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Strapped Horn Gunpowder Strapped Horn Gunpowder 2
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Strapped Horn Gunpowder

Battle Merchant
12.98 €
Are you a fan of historical reenactment and love to use muzzleloaders? Then our horn powder box with straps is the must-have accessory you must have. Made from genuine cow antler, this powder box not only does its job of safely containing gunpowder, but also adds a touch of authenticity to your outfits and equipment. Each horn dustbag is carefully...
Hand-carved horn powder box and leather strap Hand-carved horn powder box and leather strap 2
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Hand-carved horn powder box and leather strap

18.97 €
Hand-carved horn powder box and leather strap. 100% GENUINE HORN with each one being unique and the result of the patient labor of expert horn makers using only 100% ETHICALLY SOURCED REAL HORNS, carefully chosen for their beauty, strength and sturdiness. As with any natural product, color and shape will have natural variations. No two are the same....
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XIX century powder keg

18.90 €
Are you passionate about history and love to collect old objects? Then this 19th century powder box is perfect for you. With an authentic and original design, this powder flask will transport you directly to medieval times. The manufacturing material of this dustbin is zamak, a resistant and durable metal that guarantees the conservation of this...
powder kegs

Horn powder box with wooden closure

Windlass Steel Crafts
17.96 €
The Wood-Latched Horn Powder Keg is the must-have accessory for any recreationist who uses muzzleloaders. Made from genuine cow antler, this powder box features straps and a sturdy wooden clasp, ensuring all gear stays safe and secure at all times. In addition to its functionality and durability, this dustbin stands out for its design. Decorated with...
powder kegs

Ivory powder box for flintlock weapons

Battle Merchant
20.38 €
If you are a lover of flintlock or muzzleloader weapons, this ivory gunpowder is the perfect accessory for you. Its elegant and sophisticated design is made of resin, perfectly imitating the appearance of ivory. The metals finished in brass give it a touch of distinction and style. This powder box is decorated with hunting-related designs, making it even...
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Gunpowder made in Ox horn

Lord of Battles
19.00 €
Relive the thrill of the medieval hunt with our authentic accessories. The ox horn gunpowder is the perfect complement to your outfit. Carefully handcrafted from real, authentic ox horn, this powder box is guaranteed to keep your gunpowder dry at all times. For your convenience, we have added a strong genuine leather rope that will allow you to carry it...
powder kegs

Gunpowder made of genuine ox horn (30 35 cm.)

Lord of Battles
20.65 €
Do you feel like reliving a medieval hunting sport with your friends? Our genuine ox horn powder bowl (30-35 cm) is just what you need to complete your outfit. With its carefully crafted design and authentic style, this product will transport you to a time of adventure and bravery. To ensure your comfort, we have equipped this powder box with a strong...
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Ox horn powder box

Lord of Battles
24.79 €
Do you feel like reliving a medieval hunting sport with your friends? Our ox horn powder bowl is just what you need to complement your outfit. Designed with your comfort in mind, we've outfitted this powder box with a sturdy genuine leather cord. Whether you are planning an adventure in nature or a trip to the depths of the sea, our ox horn powder box...
powder kegs

Horn antler powder box (14th-18th centuries)

House of Warfare
12.39 €
Discover the authentic horn horn powder from the 14th-18th century, a unique piece that will transport you to bygone times and will make you experience the emotion of ancient warriors. This dustbin has been carefully crafted in horn, a durable and resistant material that guarantees its longevity. In addition, it has a wooden stopper that fits perfectly to...
powder kegs

Elegant powder bowl in horn horn (14th-18th centuries)

House of Warfare
23.13 €
Discover the elegance and charm of ancient tradition with this horn horn powder bowl. Dating back to the 14th-18th centuries, this historical treasure will take you back in time while also serving a practical function. Made from high quality antler, this powder box has been specially designed to keep gunpowder safe and dry. Its wooden stopper fits...
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Powder Cases: The Essential Companion to Muzzleloading Firearms

Powder cases, also known as powder flasks, played a pivotal role in the history of muzzle-loading firearms. These small bottle-shaped containers contained black powder, an essential component for igniting and firing flintlock rifles and pistols. Before pre-made paper cartridges became standard in the 19th century, powder pouches were an indispensable part of any shooter or soldier's shooting equipment.

Black powder, used in muzzle-loading firearms, required to be stored safely and accurately dosed before each shot. Powder magazines served this function effectively by providing an airtight container that protected the gunpowder from moisture and allowed for accurate measurement. These vessels were usually made of metal, horn, or even carved wood, and were often decorated with intricate details.

Throughout history, powder pouches became collectibles and items of historical interest, as they represent an era in which firearms were constantly evolving. Although today they are mainly relics of the past, powder pouches remind us of the importance of gunpowder in the history of military technology and its influence on the development of firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Powder Boxes

How was gunpowder stored in powder magazines?
Gunpowder was stored airtight in powder magazines to protect it from moisture and maintain its integrity.

What materials were used to make powder pouches?
Powder pouches were commonly made of metal, horn, or carved wood, and were often decorated with artistic details.

How was gunpowder measured and dosed with powder magazines?
Powder magazines usually had a spout or lid that allowed the gunpowder to be poured in a controlled manner, ensuring a precise measurement for each shot.

What was the impact of prefabricated cartridges on the need for powder magazines?
The introduction of prefabricated cartridges in the 19th century reduced the reliance on powder magazines, as the gunpowder was contained in the cartridges themselves.

Are there any famous historical powder kegs today?
Yes, some well-preserved historic powder pouches are displayed in museums and private collections as a testament to the history of firearms.

What is the symbolic value of powder kegs in current culture?
Powder pouches have symbolic value as reminders of a time when precision and care in the handling of gunpowder were essential for the effective firing of firearms.

Discover more about the history and importance of powder holsters in the world of firearms!

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