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  • Abrecartas

    medieval swords letter opener and mini-vintage desk ideal for office and ornaments.

  • Pens

    Pens with medieval details and period for desktops, offices or simply decorative.

  • magnets

    Magnets with decorations reasons Templars, masonic, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and of all ages.

  • Paperweight

    Pisa-papers època reasons; Templars, masonic, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc. ideal for desks, offices or simply decorative.

  • Bookend

    Bookends ornamental motifs of medieval times, Templars, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and of all ages.

  • Notebooks

    Notebooks, agendas, notes, blocknotes, newspapers, etc. with medieval decor and period features.

  • Greeting Cards

    Cards medieval and fantastic cards, ideal for gift giving dates, events, featured days, etc.

  • Sealing stamps

    Distinguished wax seals sagas like Harry Potter or the medievale time of the Templars, etc.

  • Marca-páginas
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Showing 1 - 15 of 169 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 169 items

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