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Roman hand in genuine bone (3.2x18.1 cm.)

Lord of Battles
8.26 €
Would you like to experience the authenticity of Roman antiquity in your sewing? Then this genuine bone Roman needle is perfect for you. We present you a unique and original piece that will transport you centuries ago. Made of high-quality bone, this Roman needle offers a design faithful to the instruments used by the Romans to thread and sew their...

Bone needle holder box

Lord of Battles
10.74 €
Are you still looking for the needle you lost while you were sewing your cape? You wouldn't if you had this gorgeous medieval needle holder! With the Lord of Battles bone needle box, you can have all your needles and pins organized and at hand at all times. No more lost or wasted needles, this needle holder is the perfect solution to keep your sewing neat...

Set of 5 medieval bone needles

Lord of Battles
7.43 €
Set of 5 medieval bone needles Whether sewing up the frayed end of your favorite tunic or even a torn cape, this set of gorgeous needles will make the mundane task of sewing truly historic. It is HANDMADE from ETHICALLY SOURCED, AUTHENTIC OX HORN which makes it outlast its flimsy, more synthetic replicas. It is carefully designed to enhance its practical...

Set of 5 Viking bone needles (7 cm.)

Lord of Battles
9.91 €
Discover the charm of medieval embroidery with the set of 5 7 cm Viking bone needles! If you are a lover of embroidery and want to add a unique and authentic touch to your works, our medieval bone embroidery needles are the perfect choice. Made with ethically sourced bone, these needles are a beautiful combination of artistry and functionality. Each...

Set 5 medieval pins decorated with stones

Battle Merchant
5.96 €
Discover timeless elegance with our exquisite set of 5 medieval pins with decorated stones! Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the past as you experience the functionality and charm of these authentic pieces of history. Imagine having in your hands the same essence of medieval fashion. These needles, known as pins, were used to hold everything from veils...

Set 6 medieval brass needles (5 cm.)

Lord of Battles
5.78 €
Discover the charm of the Middle Ages with our set of 6 medieval brass needles. Whether you need to repair a historical garment or just want to add an authentic touch to your sewing projects, these needles will transport you to a truly historical experience. Our needles are made from pure solid brass, ensuring durability and strength. Each needle has a...

Set of 6 medieval needles in solid brass (5.9 cm.)

Lord of Battles
6.60 €
Are you passionate about medieval history and do you like to recreate authentic objects from the period? Then our set of 6 solid brass medieval needles is just what you need. With a length of 5.9 cm, these needles are perfect for recreating clothing and accessories from the medieval era. The solid brass used in the manufacture of these needles gives them...
sewing needles

Set of 5 Viking horn needles (6 cm.)

Lord of Battles
11.56 €
Before knitting and crocheting were prevalent, there was a unique art of fabric piecing that thrived on its uniqueness! Its single-needle weaving allows you to create with your thread practically any garment you imagine in a historical and unique way. So pass your favorite colored thread through it, follow the technique and you will have one of the best...
Pack of 5 solid brass medieval needles (4 cm.) Pack of 5 solid brass medieval needles (4 cm.) 2
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sewing needles

Pack of 5 solid brass medieval needles (4 cm.)

Lord of Battles
8.26 €
Discover the Pack of 5 Solid Brass Needles (4 cm), an essential tool for artisans and sewing and craft enthusiasts. Each needle is meticulously crafted from solid brass, ensuring durability and precision in every stitch. These needles are ideal for a variety of projects, from traditional sewing to detailed embroidery and leather work. At 4cm in length,...
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Medieval needles are historical artifacts that transport us to bygone eras, revealing the skill and dexterity of our ancestors in the art of sewing. These needles, used mainly in the making of clothing and textiles, are testimony to the meticulousness and attention to detail that characterized medieval craftsmanship.

The Evolution of Needles in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, needles were made from various materials, including bone, ivory, wood, and metal. As technology advanced, needles became more specialized and sophisticated, adapting to the changing needs of medieval society.

Roman Needles: Elegance and Functionality

During the Roman Empire, needles were widely used both in making clothing and in other daily activities. Made primarily of bronze, iron, or bone, Roman needles were typically slender and elegant, designed to sew fine fabrics with precision.

Found in archaeological excavations throughout ancient Rome, these needles provide a glimpse into the sophistication and attention to detail that characterized Roman fashion. In addition to their practical function, some Roman needles were also adorned with intricate designs, reflecting the taste for aesthetics in Roman society.

Viking Needle: Resistance and Versatility

In contrast to the elegant Roman spires, Viking spires were robust and durable, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of life in northern Europe. Made mainly of bone, horn or metal, these needles were used not only for making clothing, but also for other tasks such as repairing boats and making fishing nets.

Viking needles have been found in archaeological excavations at Viking settlements, revealing the importance of sewing and craftsmanship in the daily life of this ancient civilization. Although less ornate than Roman spires, Viking spires stood out for their versatility and resistance, reflecting the practical and pragmatic spirit of the Vikings.

The Different Types of Needle Used

There were different types of needles for different purposes. From long, thin sewing needles to sturdy knitting needles, each had its specific function in the textile creation process.

The Importance of Needles in Medieval Clothing

Needles played a crucial role in the daily lives of medieval people. From making clothes to repairing fabrics, these tools were essential in feudal society.

The Art of Needle Decoration

In addition to their practical function, needles were also used for decorating clothing and textiles. Embroidery and lace were popular techniques that required expert handling of the needle.

Needles in Religious Crafts

Religious crafts also benefited from the use of medieval needles. From the making of liturgical ornaments to the creation of tapestries for churches and cathedrals, these tools were essential in the artistic expression of faith.

The Legacy of the Needles Today

Although modern technology has brought new methods of textile manufacturing, the legacy of medieval needles lives on in contemporary crafts. Artisans and history enthusiasts continue to use these tools to recreate traditional techniques and designs.

What were the most common materials used in the manufacture of medieval needles?

The most common materials included bone, ivory, wood, and metal, depending on local availability and preferences.

What decoration techniques were carried out using needles in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, techniques such as embroidery and lace were practiced, requiring expert handling of the needle to create intricate decorative designs.

Why were needles important in medieval religious crafts?

Needles were essential in the creation of liturgical ornaments and tapestries for churches and cathedrals, contributing to the artistic expression of faith.

How has the legacy of medieval needles influenced contemporary craftsmanship?

Although modern technology has introduced new methods of textile manufacturing, artisans continue to use medieval needles to recreate traditional techniques and designs today.

Discover the Magic of Medieval Needles! Explore the history and craftsmanship behind medieval spiers. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world of creativity and skill!

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