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Celtic swords

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Short sword Escramasajón to practice Role-playing games. It is a sword Celtic of a single-edged blade that measures a total of 60 cms. and that has a sheet of 40 cms. The grip has a leather lining giving you a better...

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Celtic sword combat antennas made of carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. The handle of the sword is shaped like a human being: the knob corresponds to the head, body and legs grip are...
This sword belonged to the noble Gauls of the La Tene period, which corresponds to the last years before the Roman occupation. With this sword model the Gauls fought against the legions of Caesar. WildebeestThis...
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Sword of the Dwarves made in latex, ideal for recreations, RPGs or LARP. The sword is made of foam rubber with an inner fiberglass reinforcement and a hard latex finish. The handle is foam polyurethane that allows to...
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Short sword of hunting ideal for the combat LARP. The short sword is designed to serve as a short range weapon. With a double-edged blade that measures 38 cms. it is ideal to get critical strikes without being...
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Sword Celtic ideal for the combat LARP. The blade of the sword is hand-painted color steel and is double-edged sword. The grip is ergonomic and painted with effect of wood. The design of the sword is based on the...
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