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Armor Rings

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Rings for chain mail

The chainmail is a tunic or a shirt made up of metal rings and that served to protect the warrior from cuts or thrusts from enemy weapons by blocking the blades and not making them come into contact with the body. The rings of the chain mail are linked to each other forming a true mesh that is difficult to pass through. Its effectiveness then depends on its rings, the smaller or more concentrated per centimeter of mesh, the better it will defend against the cores of white weapons.

Types of rings for chain mail

The chain mail can be composed of several types of rings:

Galvanized steel rings

Zinc coated carbon steel rings

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Craft Chainmail with Rings

These rings are ideal for those who want to make chain mail or repair damaged mail. Making a chain mail from scratch is not an easy task, you have to have a lot of patience, know how to link the rings correctly and you also need experience. We have books that explain how to link the rings to form a perfect and durable chain mail. Rings are sold in bags of 5,500 or 1,460 rings. We sell them in two different bags because they have different characteristics.

If you want to repair your chainmail or need rings to make one from scratch, we can offer you very good quality rings. If you need help we are available through WhatsApp, phone or email.

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