Norman steel spurs (includes the pair) Norman steel spurs (includes the pair) 2
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Norman steel spurs (includes the pair)

Battle Merchant
33.98 €
Discover the incredible Norman Spurs in steel that are causing a sensation among lovers of history and fans of vintage fashion! With its elegant silver finish and its design faithful to the traditional spurs used by Norman knights, these spurs are the perfect complement to your favorite boots. Made from high-quality steel, these spurs not only look...

Churburg spurs in brass, pair

Battle Merchant
39.08 €
If you are looking for an authentic, high quality pair of spurs for your boots, look no further! Our Churburg spurs are exact replicas of original medieval examples from the Churburg Castle armory in South Tyrol, Italy. Made of brass, these spurs are durable and sturdy, which means you'll be able to use them again and again.In addition, the leather straps...

Norman spurs in brass (includes the pair)

Battle Merchant
39.08 €
Boost your medieval style with the impressive Norman Spurs in brass. These boot spurs are the perfect accessory to complete your look for a gentleman or lady of the time. Made from high quality brass, these spurs are not only durable but also add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Each pair of Norman spurs includes genuine leather straps and a brass...

Medieval spurs in hand-forged steel, couple

Battle Merchant
33.98 €
Introducing our high quality medieval spurs, hand forged from steel. This pair of spurs is designed to complement the attire of period riders and medieval riding fanatics. Handcrafted, each spur is unique and made to the highest quality standards.For ease of use, leather straps with brass buckles are included so you can comfortably adjust them to your...
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Immerse Yourself in the World of Medieval Horsemanship with Our Historically Designed Spurs

Medieval horsemanship is an art that has endured throughout the centuries, and spurs played a fundamental role in this noble tradition. In our online store, we offer a wide variety of historically designed spurs, perfect for medieval riders and lovers of equestrian history. Discover the beauty and authenticity of Norman and medieval spurs that will transport you to times past.

Norman Spurs: Elegance and Functionality

Norman spurs are a testament to medieval craftsmanship. Made with precision and designed for the rider's maximum comfort, these spurs are a perfect choice for those who want to experience medieval horsemanship in an authentic way. Our catalog includes a variety of styles, from simple to elaborate, all with historical details that will delight enthusiasts.

Medieval Spurs: A Link to the Past

Medieval spurs are an essential element in historical reenactments and medieval horsemanship. These pieces of equestrian art are inspired by authentic designs from the Middle Ages, ensuring that each pair is a unique masterpiece. Our online store offers you the opportunity to acquire high-quality medieval spurs that will transport you to the era of knights and jousts.

Variety of Styles and Materials

In our store, we understand the importance of individuality and authenticity. That's why we offer a wide range of spur styles, from the simplest to the most ornate. Additionally, you can choose from different materials such as steel, bronze, or even brass, to ensure that your spurs suit your personal style and specific needs.

Buy Now and Enter the World of Medieval Horsemanship!

If you are passionate about equestrian history or simply wish to experience the thrill of medieval horsemanship, our historically designed spurs are the perfect choice. Discover the elegance and functionality of Norman spurs, immerse yourself in the past with medieval spurs, and choose from a wide variety of styles and materials in our online store. Don't wait any longer to take the plunge and delve into the exciting world of medieval horsemanship!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the historical origin of Norman spurs?

    Norman spurs date back to the 11th century and were used by Norman knights in the Middle Ages.

  • How were medieval spurs made?

    Medieval spurs were handcrafted using traditional techniques, using materials such as steel, bronze, or brass, and adorned with historical details.

  • What role did spurs play in medieval horsemanship?

    Spurs were essential for horse control and communication between the rider and the mount during medieval horsemanship.

  • What types of spur styles can be found in your online store?

    Our store offers a wide variety of styles, from simple and functional to ornate and decorative, to cater to the tastes of all medieval riders.

  • Are medieval spurs only suitable for historical reenactments?

    No, medieval spurs are also functional and can be used for contemporary horsemanship, providing a touch of authenticity and unique style.

  • What is the importance of keeping the medieval equestrian tradition alive?

    Keeping the medieval equestrian tradition alive allows for the preservation of an important part of history and culture, while also providing a unique experience for enthusiasts of horsemanship and history.

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