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Celtic swords

LARP sword of the dwarves LARP sword of the dwarves 2
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viking swords

LARP sword of the dwarves

Epic Armoury
66.12 €
Discover the incredible LARP Sword of the Dwarves, the perfect complement for your recreations, role-playing games or LARP. This sword, made of high quality latex, offers you a unique and realistic experience on your adventures. The LARP Sword of the Dwarves stands out for its manufacture in foam rubber with an interior reinforcement of fiberglass, which...
Swords (Cat. A)

functional celtic sword

Jiri Krondak
210.00 €
Discover the incredible functional Celtic Sword! This combat antenna sword is made of CSN 14260 carbon steel (DIN 54 SiCr 6), which gives it a hardness of 44-48 HRC, making it a highly resistant and durable weapon. The most surprising thing about this sword is its unique and original design. The handle has the shape of a human being, where the pommel...
Celtic swords

Short Celtic Sword, 63 cms.

Battle Merchant
65.98 €
Are you looking for a unique sword full of history? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to have in your hands the 63 cm Short Celtic Sword from the Battle Merchant brand. This anthropomorphic sword stands out for its exceptional design, which pays homage to Celtic culture with its antennae and ornamental details. Its high-quality materials, such as the...
Celtic swords

Celtic longsword with scabbard

Battle Merchant
147.23 €
Unleash your warrior spirit with the Battle Merchant Celtic Longsword with Scabbard! This impressive sword is the perfect weapon for history buffs and fans of Celtic cultures. Its blade, made of EN45 spring steel, guarantees exceptional resistance, allowing you to make precise cuts with ease. With a length of 79 cm, this sword offers a perfect balance...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword in Bronze

Battle Merchant
185.98 €
Are you passionate about Celtic history? Do you admire their bravery and prowess in battle? If so, this Celtic bronze sword is the perfect item for you. Manufactured with great quality of detail, this short sword will transport you to the times of the great warriors. With a weight of 1.48 kg, this Celtic bronze sword will allow you to handle it with ease...
Swords (Cat. C)

Celtic sword La Téne

Battle Merchant
82.48 €
The Celtic La Tène sword will transport you to the exciting time of the Gallic nobles and their fight against the dominating Roman legions. This sword, used by the brave Gallic warriors of La Tène, is an impressive replica that will allow you to relive historical battles. Our Celtic La Tène sword stands out for its magnificent design and quality of...
Celtic swords

LARP short sword Scalemasaxon

Epic Armoury
49.59 €
Are you looking for a short sword for your role-playing games? We have the perfect solution for you! We present you the LARP Escramasaxon short sword from the renowned brand Epic Armory. This single-edged Celtic sword has ideal measurements for your fights, with a total of 60 cm. long and a blade of 40 cms. In addition, its blade width in the guard is 6...
Celtic swords

hunting short sword

Epic Armoury
66.12 €
Epic Armoury's hunting short sword is the perfect weapon for LARP combat. Specifically designed to be used in close-range combat, this short sword will allow you to land critical hits without being detected by your opponents. With a double-edged blade that measures 15 inches, this short sword is extremely efficient and deadly. Its design and manufacturing...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword LARP

Epic Armoury
74.38 €
Discover the LARP Celtic Sword from Epic Armoury, the perfect weapon for your live role-playing combat! This sword is designed with lovers of Celtic history and role-playing games in mind. Hand-painted in a realistic steel color, its blade is double-edged, making it a deadly tool on the battlefield. In addition, its ergonomic handle, with a painted wood...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword of Antennas, 99 cms.

Art Gladius
73.52 €
Discover the majesty of the Celtic Sword of Antennae by Art Gladius! This decorative sword is perfect for collectors looking for a unique and eye-catching piece to display in their home. Its stainless steel decorated blade gives it an elegant and sophisticated appearance, while the hilt and pommel decorated with Celtic motifs add a touch of mysticism and...
Celtic swords

Celtic sword of antennae with scabbard

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
275.99 €
Discover the majesty of the Celtic Sword of antennae with scabbard. This sword, made by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), is a true work of art that will take you back in time. Paul Chen's swords are made using the same methods used centuries ago, ensuring their authenticity and quality. The blade of this sword is forged from high carbon steel, giving it...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword Battleworn series, LARP

Epic Armoury
90.91 €
Discover the Celtic Sword Battleworn series from Epic Armoury, the perfect weapon for LARP lovers. Measuring 85cm in length from point to pommel, this sword features a double-edged blade designed to cut perfectly. Its detailed cross pommel and crescent pommel feature gold accents that add a touch of elegance and protect a sculpted grip, providing security...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword North Grimston of Antennas

145.45 €
Discover the Celtic North Grimston Sword of Antenas! An authentic jewel from the exclusive Collection "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords manufactured by MARTO®. This high quality sword is designed with a stainless steel blade. AISI 420 and a Zamak handle, which guarantees its durability and resistance. The North Grimston Sword is a unique and...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword Battleworn series

Epic Armoury
99.17 €
Are you ready to go on an epic adventure? The Celtic sword from the Battleworn series is the perfect weapon to accompany you in your most challenging battles. Inspired by the Celtic tribes of early history, this latex hybrid longsword will provide you with the power and dexterity to take on any foe. Measuring an impressive 100cm in length, from tip to...
Celtic swords

Celtic short sword Battleworn series

Epic Armoury
74.38 €
Are you looking for a sword that combines style, comfort and durability? Then the Battleworn Series Celtic Short Sword from Epic Armoury is perfect for you. This latex hybrid sword has been designed with inspiration from the Celtic tribes of early history, giving it a striking and authentic look. Measuring 60cm in length from point to pommel, this Celtic...

