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Celtic Basket Earrings
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Celtic Basket Earrings

Pera Peris
7.68 €
Discover the ancestral elegance of Celtic Basket Earrings! Based on historical models from the time of the Celts, these earrings are designed with exquisite Celtic knots that represent the connection between the material and the spiritual. Made with the highest quality, these earrings are made of bronze and silver, which gives them exceptional shine and...
Medieval Fleur de Lis Earrings Medieval Fleur de Lis Earrings 2
Immediate shipping

Medieval Fleur de Lis Earrings

Pera Peris
6.40 €
The Medieval Fleur de Lis Earrings are a true jewel inspired by the historical models of the Medieval and Renaissance times. They are made from high-quality materials like bronze and silver, giving them a long-lasting, authentic look. These earrings have a deep symbolic meaning, as the fleur de lis was considered by people in the Middle Ages as a symbol...
Viking earrings captivating beast Viking earrings captivating beast 2
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Viking earrings captivating beast

Pera Peris
12.35 €
Find the most captivating Viking earrings inspired by a Borre style Viking Age Norway brooch depicting a captivating beast. Available in bronze or real silver, these Viking earrings capture the essence of Norse grappling beast style. The Borre style, also known as the second phase of the Norse grappling beast style, was widespread in eastern Scandinavia...
Tudor Rose English Medieval Earrings, 16th Century Tudor Rose English Medieval Earrings, 16th Century 2
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16.87 €
The Tudor Pink English Medieval Earrings are a unique jewel, based on the 16th century, that will transport you to a time full of history and elegance. These beautiful earrings are available in two options: high-quality bronze or authentic silver-plated. The design of the Tudor Rose Medieval English Earrings is inspired by the Tudor Rose coat of arms,...

Kick Templar cross earrings

7.50 €
Discover the elegance and symbolism of the Templar cross kicked with these incredible earrings. With a shiny gold finish and red enamel, these earrings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. The earrings are manufactured by the renowned Equinoxis brand, synonymous with quality and style. In addition, they are made in France, which guarantees their...

black gothic earrings

11.40 €
Are you a lover of gothic aesthetics? These black gothic cross earrings are perfect for you. With a unique and original design, these earrings will allow you to wear a dark and mysterious style. Also, they come in pairs, so you can wear them on both sides of your ears. The gothic style is a trend that never goes out of style, and with these earrings you...

Silver gothic earrings

11.40 €
Do you want to show off a unique and striking gothic style? These gothic silver spiked earrings are perfect for you. With its original and daring design, you will be the center of attention on any occasion. These earrings are inspired by the aesthetics of the Middle Ages, with a modern and sophisticated touch. Its silver color gives it an elegant and...

Black spiked gothic earrings

13.30 €
Do you want to wear a gothic and daring style? These black spiked gothic earrings are perfect for you. With a unique and original design, they will allow you to stand out on any occasion. These earrings are inspired by the Middle Ages, where the Gothic aesthetic was very popular. Its black color and spikes give it a touch of rebellion and mystery. In...

Viking earrings with intertwined knots

Pera Peris
8.40 €
Discover the strength and tradition of the Vikings with our Viking Earrings with intertwined knots. Inspired by historical models from the Viking age, these earrings are the perfect complement to show off a unique and original style. The knot motif that these earrings present represents union and strength, characteristics of the Viking culture. In...

Viking earrings in silver brass

Battle Merchant
16.98 €
Complete your Viking style with these impressive Viking Earrings in silver brass! These beautiful earrings, featuring a gripping beast motif, are inspired by a Borre style brooch from the Viking Age of Norway. Here I present to you all the reasons why these earrings are the perfect choice to complement your outfit, whether at medieval markets, Viking...
Evening Star Earrings - The Lord of the Rings Evening Star Earrings - The Lord of the Rings 2
  • New

Evening Star Earrings - The Lord of the Rings

17.10 €
Add a touch of elven magic to your jewelry collection with the Evening Star Earrings from The Lord of the Rings! For true admirers of JRR Tolkien's masterpiece, these earrings are much more than just an accessory. Crafted from high quality brass and officially licensed by Lord of the Rings™, the Evening Star Earrings capture the elegance and charm of the...
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Viking Earrings: The Strength of Tradition

Viking earrings are treasures that evoke the bravery and indomitable spirit of the Norse warriors. These intrepid sailors and looters left a cultural legacy that endures to this day. Viking earrings, with their intricate designs inspired by Norse mythology and nature, are a manifestation of that heritage.

Each pair of Viking earrings tells a story, from the iconic Norse runes to the symbols of the Viking gods. Made from materials such as silver and bronze, these earrings are works of art that capture the essence of a time of exploration and conquest. Whether as a tribute to your Norse roots or as an expression of your love of history, Viking earrings are a timeless choice.

Explore our collection and discover how these earrings can add a touch of strength and mysticism to your personal style.

Medieval Earrings: Elegance at the Royal Court

Medieval earrings are a window to the splendor and opulence of the Middle Ages. In a time when nobility and royalty were taking fashion to new heights, detail and sophistication were essential. Medieval earrings, often ornamented with precious gems such as sapphires and rubies, were a way to express status and wealth.

Our collection of medieval earrings captures the essence of royal elegance. Each pair is designed with meticulous detail and high-quality materials to evoke the majesty of the medieval court. The designs include filigrees, shields and heraldic motifs that were emblematic of the era.

Discover how these medieval earrings can add a touch of nobility and sophistication to your style, whether for special occasions or for an everyday look that stands out.

Gothic Earrings: Darkness and Beauty

Gothic earrings are a manifestation of the dark aesthetic and melancholic beauty that characterize the Gothic movement. Inspired by Gothic cathedral architecture and romantic literature, these earrings offer a unique expression of style and mystery.

Gothic earring designs often feature crosses, skulls, black roses, and symbolic elements that reflect the duality between life and death. The use of materials such as stainless steel and leather gives a feeling of durability and resistance to these accessories.

Explore our collection of gothic earrings and discover how you can incorporate this unique aesthetic into your personal style. Dive into the dark side of fashion and embrace the mysterious beauty of these earrings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What materials were used to make earrings in the Viking Age?

    The Vikings often made earrings from metals such as silver and bronze, often decorated with engravings and Norse motifs.

  • Were medieval earrings exclusive to the nobility?

    Yes, medieval earrings with precious gems were a symbol of status and wealth, and were generally worn by nobility and royalty.

  • What is the difference between Gothic earrings and other styles?

    Gothic earrings are distinguished by their dark, symbolic designs often inspired by Gothic architecture. They are known for their unique and melancholic aesthetic.

  • Can I wear historical earrings in contemporary fashion?

    Absolutely, historical earrings are a unique and expressive fashion choice that can be incorporated into contemporary clothing to create a distinctive look.

  • How should you care for antique earrings?

    To maintain the beauty of antique earrings, wipe them gently with a clean cloth and avoid contact with corrosive substances. Store them in a safe place when not in use.

  • Are there historical earrings inspired by famous people or events?

    Yes, some historical earrings are inspired by historical figures or significant moments, making them conversation and tribute pieces.

Explore our wide selection of vintage earrings and discover the history, elegance and individuality that these accessories can add to your style. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and mystery, and find your ideal earrings.

Travel back in time with our earrings and dazzle with a unique and evocative style!

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