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    Celta Anthropomorphic Short antennas steel blade and bone handle and store copper and brass sword. It includes leather sheath.

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    Sword of the Dwarves made in latex, ideal for recreations, RPGs or LARP. The sword is made of foam rubber with an inner fiberglass reinforcement and a hard latex finish. The handle is foam polyurethane that allows to give more importance to the details of the design and that does not require maintenance. It does not matter if you are a dwarf warrior or a...

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    Celtic antenna sword used by the Celts for hand-to-hand fighting. Carbon steel blade forged by hand and solid handle in metal. Includes leather case. p>

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    Celtic sword combat antennas made of carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. The handle of the sword is shaped like a human being: the knob corresponds to the head, body and legs grip are saved to serve as protection on hand.

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    Celta long sword with steel blade and handle with spring EN45 brass finish representing Celtic warrior. It includes wooden sheath covered in leather belt.

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    Celtic short sword made of cast bronze with great detail.

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    This sword belonged to the noble Gauls of the La Tene period, which corresponds to the last years before the Roman occupation. With this sword model the Gauls fought against the legions of Caesar. WildebeestThis replica has a metal sheath adapted to be worn on the belt. The hilt is made of wood and the shape is typical of the time of La Tène.

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    Falcata Celta-Ibérica Circa 200 aC forged with blade in high carbon steel 1065 and knob is made of solid brass. Includes pod. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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