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  • Open-letters


    <p>Medieval open-letters and vintage mini-swords ideal for office desks and ornaments. p&gt;</p>
  • Paperweight


    <p>Pisa-papers època reasons; Templars, masonic, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc. ideal for desks, offices or simply decorative. </p>
  • Bookend


    <p>Bookends ornamental motifs of medieval times, Templars, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and of all ages. </p>
  • Pens


    <p>Pens with medieval details and period for desktops, offices or simply decorative. </p>
  • Notebooks


    <p>Notebooks, agendas, notes, blocknotes, newspapers, etc. with medieval decor and period features.</p>
  • Greeting Cards

    Greeting Cards

    <p>Cards medieval and fantastic cards, ideal for gift giving dates, events, featured days, etc.</p>
  • Stamps and tampons

    Stamps and tampons

    <p>Distinguished wax seals from sagas such as Harry Potter or medieval times, the Templars, etc.</p>
  • Brand-pages


    <p>Useful brand-pages, bookmarks, or points of book of movies like Harry Potter and other popular series.</p>
  • Mouse Pads

    Mouse Pads

  • watches



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Letter opener Tizona sword of the Cid Campeador. Tizona and Colada both swords belonged to the Castilian Knight Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as EL CID CAMPEADOR 11th century. Hidalgo and Castilian warrior, who at the...

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Coin with the design of the Knights Templar with a brass finish. The coin has a diameter of 4 cms. and weighs 35 grams. Coin made in Toledo, Spain.
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Decorate a Medieval Desk

The desk is a table where we develop study or work tasks. In the desks it is easy to find books, notebooks, envelopes and papers in general. To keep this space tidy, with the passing of time some objects were invented, such as:

letter opener

As the name itself says, they are used to open the letters and usually have a more or less sharp blade to cut the paper. They can sometimes come with a display box or decorative stand. In our catalog we have a wide variety of letter openers, and they are usually miniatures of historical swords.


There are all kinds of pens with different shapes and styles.


It's a heavy object and sits on top of a stack of papers so they don't move or blow off the desk. We have Templar or Masonic paperweights.


It is made up of two pieces, each one positioned at one end of a stack of books positioned vertically. It serves so that the books do not fall, keeping them organized on the shelves.


It is the typical book where we write down the important things or that we do not want to forget. We have notebooks in medieval and fantasy style.

bookmark pages

They serve to mark a page of a book that interests us, for example where we have come to read. Our bookmarks are inspired by the Harry Potter saga.

computer mats

It is the mat that is placed just below the computer mouse. Here we have a lot of variety, which goes from the historical theme to the fantasy theme.

wax seals

In ancient times they were used to close the letters and to ensure that they reached the addressee without being opened. We have fantasy or historical stamps. They usually come with their sealing wax stick ready to burn.

There are dozens of medieval decorative items such as:

card holders

Pencil holders




Greetings cards


Various miniature or collectible items

If you have a room in your house with a desk or if you simply want to decorate your office in a medieval style, we surely have many items that fit what you are looking for. Many of them can be nice gifts for history buffs, taking up very little desk space.

If you need any advice, do not forget that we are at your complete disposal.

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