Medieval Comb Pendant Couple Design
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Medieval Comb Pendant Couple Design

Pera Peris
18.53 €
Discover the fascinating story behind the Medieval Couple Design Comb-Pendant, a jewel that will transport you to the heart of the Middle Ages. Features of the Medieval Couple Design Comb Pendant: Historical Inspiration: Based on a historical model from Bruges, Netherlands, dating from 1325 to 1375 AD, this medieval comb is an authentic period piece that...

Genuine bone comb with leather case

Lord of Battles
24.79 €
Why settle for flimsy replicas when you can elevate your daily grooming routine with historical authenticity. The Authentic Bone Comb with Leather Case is the accessory you've been looking for. Here are all the reasons why this comb is a must-have: Handcrafted from Ethically Sourced Bone: This comb is a true work of art, handcrafted from ethically sourced...

Double bone comb with leather sheath (8 x 6.8 cm.)

Lord of Battles
19.00 €
Define your style with our exclusive Double Bone Comb with Leather Case, an essential accessory that combines functionality and elegance in every stroke! Here we present the features that make this comb an essential choice: High Quality Material: Made with bone, this comb is not only durable, but also provides a smooth, pull-free hairstyle. The...

Medieval handmade horn comb

Lord of Battles
6.60 €
Immerse yourself in medieval authenticity with this handmade Horn Comb! This piece is not only a simple accessory, but a symbol of traditional craftsmanship and practicality of medieval times. Features that define its charm and functionality: Handcrafted from natural horn: Each comb is created from natural horn, giving it a unique authenticity. Hand...

Medieval bone comb (12 cm.)

Battle Merchant
19.98 €
Discover timeless elegance with our Battle Merchant Medieval Bone Comb! This comb, considered the oldest tool for personal hygiene, will immerse you in the authenticity of medieval times. Made by Battle Merchant, this 12cm bone comb is a gem of functionality and aesthetics. Its two-part design, joined by a small pin, allows for quick and easy assembly....

Medieval bone comb (15 cm.)

19.98 €
Discover medieval authenticity with our 15 cm Medieval Bone Comb. from ULFBERTH®! A gem of history, these 15cm combs are one of the oldest tools used by humanity. In medieval times, they were not only essential for hair, but also for preparing wool and natural fibers, weaving stories with each pass! The comb ridge is reinforced with two bone straps,...

Medieval bone comb with sheath included

Lord of Battles
24.79 €
Discover the elegant and sophisticated medieval bone comb with cover included. This extraordinary accessory will complement your medieval attire, giving you a touch of authenticity and distinction. Made from high-quality bone, this comb ensures strength and durability, making it a long-term investment. Furthermore, its meticulously crafted design reflects...

Medieval comb made of genuine bone

Lord of Battles
20.65 €
Discover the incredible medieval comb made of genuine bone. This impressive accessory, from the Lord of Battles brand, has been carefully handcrafted from ethically sourced bones. Its functional and durable design ensures that you will be able to enjoy its use for years to come. Its size of approximately 15 cm in length makes it the perfect choice for all...

Medieval beard comb

Lord of Battles
10.74 €
Our medieval beard comb is the perfect accessory for men looking for a stylish and trimmed look. It seamlessly blends historical experience with everyday use, allowing you to enjoy a well-groomed beard every day. This comb is handcrafted from 100% real and ethically sourced bones, making it a strong and long-lasting option. Its carefully carved design...

Medieval comb for women in ox horn

Lord of Battles
4.95 €
Do you want to look like a real medieval lady? The medieval ox horn comb for women is the perfect complement to your accessories. Handcrafted from ethically sourced ox horn, this comb stands out not only for its elegant design, but also for its exceptional durability. At approximately 8 cm long, this comb is suitable for use on all hair types. Its...

Medieval bone comb for woman (10.1x5.6 cm.)

Lord of Battles
16.52 €
Why use the flimsy replicas available when historically it can enhance the daily task of grooming your hair? All you need is to make this well-crafted bone medieval comb a part of your accessories! HANDCRAFTED from ETHICALLY SOURCED BONES, this comb is fully functional and lasts for years. Measures approx. (10.1 X 5.6) cm long and is useful for almost all...

Medieval bone comb with leather sheath

Lord of Battles
20.65 €
Why settle for flimsy replicas when you can improve your daily hair styling routine historically? With our Medieval Bone Comb with Leather Cover, you can do just that. Handcrafted with care and ethics, this bone comb is a perfect choice to add to your accessories. We care about natural products as much as you do, which is why we include a sturdy leather...
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Viking and medieval bone and wood combs bear witness to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of yesteryear. These unique pieces not only served to style the hair, but also reflected the social status and aesthetic taste of those who wore them.

A Look at History

In the Viking and medieval era, combs made of bone and wood were essential elements in everyday life. The Vikings, known for their skill in navigation and trade, used bone combs adorned with intricate engravings that represented their connection to nature and their religious beliefs.

Materials and Manufacturing Techniques

The making of these combs required exceptional craftsmanship skills. Artisans carefully carved bones from animals, such as elk or deer, to create durable and decorative combs. On the other hand, wooden combs were precisely hand-carved, taking advantage of the strength and natural beauty of the material.

Elegance in Design

Viking and medieval combs stood out for their elegant and functional design. The shapes and patterns engraved on the bone combs reflected the rich cultural heritage of the Nordic peoples, while the wooden combs exhibited a charming simplicity that made them unique and attractive.

Symbolism and Meaning

These combs were not only beauty accessories, but also had deep cultural and social meaning. In Viking and medieval society, hair styling was a ritualized act that symbolized identity and status. Combs, with their elaborate designs and exquisite materials, became symbols of prestige and good taste.

Durability and Longevity

Despite their age, many of these combs have survived to this day, which speaks of their durability and quality craftsmanship. Some specimens have been found in archaeological excavations, revealing the attention to detail and technical skill used in their manufacture.

Collecting and Cultural Value

Today, Viking and medieval combs are objects of desire for collectors and history enthusiasts. Their rarity and intrinsic beauty make them coveted pieces that not only adorn private collections, but also enrich the understanding of our history and cultural heritage.

Unique and Fascinating Pieces

Each Viking and medieval comb tells a unique story, from its making to its use in daily life. These fascinating pieces are silent witnesses to a bygone era, reminding us of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of our ancestors.

What materials were used to make Viking and medieval combs?

Combs were primarily made from animal bone, such as elk or deer, and hand-carved wood.

What was the main function of combs in Viking and medieval society?

In addition to styling hair, combs also had social and cultural significance, symbolizing status and good aesthetic taste.

What types of designs could be found on Viking and medieval combs?

Designs could range from intricate engravings depicting natural and religious motifs to simple geometric patterns.

What is the durability of these antique combs?

Despite their age, many combs have endured thanks to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship used in their manufacture.

Why are they so valued by collectors?

Viking and medieval combs are prized for their rarity, beauty and their ability to enrich our understanding of history and culture.

Discover the Beauty and History of Viking and Medieval Combs! Dare to explore the elegance and functionality of Viking and medieval bone and wood combs. Immerse yourself in history and discover unique pieces that will captivate your imagination and enrich your appreciation for the past. Find your own historical treasure today!