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Pirate coats

Red-Black pirate jacket

Leonardo Carbone
73.82 €
We present you the impressive Renaissance-style pirate jacket in red-black, made of 100% cotton. This jacket is the perfect choice for those fashion lovers looking for a unique and sophisticated style. The Renaissance Cut Pirate Jacket's design is a perfect blend of vintage and modern, with carefully crafted details highlighting its pirate and renaissance...

Black pirate coat Edward model

Leonardo Carbone
80.09 €
We present the impressive Edward model black pirate coat, made of 100% cotton, available in our online store. This black pirate coat is a unique and sophisticated garment that will make you stand out at any event or meeting, and thanks to its timeless design, it will not go out of style over time. The Edward model black pirate coat is carefully crafted to...

Captain Morgan's coat in velvet

Windlass Steel Crafts
155.00 €
Discover the elegant and seductive Captain Morgan Coat in velvet. This magnificent coat is the perfect tribute to the most feared privateer of all time, Captain Henry Morgan. Crafted from the finest blood red cotton velvet and lined with matching red cotton, this coat will transport you back to the captain's adventures and sea battles. Our team of...

Buccaneer Long Coat

Windlass Steel Crafts
115.50 €
This long Buccaneer coat is the perfect garment to complete your pirate look with style and elegance. It's made from thick, high-quality wool, ensuring you'll stay warm even on the coldest voyages across the English Channel. Its design stands out for its long cut, which gives you an imposing and distinguished appearance. In addition, it has an original...

Blackbeard Pirate Coat

Windlass Steel Crafts
124.00 €
The Blackbeard pirate coat is a high-quality garment that cannot be missing in your pirate fashion collection. Made by the renowned brand Windlass Steel Crafts, this coat stands out for its elegance and sophistication. The material used in its manufacture is top quality cotton, which guarantees its durability and comfort. The midweight black cotton...

Barbarian Coast pirate coat

Windlass Steel Crafts
211.50 €
Discover the elegance and style of pirates with the Costa de los Bárbaros pirate coat. This coat is a true work of art, with ornate details and a regal appearance that won't go unnoticed. Crafted from lush blue cotton velvet, this coat will envelop you in unparalleled comfort. Its wide vintage cuffs and rich brocade with buttons at the open front add a...
272.64 €
The Jack Rackham Brown Pirate Coat is inspired by the 18th century jackets worn by gentlemen, ladies horsemen, soldiers, pirates and civilians. This coat is a combination of high-quality leather and split leather, finished with multiple details and decorative buttons, as well as functional pockets on the sides. The Jack Rackham pirate coat will transport...
272.64 €
Discover the authentic style of the 18th century with the Jack Rackham pirate coat in black. This amazing coat is inspired by the jackets worn by knights, ladies horsemen, soldiers, pirates and civilians of the time. Best of all, it is made with a careful combination of high-quality leather and split leather, which gives it a unique and sophisticated...

Brown Blackbeard Pirate Jacket

Battle Merchant
92.32 €
The Blackbeard Pirate Jacket in brown is the perfect accessory for lovers of pirate style and the golden age of corsairs. Made with great quality and care in every detail, this jacket will become an essential piece in your wardrobe. Made of resistant 100% cotton canvas, the Blackbeard Pirate Jacket will provide you with exceptional durability, resisting...
123.88 €
Present yourself to the world with style and distinction with this magnificent Barnaby Soldier, Musketeer or Pirate Jacket in grey. This long coat will add the finishing touch to any historical concept or LARP character you wish to represent. The Barnaby Jacket has been designed to cut past the knees, giving you a sophisticated and imposing look. Its...
123.88 €
The Barnaby soldier, musketeer or pirate jacket in brown is the perfect accessory to add an authentic finishing touch to your historical looks or LARP characters. With its long cut that hits the knees and buttons down the front, this jacket will keep you looking stylish and stylish while keeping you warm. The Barnaby coat made in Germany by Freyhand, a...
206.53 €
The Barnaby soldier, musketeer or pirate jacket in light brown is undoubtedly the perfect accessory to add a final touch to any historical concept or LARP character. This long coat, made of suede leather, stands out for its elegance and unique style. The Barnaby coat is characterized by its cut that falls below the knees, providing a sophisticated and...
123.88 €
The Barnaby soldier, musketeer or pirate jacket in black is the perfect accessory to give the final touch to your historical outfits or LARP characters. With its elegant and long design, reaching past the knees, this jacket stands out for its versatility and timeless style. Made in Germany by Freyhand, a renowned specialist in period clothing for LARP,...
There is no better way to complete your historical or LARP character outfit than with this awesome Barnaby soldier, musketeer or pirate leather jacket. Made in Germany by Freyhand, a renowned specialist in period clothing for LARP, Cosplay and recreationists, this brown suede leather jacket will be the perfect choice to stand out at any event. With a long...