Celtic latex sword for LARP, 100 cm.

Epic Armoury
90.91 €
Epic Armoury's Celtic Bladed Sword is a latex hybrid longsword inspired by the Celtic tribes of early history. With a length of 100 cm from the point to the pommel, this sword stands out for its double-edged blade designed to chop, thanks to its blade shape. This sword features a detailed cross guard and crescent-shaped pommel, both with gold accents,...

Celtic long sword in latex for LARP, 85 cm.

Epic Armoury
82.64 €
Epic Armoury's Celtic Bladed Sword is the perfect weapon for LARP enthusiasts looking for an authentic and exciting experience on the battlefield. Measuring 85cm in length, this latex hybrid medium sword gives you the chance to emulate the Celtic tribes of early history and immerse yourself in a world full of adventure and epic combat. One of the most...
Celtic swords

Celtic short sword in bronze (71.5 cm.)

147.23 €
Add a touch of Celtic history to your collection with this impressive bronze short sword! This replica of a Celtic Bronze Age short sword is crafted with great attention to detail. It consists of two parts, the hilt and the blade, both cast in bronze and riveted together. The blade is embellished with engravings, giving it an authentic look. This type of...
Discover the majesty of the Celtic Sword with Decorated Sheath and Celtic Knot on the Pommel! If you are a lover of history, craftsmanship and exceptional design, this sword is the perfect choice for you. We present a Celtic sword model that will not only transport you to bygone eras, but will also impress you with its beauty and quality. Details that...
Celtic swords

Celtic Sword a decorative hand (95 cm.)

66.41 €
Discover the majesty of the one-handed Celtic Sword! Measuring an impressive 95cm in length, this decorative masterpiece will elevate your collection to new heights. The pommel and guard are intricately adorned with Celtic designs that will dazzle any fan. The braided leather-covered handle not only adds a touch of authenticity, but also provides a firm...
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Celtic Swords: The Legacy of the Warriors

Celtic long swords are one of the most emblematic weapons of this ancient culture. With sharp blades and decorated hilts, these swords were used both in combat and in religious ceremonies. Discover the elegance and strength of these weapons, which represented the status and value of the Celtic warrior. Our collection includes authentic replicas and accurate historical details, so you can have an immersive experience.

Celtic daggers were lethal and versatile weapons used by warriors in close combat. These small but powerful weapons were characterized by their curved and sharp blade, designed to make quick and precise cuts. Explore our selection of Celtic daggers, with authentic details and high-quality materials, to experience the craftsmanship and skill of the ancient Celts.

Celtic sacrificial swords served a sacred purpose in the culture's religious rituals. These swords, richly decorated and carefully crafted, were used to honor the gods and offer tribute. Immerse yourself in Celtic mythology and symbolism through our replica sacrificial swords, and discover the spiritual connection between Celtic warriors and the divine world.

Antenna Swords: Celtic Art in Weapons

Celtic antennae swords are a testament to the incredible art and design of the ancient Celts. These swords are characterized by their elaborate hilts, decorated with intricate patterns and antennae, which represented the connection between the warrior and the gods. Explore our collection of antenna swords, carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of Celtic culture.

Celtic bronze swords are a historical jewel from the Iron Age. These swords, with their bronze blades and ornate hilts, represent a time of great cultural and technical development. Immerse yourself in the history of Celtic warriors and the evolution of their weapons through our bronze sword replicas, which capture the essence of the time and allow you to have a piece of history in your hands.

Curious Questions about Celtic Swords

  • What was the importance of Celtic long swords in warrior culture?

Celtic long swords had great importance in Celtic warrior culture, as they were symbols of status and bravery. These weapons represented the strength and courage of Celtic warriors, and were used both in combat and in religious ceremonies and prestige rituals.

How were Celtic daggers used in hand-to-hand combat?

Celtic daggers were used in hand-to-hand combat due to their sharp, curved design, which allowed them to make quick and precise cuts. These weapons were versatile and effective in close combat, where speed and precision were essential.

What symbolism did sacrificial swords have in Celtic rituals?

Celtic sacrificial swords had deep symbolism in the religious rituals of Celtic culture. They were used to honor the gods and offer tributes in sacred ceremonies. These richly decorated swords represented the connection between Celtic warriors and the divine world, being objects of great spiritual significance.

Why were antenna swords so elaborate in their design?

Celtic antennae swords were elaborate in their design due to their cultural and spiritual importance. The elaborate hilts with intricate patterns and antennae represented the connection between the warrior and the Celtic gods. These swords were considered true works of art and reflected the craftsmanship of Celtic culture.

What historical period does the use of Celtic bronze swords represent?

The use of Celtic bronze swords represents the Bronze Age, a time of great cultural and technical development in the history of Celtic warriors. These swords with bronze blades and ornate hilts are relics of that historical period.

What is the connection between Celtic swords and the mythology of this culture?

Celtic swords are closely related to the mythology of Celtic culture. These weapons were considered sacred objects and were associated with mythical heroes and Celtic gods. Their presence in rituals and religious ceremonies reflects the deep connection between swords and Celtic mythology.

Discover more about the fascinating world of Celtic swords and explore our collection to delve into the history and craftsmanship of Celtic warriors. Feel the power and beauty of these legendary weapons!

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