and weapons used by the ancient Vikings. In addition to their practical function in construction and everyday life, these hammers had deep religious and mythological significance in Norse culture.

Thor's hammer, one of the most famous Viking hammers, was considered a symbol of protection and divine strength. Thor, the god of thunder, was believed to use it to confront enemies and protect the gods and humanity from threats. These hammers represent the connection between the Vikings and their mythological heritage.

Hammers of Medieval Kings and Orcs: Legends Forged in Iron

In the Middle Ages, kings and nobles carried ornamental hammers as symbols of their power and authority. These hammers, often richly decorated with engravings and gems, were emblems of their status in medieval society. They were used in ceremonies and important events to highlight royalty and nobility.

On the other hand, orc hammers are imaginary weapons that have been popularized in fantasy literature and role-playing games. These colossal weapons are the symbol of the brutality and ferocity of the orcs in the fantasy world, where they face heroes in epic battles.

Curious Questions about Hammers

What was the main purpose of medieval war hammers?

Medieval warhammers were used as effective weapons in close combat, especially against armored enemies.

What did Thor's hammer symbolize in Norse culture?

Thor's hammer, called "Mjölnir", symbolized protection and divine strength in Norse culture, associated with the god Thor.

Why were ornamental hammers popular with medieval kings?

Ornamental hammers were symbols of power and authority, used by kings and nobles to highlight their status in medieval society.

What are orc hammers and in what context are they used?

Orc hammers are fictional weapons found in fantasy literature and role-playing games, associated with the ferocity of orcs in fantasy.

What is the connection between medieval war hammers and bravery?

Medieval war hammers were symbols of bravery and strength on the battlefield, used by medieval knights and warriors in fighting.

What type of materials were commonly used in making Viking hammers?

Viking hammers, like Mjölnir, were often made of iron and were practical tools and weapons in Norse culture.

Discover the history and power behind hammers throughout the centuries. From the battlefield to mythological legends, hammers have left an indelible mark on our culture.

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