King Solomon Swords

King Solomon Swords

Solomon cadet sword

76.03 €
Discover the exclusive Solomon Cadet Sword from the historical collection of Marto! With an aged silver finish, this sword stands out for its elegance and quality. Manufactured in Toledo, it has the certificate of Quality and Origin that guarantees its authenticity. At 75 cm long, this sword is perfect for history buffs and collectors alike. Its careful...
King Solomon Swords

King Solomon Sword

190.91 €
King Solomon sword from the Marto brand. Solomon, King of Israel, was the second son of Uriah's wife, Bathsheba, whom his father, David, had taken as his wife. A high quality sword from the exclusive Collection “Historical, Fantastic and Legendary Swords” manufactured by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo. Solomon, King of Israel...
King Solomon Swords

Sword King Solomon Cadet, 79 cms.

42.82 €
King Solomon's sword, cadet size, 79 cms. With sheet in decorated stainless steel, engraved and gold finishes.
King Solomon Swords

King Solomon Sword, Deluxe

418.18 €
Discover King Solomon's sword, Deluxe! Crafted with inlaid gold details on the blade, cross, and pommel, this sword is a true gem. It belongs to the exclusive "Heroes and Civilizations Collection" by MARTO, guaranteeing its high quality and "Made in Toledo" origin. King Solomon, known and respected as a wise, just, and powerful king, ruled Israel between...
95.03 €
Discover the majesty and power of the King Solomon Decorative Sword! This is an impressive replica of the sword used by King Solomon, the last ruler of the biblical united kingdom of Israel. This sword has a high-quality stainless steel blade, which has been carefully designed to faithfully reflect the essence and style of the original weapon. Its handle...
77.00 €
Are you a lover of history and mythology? Then you will love the Decorative Sword inspired by King Solomon, the third and last ruler of the united kingdom of Israel in the Bible. With a high-quality stainless steel blade and leather-wrapped hilt, this sword is an impressive item for display as well as use. The leather-wrapped wooden scabbard with metal...
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King Solomon's Swords: Symbols of Power and Wisdom

At Tienda-Medieval, we offer you an impressive collection of all the swords of King Solomon of Israel. These ornamental swords are a sample of luxury and detail that never goes unnoticed. The figure of King Solomon and his swords are testimonies of the power, wisdom and justice that leaders can exercise. These stories and symbols remind us of the importance of wisdom in decision-making and the lasting influence a person's actions can have.

Solomon, King of Israel

Solomon, who reigned in Israel between 970 and 931 BC, is known and respected for being a wise, just and powerful king. He was the second son of Bathsheba, whom his father, David, had taken as his wife.

During his reign, Solomon brought the Israelite monarchy to its highest point of prosperity. In addition, he was responsible for the construction of the Jerusalem temple, fortified the city, and promoted the development of the arts and sciences.

The Wisdom of Solomon

One of the most famous stories that demonstrates Solomon's wisdom is the trial in which two women disputed the motherhood of a baby. To find out who the real mother was, Solomon gave his sword to a soldier and ordered him to divide the baby in two, giving half to each woman.

The real mother, in an act of love and desperation, begged the king not to kill the child and to give him to the other woman. With this test, Solomon was able to identify the true mother, demonstrating her wisdom and justice.

King Solomon's Sword

King Solomon's sword is not only a symbol of power, but also of justice and wisdom. There are many versions in terms of size but we have to think of a long sword, around 120 cm, adorned with precious stones on its guard, hilt and pommel. In short, a high quality piece of kings.

Solomon's Legacy

Solomon's legacy goes beyond his reign and his wise decisions. Its influence extends to culture, religion and history.

His sword, in particular, has become a symbol of justice, power and wisdom, and is a coveted piece by collectors and history enthusiasts.

Discover the majesty of King Solomon's swords in our collection! Get yours now!

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