Axes for children

Medieval wooden ax for children (45 cm.)
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Axes for children

Medieval wooden ax for children (45 cm.)

5.35 €
Awaken the imagination and bravery in your little ones with our medieval wooden ax for children! Designed to stimulate your children's creativity and transport them to exciting adventures from the Middle Ages, this 40 cm long double-bladed ax is the perfect toy. Assorted colors, you cannot choose the color of the product. Find out why it's the ideal...
Medieval woodcutter latex ax for LARP, 85 cm.
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Axes for LARP

Medieval woodcutter latex ax for LARP, 85 cm.

Epic Armoury
76.86 €
Are you looking for a way to add a touch of realism to your non-combat LARP character? Then look no further, because we have the perfect product for you. Introducing the Medieval Lumberjack Latex Ax from Epic Armory. This successful wooden hatchet is designed to look like a lumberjack's tool, but can also double as a potential weapon. With a slim,...
Axes for LARP

Rabatz Wooden Axe, children

Battle Merchant
10.98 €
Face the most exciting adventures with the Rabatz Wooden Axe! Designed for both big and small heroes, this incredible tool will allow you to fend off fearsome dragons, defeat your enemies and protect your own private castle. With its double head, you will be able to face several opponents at the same time, becoming the true protagonist of every carnival,...
Axes for LARP

Chaos Double Headed Long Axe, LARP

Epic Armoury
133.06 €
Are you ready to face the chaos on the battlefield? With Epic Armoury's Chaos Double Headed Long Axe, you'll be prepared to master any challenge in the world of LARP. This impressive giant two-handed battle ax is the perfect weapon for those brave warriors looking to excel in their battles. With intense notches that show the many battles it has fought,...
Axes for LARP

Wooden ax and rope for children

Battle Merchant
16.98 €
Do you want your children to have fun playing at being brave warriors? Then this wooden and rope ax for children is perfect for them. This toy ax is made of sturdy wood and has part of the handle wrapped in rope, making it even more authentic and eye-catching. Your little ones will be able to feel like true adventurers while they play. The head of this...
Axes for LARP

Latex hand ax for LARP, 55 cm.

Epic Armoury
56.20 €
Epic Armoury's hand ax is the perfect weapon for your adventures in the world of LARP. With a length of 55 cm, this realistic latex ax is designed to offer you a great performance in combat, either as a main weapon or as a support in the hands of any character. Measuring 15cm long, the ax head has been hand painted to simulate the look of iron, giving you...
Axes for LARP

Medieval latex hammer-axe for LARP, 85 cm.

Epic Armoury
86.78 €
Are you looking for a deadly weapon for your live medieval battles? Do not look any further! We present you the latex Medieval Axe-hammer for LARP by Epic Armoury, a true 85 cm jewel designed for astute fighters like you. This impressive ax features a 16cm long blade and opposing hammer, giving you the edge to effectively deal with your opponents' armor....
Axes for LARP

Elf long ax in latex for LARP, 150 cm.

Epic Armoury
127.27 €
Epic Armoury's Elf Long Ax is a deadly weapon designed for swift elven hands on the battlefield. With an impressive 150cm in length and a 55cm ax blade, this weapon is perfect for taking on the worst foes such as orcish shield walls and battle formations. One of the most prominent features of this ax is its realistic appearance. The metal blade has been...
Axes for LARP

Elf short ax in latex for LARP, 70 cm.

