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    Templar sword One and a half long (125 cm.), With carbon steel sheet of high quality and stub. It is fully functional, made by renowned gunsmith Czech, Jiri Kondrak.

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    Roman Gladius sword for combat manufactured in carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. The pommel and guard are riveted and manufactured on old wood.The gladius swords were feared and it was enough to sink the tip of the gladius 5 centimeters into the body to kill the adversary. Roman gladius were adapted from the short swords...

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    Celtic sword combat antennas made of carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. The handle of the sword is shaped like a human being: the knob corresponds to the head, body and legs grip are saved to serve as protection on hand.

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    Falchion, scimitar typical XIV century listed for battle. Carbon steel sheet spring EN45, single-edged, slightly curved. I knob riveting. Handle in wood covered in leather.

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    Sable Kriegmesser two hands. A functional piece forged carbon steel and steel handle and store. The Kriegmesser sable was a large, curved blade, single-edged and catch with two hands. The Kriegmesser weapons were popular in Germany in the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

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    Medieval sword hand and a half long struggle, luxe, with light blade forged carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC and riveted handle. Swords hand and half swords also known as Bastardas are an evolution of medieval swords made for the fight and mourning. They appeared in the thirteenth century and continued to use until the...

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    Marshall English sword inspired by the original. Includes leather sheath with steel at its ends. The blade is ribbed carbon steel while the handle is covered in leather. The blade comes SHARPEN. The simplicity and elegance of the guard and the knob make this sword a replica of high quality. It was used by Sir William Marshall who faithfully served the...

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    One and a half Sword replica of the sword Albert II of Austria. Also known as bastard sword. The design is simple to handle cross and representing the lion rampant, emblem of the dynasty of the Habsbugo, on the knob. The blade is carbon steel and the sword is fully functional and excellent balance. CARE.-He is sharp.

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    The Marshall Sword of English origin is a replica fideligna of which is in the British Museum. It is a functional sword with folded blade from Damascus steel. The handle is wrapped in leather bound. It includes leather sheath is reinforced with steel tips. This sword was used by one of the best knights of England, Sir William Marshall who faithfully...

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    Godofredo Viking sword with steel blade folded Damascus. Very well balanced. Faithful reproduction of the ninth century. The grip is leather interlaced and guard and pommel are of Damascus steel. The sheath is made of wood covered with leather with brass accents. Come prepared with hooks for attaching leather belt. P>

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    Sword Mercenaries of the fifteenth century. It comes sharpened. It has a sheet in tricanal carbon steel, a curve steel guard and a riveted knob. Includes leather belt sheath

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    Falchion functional Dusack with tempered blade of carbon steel. The Falchion is a sword with a single edge and curved at the tip that is used in the Middle Ages.

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