Enigo pirate frock coat, Bordeaux

82.56 €
The Enigo model pirate frock coat in burgundy color is a unique and striking garment that you cannot miss. Made of top quality cotton, this frock coat stands out for its excellent tailoring and its fitted cut that enhances your figure. With its design inspired by elegance and pirate style, the Enigo frock coat will transport you to a world full of...

Enigo pirate frock coat, black

82.56 €
Discover the elegance and unique style of the Enigo model pirate coat in black. If you are looking for a garment that stands out for its originality and sophistication, this frock coat is perfect for you. Made of premium cotton, this frock coat offers you a perfect combination of comfort and durability. Its fitted cut enhances your figure, giving you an...
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Pirate coats evoke images of adventure, mystery and a touch of rebellion. Dating back to the golden age of piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries, these garments continue to capture people's imaginations today. Below, we explore various aspects of these iconic coats, from their history to their influence on contemporary fashion.

The History of Pirate Coats

Pirate coats not only served as protection from the elements, but were also a statement of style and status. Made from sturdy materials like thick wool and occasionally adorned with precious metal buttons, these coats were both functional and impressive. Length varied, but many preferred long designs that offered greater protection and drama.

Distinctive features

One of the most notable features of pirate coats is their design. With high collars, wide cuffs and often with details such as decorative buttons and deep pockets, these coats were designed to impress as much as they were practical. Versatility was key, with designs that allowed you to move freely in combat or when handling the ship.

Influence on Contemporary Fashion

Pirate coats have left an indelible mark on modern fashion. Designers and fashion enthusiasts often draw inspiration from its rich history and unique aesthetic to create garments that combine the romance of the past with current trends. From catwalks to streetwear collections, the adventurous spirit of pirates lives on in these reinterpretations.

How to Choose the Perfect Pirate Coat

Selecting the ideal pirate coat involves considering both historical authenticity and individual personality. History buffs can look for accurate replicas, while those interested in fashion can opt for modernized versions that maintain key elements of the original design.

Materials and Preparation

The quality of the material and construction are crucial to capturing the essence of an authentic pirate coat. Heavy wool, leather and brocade are frequently used materials, offering both durability and a luxurious look. Attention to detail on buttons and stitching can also make a big difference to the overall look.

Pirate Coats in Popular Culture

The image of the bold pirate and his distinctive coat have been immortalized in numerous works of fiction, from novels to films and television series. These depictions have helped keep the fascination with piracy and its fashions alive, inspiring generations to explore and embrace this unique style.

Where to Find Pirate Coats

Finding an authentic pirate coat or an accurate replica can be a challenge, but there are several manufacturers and specialty stores that offer extensive collections. From costume shops to high-end fashion boutiques, there are options for all tastes and budgets.

Were pirate coats exclusive to captains?

Not necessarily. Although captains and senior officers often sported the most luxurious coats, the crew could also have functional, if less ostentatious, coats. Availability and style depended on loot and personal preferences.

Were pirate coats worn in all regions?

The use of long coats depended largely on the climate and region. In warmer waters, pirates preferred light clothing, while in colder areas, long, heavy coats were common to protect themselves from the cold and wind.

How did pirate coats influence naval fashion?

Pirate coats and naval clothing shared certain characteristics, such as functionality and resistance. However, pirates were more likely to customize their coats to impress or intimidate, a practice less common in regular navies.

Are pirate coats comfortable for everyday wear?

Modern pirate coat replicas are designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind, using lighter materials and cuts adapted to everyday life, without losing distinctive style.

Can I find pirate coats for women?

Yes, while historically coats were more associated with men, today there are many options available for women, designed to offer the same bold and adventurous style.

How did pirates keep their coats in good condition?

Given the nature of her life at sea, maintenance was challenging. However, repairing and caring for their clothing was essential, using materials available on board or in ports.

Are there authentic pirate coats in museums?

Some maritime museums and private collections possess coats and other clothing from the piracy era, although they are rare and valuable due to their age and condition.

Discover the bold world of pirate fashion with our exclusive collection of pirate coats. Whether you're looking for historical authenticity or an inspired piece with a modern twist, we have the perfect coat to add a little adventure to your wardrobe. Browse our selection today and find your treasure!

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