Epic Armoury
76.86 €
Unleash the power of the swift elves with the Latex Elf Short Ax for LARP from Epic Armoury! Designed specifically for the nimble hands of elves, this deadly 70cm weapon is ready to take on the worst and most evil foes. With a 44cm long ax blade and curved beard, this hand-painted weapon looks like real metal. However, don't be fooled by its appearance,...
Axes for LARP

Medieval wooden ax for children

Battle Merchant
10.68 €
We present you the Ruckzuck Wooden Children's Battle Axe, ideal for small and large warriors like you. With this powerful weapon, you will be able to face dragons and enemies, and protect your own private castle. Its length of 60 cm and its wooden material guarantee the resistance and durability necessary for your adventures. In addition, with a weight of...
Axes for children

Medieval wooden Hauruck ax for children

Battle Merchant
11.98 €
The Hauruck wooden war ax is the perfect complement for small and large warriors who want to venture into heroic deeds. With a length of 60 cm and a weight of 175 g, this medieval ax provides the balance and lightness necessary to keep dragons and enemies at bay. In addition to being a fun and exciting accessory for carnivals, costume parties, medieval...
Shields for kids

Viking wooden ax and teardrop shield set

12.54 €
Get ready for adventure with our wooden Viking set! Perfect for children, this set includes an impressive wooden ax and a teardrop-shaped shield measuring 56cm. The ax measures 68cm and is large enough to give your little warrior an authentic and exciting experience. Assorted colors, you cannot choose the color of the product. Please note that the design...
Axes for children

Children's wooden ax with flag (103 cm.)

8.40 €
Get ready for action with this amazing kids wooden ax with flag! Perfect for little warriors who dream of fighting dragons and evil villains, this ax will allow them to live out epic adventures in their own garden or park. Assorted colors, you cannot choose the color of the product. With a total length of 103 cm, this wooden ax is the perfect complement...
Viking Loki child pack: Sword, Ax and Helmet Viking Loki child pack: Sword, Ax and Helmet 2
  • Pack
32.56 €
Get ready to embark on exciting Viking adventures with the Loki Viking Child Pack! This pack includes a Rabatz wooden axe, a wooden dragon sword and a plastic Norman helmet, all designed to make your little one feel like a real Viking warrior. Rabatz Wooden Axe: Powerful tool: With its double head, this ax will allow you to face several opponents at once,...
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Wooden axes for children are toys that combine fun and learning, transporting the little ones to the exciting medieval times. These toys not only provide entertainment, but also promote the development of motor skills and encourage imagination. In our selection, we prioritize safety and quality, complying with the European Standard for Toy Safety EN 71 and subjecting each product to rigorous testing by an independent evaluation institute.

Quality and Safety in Our Toys

Our children's wooden axes are designed with the highest quality and safety in mind. We understand the importance of providing safe toys so little ones can enjoy hours of worry-free play. All of our products strictly comply with the European Standard for Toy Safety EN 71, ensuring that they have passed extensive testing to verify their safety in terms of materials, design and construction.

Additionally, we prioritize parents' peace of mind by subjecting each wooden ax to additional testing by an independent testing institute. This ensures that our toys not only meet the required standards, but also exceed expectations in terms of quality and safety.

Learn by Playing in the Medieval Era

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the Middle Ages with our medieval-themed toys. Wooden axes for children allow little ones to explore history in a fun and educational way. They can recreate scenes of knights, castles and epic adventures while developing their coordination, imagination and social skills.

Medieval-themed toys are not only great tools for creative play, but they can also serve as a starting point for learning about the history and culture of the Middle Ages. Children can discover how axes were used in that period and learn about the heroes and heroines of the time.

Frequent questions

  • Are wooden axes safe for children?

    Yes, our wooden axes comply with the European Standard EN 71 for toy safety and undergo additional testing by an independent testing institute to ensure their safety.

  • At what ages are these axes recommended?

    Our wooden axes are designed for children over 3 years old, under adult supervision.

  • What is the educational purpose of these toys?

    These toys allow children to explore medieval history in a playful way, encouraging imagination and learning through play.

  • Are the materials used environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we care about the environment and use sustainable wood in the manufacturing of our children's wooden axes.

  • What benefits do these toys bring to children's development?

    They help develop motor skills, encourage creativity and promote imaginative and cooperative play.

  • Where can I buy these wooden axes for children?

    You can find our medieval-themed toys in specialized stores or online through our website.

Invite your children to explore the fascinating medieval era while having fun and learning with our wooden axes for children. Discover the magic of history through play.

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