Crossbows for kids

Medieval crossbow for children
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Crossbows for kids

Medieval crossbow for children

14.06 €
Do you want your children to have fun while learning about medieval history? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire our incredible medieval crossbow for children. This crossbow is made of high quality wood, which makes it strong and durable. Plus, it includes 3 arrows so little ones can practice their aim and develop motor skills. One of the...
Crossbows for kids

Wooden crossbow for children (28.50 cm.)

Tole10 Imperial
7.00 €
Awaken the spirit of adventure with the Tole 10 Imperial Children's Wooden Crossbow! With a length of 28.50 cm, this toy crossbow is perfect for young archers to enjoy exciting games of aim and precision. Made from high-quality wood and designed to be safe and easy to use, this crossbow includes 3 foam suction cups so kids can practice their shooting...
Crossbows for kids

Medieval wooden crossbow for children (29.5 cm.)

Battle Merchant
22.08 €
Get ready to defend your castle with our medieval wooden crossbow for kids! This crossbow is the perfect weapon to repel bandits and raiders, allowing you to fire your arrows from a safe distance in no time. Featured Features: Sturdy Construction: Made from high-quality wood, this crossbow is durable and sturdy, ideal for hours of active play. Easy to...
Crossbows for kids

Medieval wooden crossbow for children (20 cm.)

Battle Merchant
6.36 €
Complete the fun with our set of 3 additional arrows for the medieval wooden crossbow for children! These arrows are perfect as a complement or replacement for our children's crossbow, guaranteeing additional hours of exciting adventures. Featured Features: Durable Material: Made of wood and with rubber suction cup heads, these arrows are safe and durable...
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Crossbows for Kids: Safe and Educational Fun

Functional wooden crossbows are a great toy option for children that spark interest in history and archery. In our store, we offer you crossbows designed especially for the entertainment of the little ones, and best of all, they comply with the European Standard for toy safety EN 71. Our products are subjected to rigorous tests by an independent evaluation institute, thus guaranteeing its quality and safety.

Discover the World of Crossbows for Children

Crossbows for children are a fascinating way to introduce little ones to the world of archery and history. These functional toys are designed with safety and learning in mind. Children can safely experience how a real crossbow works, giving them a unique and exciting educational experience.

In addition, crossbows for children promote skills such as concentration, coordination and respect for safety rules. They are an excellent option for parents who want their children to have fun while learning about the history and technique of archery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crossbows for Children

  • Are crossbows safe for children?

    Yes, our crossbows are designed specifically for children and comply with EN 71 safety regulations, ensuring safe use.

  • At what ages are children's crossbows suitable?

    Children's crossbows are usually suitable for children over 6 years old, but it is always important to supervise their use.

  • What educational benefits do crossbows offer for children?

    Crossbows promote skills such as concentration, coordination and respect for safety rules, in addition to sparking interest in history and archery.

  • How should I store and maintain a children's crossbow?

    It is important to keep the crossbow in a safe place and out of the reach of children when not in use. Clean and lubricate properly to maintain optimal operation.

Invite Your Children to Discover the Excitement of Crossbows for Children

Don't miss the opportunity to offer your children an educational and exciting experience with our functional wooden crossbows. They meet the highest safety standards and are designed for fun and learning. Take advantage now and let your children explore the world of archery and history!

Crossbows for children: a safe way to learn and have fun.

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