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    Articulated arms Gothic medieval armor. It Includes 2 arms. Made of polished steel 1mm. thick with rolled edges. It includes leather straps with buckles to adjust. P>

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    Viking metal arm protectors. Made of steel and leather. They are flexible and easily adapt as they have self-adjusting buckles. It includes the couple.

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    Couple medieval steel bracelets, one of the piece of medieval armor protecting forearms. It includes belt buckles for proper support.

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    Protector for Roman Gladiator articulated arm made of steel sheets. It includes buckles and leather interior to protect the arm.

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    The Viking bracelet is made up of five steel strips and riveted to 2 hard leather straps. The straps are adjusted by brass buckles. The thickness of the bracelets is 2 mm.

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    The, Manicae, was a part of the armor of the Gladiators. Our replica is based on the numerous images of the gladiators of the time. This protection covers the entire arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. In Latin the word "Manicae" means long arm. The protector is made of high quality leather. The width is 35 cms. on the shoulder and 12 cms. on the wrist.

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