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Pendragon medieval sword model. P>It is a sword belonging to the exciting tales of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. This impressive sword captures all the elegance of a sword worthy of a king. The...
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Classical functional Bastarda sword of century XV used in the battle of Bosworth by the throne of England between the houses of York and Lancaster. A weapon, although long also light and well balanced. Sheet forged in...
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Functional European sword perfectly balanced for professional fight. Corrugated sheet made of high carbon steel The handle is circular. Robust sturdy guard Includes wooden sheath covered in leather. Manufactured by...
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Replica of the functional Hattin sword with tempered carbon steel blade, leather knob covered in leather and decorated in guard and knob with templar symbols. Includes pod. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®. This...
Sword viking with a design that is based on the sword viking of the ELEVENTH century-X and which is characterized by having a long blade, wide, double-edged with a ribbed in the center. Our replica is made by American...
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Malta medieval sword model.This magnificent sword has a steel pommel with a cross of great importance, Brotherhood, symbolizing their devotion. The sheet steel is forged high carbon very well balanced. The handle is...
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Scottish sword S. XVI. The original sword is found in the Royal Armories in Leeds. The innumerable clans of the highlands used swords of this type. Our Scottish sword design has a metal basket hilt that provides...
Mandoble model Jian Swallow. It is a sword that can be used with one hand or two and features a flexible blade and a balance suitable for the practice of martial arts. The brass finishes are a perfect complement to...
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Functional long Roven sword. Sheet made of hardened carbon steel. Leather handle wrapped in leather, knob and guard are made of steel. Includes leather sheath. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®
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