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Jamsa Muslim Pendant

5.00 €
Discover the Muslim Jamsa pendant, a unique jewel full of symbolism for those who follow the Islamic faith. Made by the well-known brand Equinoxis in France, this pendant is crafted in nickel-free pewter and features an elegant aged pewter finish for a distinctive, authentic look. The Jamsa pendant stands out for its carefully detailed design, which...
arabic pendants

Sultan Hakan Amulet Pendant - Silver

6.19 €
Discover the fascinating Sultan Hakan Amulet pendant - Silver that will transport you to the intrigues and treasures of the sultan's palace. This pendant, characteristic of the famous Hakan character, was the key that opened the treasure chamber in the palace. On your quest for exciting adventures, you'll need two of these silver and one gold pendants to...
arabic pendants

Sultan Hakan Amulet Pendant - Golden

7.02 €
Ready to go on an adventure like Sultan Hakan? With the Sultan Hakan amulet pendant - Gold you can enter a world full of mystery and hidden treasures. Inspired by the key to open the treasure chamber in the sultan's palace, this pendant is more than just an accessory. Its seashell-shaped design will transport you directly to those moments of intrigue and...
arabic pendants

arabic crescent moon pendant

7.02 €
The Arabic crescent moon pendant is a unique jewel that will transport you to the mystical lands of the desert. This pendant, which is very common in desert areas, can be purchased in the vibrant street markets and is used by many gangs in the city. With its distinctive shape of a crescent moon, this pendant captures the essence of the Arabian theme....
arabic pendants

Cappadocian Amulet Pendant - Steel

7.02 €
Discover the Cappadocian amulet pendant - Steel that will transport you to the lands of a soir! In maturity, the children of those lands received this silver pendant as a symbol of strength, dignity and great deeds. Now, you too can get it and wear it with pride. This pendant features a circular design that evokes the shape of a Persian shield, giving it...
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Arabic pendants are a unique manifestation of the region's rich culture and history. These exquisite pieces are not only symbols of beauty, but also carry with them deep historical and cultural meanings.

Through the different designs and elements used in Arab pendants, you can appreciate the influence of the different civilizations that have left their mark on this land. We will explore some of the most iconic pendants and their meanings rooted in Arab history.

The Charm of the Dome Pendant: Reflection of Islamic Architecture

Dome pendants capture the essence of Islamic architecture, which is characterized by its impressive domes and minarets. These pendants often feature intricate geometric details that reflect the artistry and mathematical precision present in Islamic architecture.

Each shape and pattern has a meaning, and through these pendants, you can admire the deep connection between art, religion and architecture in Arab culture.

The Mystery of the Turkish Eye Pendant: Protection and Blessings

The Turkish eye pendant, known as "Nazar", is a popular amulet in Arab culture that is believed to protect against negative energies and bad vibrations.

This amulet is represented by an intense blue eye surrounded by concentric shapes. Belief in the curse of envy and the evil eye is common in the region, and the Turkish eye pendant becomes a constant reminder of protection and blessings.

The Elegance of the Calligraphy Pendant: Writing as Art

Arabic calligraphy is an art form in itself, and calligraphy pendants capture the beauty of stylized Arabic letters. These pendants often feature words or phrases from the Quran, the holy book of Islam.

Each letter is carefully designed to create visual balance and harmonious flow. These pendants are not only pieces of jewelry, but also expressions of devotion and love for the art of writing.

The Legacy of the Lady Pendant: History and Empowerment

Lady pendants, also known as "khamsa" or "Jamsa", are hand-shaped amulets that have their roots in various Middle Eastern and North African cultures. This five-fingered symbol is associated with protection against evil and is considered a good luck charm.

In addition to its protective meaning, the lady pendant also symbolizes the empowerment of women in Arab culture, encouraging strength and independence.

The Romance of the Arabic Heart Pendant: Love and Passion

The Arabic heart pendant is an expression of love and passion in the culture of the region. These pendants often feature hearts intertwined or embellished with ornate details. They represent love in all its forms, from romantic love to brotherly and spiritual love.

They are appreciated gifts on special occasions and symbolize the depth of emotional ties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Arabic Pendants

  • What is the origin of dome pendants?
    The dome pendants are inspired by Islamic architecture and its geometric precision.
  • How to use the Turkish eye pendant?
    It is worn as an amulet to protect against envy and bad energies.
  • What words or phrases are common on calligraphy pendants?
    They often feature verses from the Koran or expressions of faith and love.
  • What is the meaning of the hand in lady's pendants?
    It represents protection and empowerment, especially for women.
  • What events usually accompany the delivery of an Arabic heart pendant?
    They are given in moments of love and commitment, such as weddings and anniversaries.
  • Where can I find authentic Arabic pendants?
    You can find them in Arabic craft stores, specialty jewelry stores, and online.

Explore the beauty and symbolism of Arabic pendants, true jewels that capture the rich history and culture of the region. Discover the magic of these unique pieces!

Find the perfect Arabic pendant for you and carry with you a part of the fascinating history and tradition of this culture.

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