Whips and crops

Whip long fur (300 cms.)
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Whips and crops

Long leather whip (250-260 cm.)

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Long leather whip 250-260 cms. approx. To choose leather and curPiel. A whip is a flexible cord with a fixed handle, usually manufactured from braided leather or other material, it consists of a rod which comes with a strap that comes alive or punishes animals, especially horses. Whips are used to produce a loud sound of azote- or to direct wild animals...
Handmade Leather Bull Whip Handmade Leather Bull Whip 2
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Whips and crops

Handmade Leather Bull Whip

Lord of Battles
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Discover the Handmade Leather Bull Whip, an essential accessory to recreate an authentic bullfighting experience. This whip is skillfully HANDCRAFTED from genuine LEATHER, giving it exceptional strength and durability. Its length of approx. 60 inches will allow you to control your movements with precision and safety. Whether for LARP, cosplay or...
Whips and crops

Whip fiber

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Whip fiber available in two colors. It handles easily because of its light weight (about 100 g.)
Whips and crops

medieval slingshot

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Discover the power of the medieval slingshot! If you are a history lover and you are passionate about the Middle Ages, this medieval design slingshot is perfect for you. With dimensions of 24 cm x 8 cm and a weight of 175 grams, this slingshot will transport you to the time of knights and battles. The slingshot is made of high-quality materials, combining...
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Whips and Crops: Art and Use in History

Whips and riding crops have been versatile tools throughout history, used in a variety of contexts ranging from agriculture to horse training and punishment. These pieces of leather or rope with handles are also objects of art and fetishism, with a rich history that spans centuries. In this article, we will explore the world of whips and crops, their evolution over time and their impact on different cultures.

The use of whips and riding crops dates back to ancient times. In ancient Rome, they were used as instruments of punishment and discipline. Throughout history, their design and manufacturing have evolved, creating a variety of styles and sizes to suit different purposes. Today, whips and crops are used in equestrian sports, as accessories in the world of BDSM, and as collectibles.

From the famous Indiana Jones scene to depiction in popular culture, whips and crops have captured people's imaginations. Their history and versatility make them fascinating objects that have left a mark on history and modern culture. Join us on a journey through the centuries to discover more about these intriguing tools and their place in the contemporary world.

The Ancient Origins of Whips and Crops

The first records of whips and riding crops date back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans. In Egypt, whips were used to control animals and in the construction of monuments. In Rome, they were used as tools of punishment and torture on gladiators and slaves. Discover how these ancient civilizations shaped the history of these tools.

The Evolution of Designs and Uses

Over the centuries, whips and crops have undergone significant changes in their design and use. From the leather whips used in horse training to the elegant riding crops used in European high society, the evolution of these tools is fascinating. Explore how they were adapted to different purposes throughout history.

How are Whips and Crops Made?

The manufacture of whips and riding crops is an artisanal skill that combines manual dexterity and technical knowledge. From selecting high-quality materials to creating precise braids and knots, learn the process behind creating these tools.

Representation in Popular Culture

Whips and crops have left their mark on popular culture, from iconic films to works of literature. How have these tools been portrayed in film and literature over the years? Discover some of the most memorable performances in popular culture.

What is the Appeal of BDSM in Relation to Whips and Crops?

In the BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism) community, whips and riding crops are objects of desire and tools of play. What is the appeal of these tools in the context of BDSM? Explore how they are used and the meaning they have in these consensual practices.

Whips and Crops Today

Today, whips and crops are used in a variety of contexts, from sport riding to sensual play. In addition, they are collector's and display items. Discover how these tools continue to be relevant in contemporary society and in which areas they have been adapted.

Discover the Versatility and History of Whips and Crops!

From their ancient origins to their presence in modern culture, whips and crops have a rich and diverse history. If you are interested in learning more about these fascinating tools or want to incorporate them into your life in some way, explore our selection and discover the versatility and beauty of whips and crops today!

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