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Touken Ranbu Swords

26.95 €
If you are a fan of Touken Ranbu and decorative items, this Honebami Toushirou Katana is perfect for you! With a total length of 96 cm and a 68 cm carbon steel blade, this katana is an authentic replica of the Touken Ranbu character. Honebami Toushirou's katana is made with high quality materials. The carbon steel blade gives it durability and resistance,...
31.50 €
Are you a Touken Ranbu fan and love to collect items inspired by your favorite characters? Then you can't miss this incredible Kousetsu Samonji Katana, a decorative piece that will transport you to the exciting world of videogames. This katana, with its impressive 98 cm in length, is made with a high-quality carbon steel blade, which ensures its...
28.88 €
Are you a Touken Ranbu fan? Then this is the perfect decorative katana for you! We present the spectacular katana of Namazuo Toushirou, one of the most emblematic characters of this fascinating collectible card browser video game. This katana stands out for its impressive carbon steel blade, ideal for those looking for a high quality and durable item. In...
27.30 €
Do you want to have in your hands an authentic work of art? We present you the decorative Katana of Horikawa Kunihiro from Touken Ranbu. This spectacular sword, with a total length of 96 cm., is made with a carbon steel blade, a metal tsuba and a wooden handle covered in leather. In addition, it comes with a lacquered wooden case that will protect it and...
27.83 €
This decorative katana is inspired by the charismatic character Izuminokami Kanesada from Touken Ranbu. With a carbon steel blade and coated metal hilt, this sword is a perfect replica for fans of the series. In addition, it includes a lacquered wooden case to protect it and display it safely. Touken Ranbu is an exciting browser game that combines...
27.13 €
Are you a Touken Ranbu fan? Are you fascinated by the story and aesthetics of this exciting video game? If so, then this Nakigitsune Katana is perfect for you. Inspired by the character Nakigitsune from Touken Ranbu, this decorative katana is made with a high-grade carbon steel blade and an exquisitely detailed wooden hilt. Its total length is 104 cm,...
27.48 €
Discover the authentic Touken Ranbu Ishikirimaru katana, perfect to decorate your home or as a unique and special gift. This katana has a high quality carbon steel blade that guarantees exceptional resistance and a perfect edge. In addition, its wooden handle and white tsuka-ito give it an elegant and authentic touch. The Touken Ranbu Ishikirimaru katana...
30.63 €
The Touken Ranbu Ishida Masamune Katana is a high quality decorative sword. It is made with a carbon steel blade, which makes it strong and durable. Its wooden grip and white tsuka-ito give it a traditional and elegant look. This sword includes a lacquered wooden scabbard that protects and highlights its beauty. Its 68 cm blade length and 103 cm overall...
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Swords and Katanas Touken Ranbu: The Art of Swords in Trading Cards

Immerse yourself in the world of swords and katanas in Touken Ranbu, the exciting collectible card video game that transports you to a time of samurai and legends. In our collection, you will find all the katanas of the characters in the game, such as the katana of Kousetsu Samonji, Honebami Toushirou or Namazuo Toushirou. Each sword is a unique work of art and an essential piece for Touken Ranbu fans.

Touken Ranbu is a game that combines history, strategy and the beauty of Japanese swords in a virtual world. The characters are former swords turned warriors, and each one has their own personality and abilities. Katanas are the heart of the game, and collecting them is a passion for many players.

The Charm of Katanas in Touken Ranbu

Katanas in Touken Ranbu are much more than weapons; They are symbols of honor, history and tradition. Each has a fascinating story behind its creation and exploits in battle. Players immerse themselves in these stories as they collect and train their swords to face epic challenges.

The Kousetsu Samonji katana, for example, is known for its beauty and elegance. Honebami Toushirou, on the other hand, is famous for his fierceness in battle. Each sword has a special place in the hearts of Touken Ranbu fans.

The Art of Katana Collection

Collecting katanas in Touken Ranbu is an art in itself. Players search for the rarest and most powerful swords, exchange strategies, and immerse themselves in samurai culture. Each sword is unique and requires care and attention to reach its full potential in the game.

In our online store, we offer a wide selection of Touken Ranbu katanas so fans can take their passion beyond the game. Each replica is precision-crafted to capture the essence and beauty of these legendary swords.

Curious Questions about Touken Ranbu Swords and Katanas

What is Touken Ranbu?

Touken Ranbu is a collectible card video game featuring characters based on ancient Japanese swords.

What makes Touken Ranbu's katanas special?

Each katana in Touken Ranbu has its own history and personality, making them unique and fascinating to players.

Who are some of the most popular characters in Touken Ranbu?

Characters such as Kousetsu Samonji, Honebami Toushirou, and Namazuo Toushirou are very popular among fans of the game.

How are katanas collected and trained in Touken Ranbu?

Players collect katanas through collectible cards and train them to improve their skills and power in the game.

Where can I find replicas of the Touken Ranbu katanas?

You can find replicas of Touken Ranbu's katanas in our online store, precision-crafted to capture their beauty and authenticity.

What is the appeal of collecting katanas in Touken Ranbu?

The katana collection in Touken Ranbu allows players to immerse themselves in samurai history and culture, while enjoying an exciting collectible card game.

Discover the world of Touken Ranbu katanas and bring the passion of the samurai to your collection!

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