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Battle-ready Wakizashi

Wakizashi Honshu Boshin manufactured by United Cutlery. Noted for its elegant design and carbon steel blade 1060. The handle is anti-slip rubber with satin finish on guard and pommel.
Iaito Wakizashi of John Lee model Red Wood. The iaito has a Shinogi-Zukuri blade without edge, forged by hand with stainless steel 420. The Habaki and the Seppa are made of bronze.The name of this piece derives from...
Wakizashi made of high quality latex ideal for role-playing games. The blade measures 40 cms. single edged and is hand painted to look like a real wakizashi. The hilt is covered in leather to offer the warrior a...
Katana John Lee model Golden Flower forged by hand. It is a piece of Asian art with: Blade forged in carbon steel and hardened by hand. The sheet was folded 12 times (8000 layers) to obtain a beautiful damask Sharp...
Wakizashi John Lee model Musashi Ichi forged by hand. It is a piece of Asian art with: Blade forged in carbon steel and hardened by hand. Ribbed on the blade to reduce weight The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood and...
Wakizashi John Lee Imori model with sharp blade, hand forged from hardened carbon steel. The handle is wrapped in blue cotton in the traditional Katate style with stingray skin. The sword is delivered in a collectible...
The Epic Armory Wakizashi is a latex hybrid short sword favored by both deadly ninja assassins and samurai. The sword measures 60cm from tip to pommel with a 40cm single edged straight blade, hand painted to look like...
Cobra Steel Well balanced tactical Wakizashi with full tang for added strength. Factory sharpened, includes leather sheath with collar and metal tip. This classic sword design features a 1085 high carbon steel blade...
Wakizashi John Lee Dragon model. The Tsuba of the John Lee Dragon Wakizashi is in the shape of a dragon surrounding the sword. Unlike in Europe, the dragon plays a particularly important role in Japan, where this...
Wakizashi Iaito John Lee model Zaza. Zaza is the Japanese word for bamboo. Due to its straight shape and fresh green color, it is a symbol of growth and purity. In Japanese culture it is also known as a symbol of...
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The wakizashi was used as a backup or auxiliary sword with a blade between 30 and 60 cm; it was also used for close quarters fighting, to behead a defeated opponent and sometimes to commit ritual suicide.

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