Polish sabers

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functional polish saber

Jiri Krondak
292.50 €
Discover the functional Polish saber, an impressive knife made of CSN 14260 carbon steel (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. Used by cavalry and officers, this saber is a perfect choice for those looking to increase speed in combat. The saber is distinguished by its curved and sharpened blade on only one side, unlike the traditional sword. Its...

Functional Polish Saber, 17th century

Cold Steel
405.99 €
The 17th century Functional Polish Saber is a true treasure for history buffs and collectors of antique weapons. This impressive saber made by the renowned American manufacturer Cold Steel will transport you back to the exciting glory days of the Polish cavalry. With a thickness of 6.4 mm and a handle length of 15.2 cm, this saber offers a perfect balance...
Polish sabers

Polish Saber Karabela, combat

Jiri Krondak
270.00 €
The Karabela Polish Combat Saber is the perfect weapon for those who seek authenticity and quality in their weapons. Manufactured by the prestigious gunsmith Jiri Krondak, internationally known for his skill in forging swords and historical functional weapons, this Polish saber features a combat-ready carbon steel blade. One of the most outstanding...
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Polish Sabers: Elegance and Tradition in White Weapons

Polish sabers are a manifestation of the rich military and artistic tradition of Poland. In this article, we will explore the history of Polish military sabers, with a special focus on the iconic Karabela saber and functional Polish sabers that have stood the test of time.

Polish Military Sabers: A Legacy of Bravery

Polish military sabers have been used for centuries by the Polish armed forces and are characterized by their straight blade and elegant hilt. These weapons were not only functional on the battlefield, but were also symbols of prestige and bravery. Karabela sabers are outstanding examples of this tradition. With their curved blade and richly decorated guard, Karabela sabers are considered true works of art.

Functional Polish Sabers: Tradition and Utility

In addition to their historical and aesthetic value, functional Polish sabers have proven useful in fencing and combat practice. These authentic replicas maintain the essence of traditional sabers and allow fencing enthusiasts to experience the skill and elegance of Polish sword masters. The quality of the blade and craftsmanship make these sabers reliable tools for practice and training.

Curious Questions

What is the most notable feature of Polish Karabela sabers?

Karabela sabers stand out for their curved blade and richly decorated guard, which turns them into true works of art.

What is the historical origin of Polish military sabers?

Polish military sabers have a long tradition in the Polish armed forces and have been used for centuries.

How useful are functional Polish sabers today?

Functional Polish sabers are authentic replicas that allow you to practice fencing and combat, maintaining the tradition and craftsmanship of traditional sabers.

What are the key features of functional Polish sabers?

Functional Polish sabers stand out for their blade quality and craftsmanship, making them reliable tools for practice and training.

What does the legacy of Polish sabers symbolize in Polish culture?

The legacy of Polish sabers represents Poland's bravery and military tradition, as well as its combat prowess.

Discover the elegance and tradition of Polish sabers and delve into the history of Polish bravery through these magnificent weapons.

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