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medieval wives locked. Made of steel finished in old. Typical of medieval dungeons. bore fists approx. 8-10 cm - Total length of the cuffs: approx. 38 cm - Weight: approx. 850 g

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Handcuffs for feet with chain forged in steel. Ideal for historical recreations of various eras and LARP. The internal diameter of the handcuffs is 7-8 cm approx.
Rustic steel padlock provided with a set of two keys. It contains a small brass plate that serves to cover the lock. Ideal for historical recreations, LARP and ESCloak ROOM.
Medieval hand-forged steel handcuffs. The original piece is housed in the torture chamber of the medieval Holstentor museum in the old town of Lübeck, northern Germany. The handcuffs are made of three pieces of flat...
Medieval iron leg shackles. They carry a key so they can be opened and closed. These life size iron shackles are handcrafted and have been aged to look and function like the originals.
Shackles medieval iron that give it an aged look. The design is simple but effective of these shackles makes it impossible to escape once you lock with a padlock (not included). The opening of the cuff is 7.5 cm
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