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Saber Hutton

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
170.48 €
Discover the Hutton Saber, a true handmade work of art. This saber combines elegance and functionality, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a unique experience in their fencing practices. One of the outstanding features of the Hutton Saber is its stainless steel guard, which not only gives it an imposing appearance, but also guarantees its...

British General Sabre, 1831

Battle Merchant
90.73 €
The 1831 British General Saber is the perfect weapon for those looking to recreate the glorious era of British generals and officers. This saber has been meticulously crafted to provide an authentic historical experience. With its EN45 carbon steel blade, this saber offers exceptional strength and durability. In addition, its length of 81 cm makes it an...

Saber Wrist Breaker, Heavy Cavalry

Windlass Steel Crafts
127.50 €
The Heavy Cavalry Wrist Breaker Saber is a stylish and powerful option for those looking for a quality weapon. With a perfectly tempered, full tang 1065 steel blade, this saber guarantees exceptional performance with every blow. In addition, its unique and distinctive design makes it known as the "Wrist Breaker" or "Wrist Destroyer". The 1840 model...

English Saber XVII-XVIII centuries

Windlass Steel Crafts
127.50 €
If you are passionate about military history and period combat, you cannot miss the opportunity to have in your hands a faithful replica of the English saber used by brave officers from the 17th to the 18th century. This saber, manufactured by the prestigious Windlass Steel Crafts brand, has been created with the highest quality standards to offer you a...

Functional cavalry light saber, year 1796

Cold Steel
341.59 €
This functional light cavalry saber will transport you directly to the time of 1796. Inspired by the British and Prussian sabers used in the iconic Battle of Waterloo, this weapon represents the authenticity and power of those historic times. The saber has a sharp blade made of 1055 carbon steel, which guarantees its durability and resistance. Its black...
341.59 €
The functional Cavalry light saber from the year 1796 is a true historical gem that will transport you to the times of the great battles in which brave soldiers wielded their swords with honor and skill. Inspired by the British and Prussian designs used in the famous Battle of Waterloo, this saber features a SHARP 1055 carbon steel blade and a sleek black...

British Cavalry saber with scabbard, year 1912

Battle Merchant
98.98 €
Are you a lover of military history and looking for a unique piece to add to your collection? Do not look any further! We have for you the exact replica of the British Cavalry saber used in 1912. This impressive saber is designed with a straight, single-edged blade, made of the highest quality EN45 steel. The hilt of this saber is made of wood covered in...
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British Army Cavalry Saber with scabbard, year 1908

Battle Merchant
143.98 €
The generously sized, bowl-shaped guard cup with arched knuckles provided excellent hand protection, and the substantial pommel helped balance the blade without losing the sword's lightness, speed and maneuverability. In addition, the ergonomically shaped, pistol-like grip with thumbhole and textured diamond pattern offered good traction and control and...
english sabers

Military Saber British Light Cavalry, year 1796

Windlass Steel Crafts
195.00 €
The British Light Cavalry Military Saber of the year 1796 is an exact replica of the original saber used by the British cavalry during the 18th century. This impressive saber is a collector's item that cannot be missing in the collection of any lover of history or ancient weapons. What really stands out about this replica is its authenticity and attention...
1796 British heavy cavalry saber 1796 British heavy cavalry saber 2
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1796 British heavy cavalry saber

Windlass Steel Crafts
210.00 €
Introducing the 1796 British Heavy Cavalry Saber, also known as Sharpe's sword, made famous by Bernard Cornwell's popular book series and the British television series of the mid-90s. This imposing sword, with a total length of 100 cm, it was used by the British Lifeguards, Royal Horse Guards, Dragoon Guards and Dragoons during the Revolution and the...
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English sabers are an iconic part of the rich British military tradition, with a history spanning centuries. From British cavalry sabers to ancient sabers and those used by British generals, these weapons have played a vital role in Britain's military and culture. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history and diversity of English sabers, including Hutton sabers.

British Cavalry Sabers: Elegance on the Battlefield

British cavalry sabers are known for their elegant design and functionality on the battlefield. These weapons, used by British cavalry throughout history, feature curved blades that allowed effective attacks from the back of a fully charging horse. The British cavalry was renowned for its bravery and skill in war, and its sabers were an extension of its indomitable spirit.

The elegance and craftsmanship of British cavalry sabers make them highly valued collector's items today. Collectors appreciate the beauty of their hilts and blades, as well as their historical importance in the wars in which they participated.

Antique English Sabers: Treasures of the Past

Old English sabers are true treasures of the past, witnesses of historical events that marked Great Britain and the world. Dating back to times such as the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War, these weapons tell stories of bravery and heroism on the battlefield.

Antique British sabers are characterized by their classic design and solid construction. These weapons are prized for both their historical value and intrinsic beauty. Collectors and military history enthusiasts seek out these sabers to add to their collections and preserve an important part of British heritage.

British General Sabers: Symbols of Authority and Leadership

British general's sabers are symbols of authority and leadership in the British Army. These elegant weapons, adorned with ornate details and richly decorated hilts, were used by British generals in the performance of their command and leadership duties on the battlefield.

These sabers represented the military hierarchy and the distinction of the high command. Its beauty and sophistication were a reflection of the prestige and responsibility that fell on the shoulders of British generals. Even in times of peace, these sabers were symbols of honor and respect.

Curious Questions about English Sabers

  • What is the characteristic design of British cavalry sabers?
    • British cavalry sabers are characterized by having curved blades that allow effective attacks from the back of a horse in full charge.
  • What historical wars saw the use of Old English sabers?
    • Old English sabers were used in historical wars such as the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War, where they played a vital role on the battlefield.
  • How were British general sabers personalized?
    • British general sabers were personalized with ornamental details and richly decorated hilts, reflecting the authority and leadership of senior commanders in the British army.
  • What is the symbolic importance of sabers in British culture?
    • Sabers have great symbolic importance in British culture, representing military tradition, distinction and honor. They are also symbols of leadership and authority in the military.
  • Are there replicas of antique English sabers available for collectors?
    • Yes, there are replicas of antique English sabers available on the market for collectors and military history enthusiasts who wish to own a piece of this tradition.
  • What is the Hutton saber and what was its influence on fencing?
    • The Hutton saber is a type of saber developed by Captain Alfred Hutton in the 19th century. It had a great influence on modern fencing and was used for the practice and teaching of saber techniques. Its design favored safety and effectiveness in sports and military fencing.
    Discover the history and majesty of English sabers. Explore British military tradition through these magnificent weapons that have forged the identity of a country and its legacy in history.

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