Trunks and boxes

Round pillbox Damasquinado Round pillbox Damasquinado 2
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Damascene Toledo

Round pillbox Damasquinado

12.60 €
Pastillera round box made Damasquinado of Toledo.
Harry Potter Keepsake Box Harry Potter Keepsake Box 2
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Trunks and boxes

Harry Potter Keepsake Box

Warner Bross
32.17 €
Are you a true fan of Harry Potter? Have you always dreamed of being part of the magical world of Hogwarts? Then this Harry Potter keepsake box is just the thing for you. Imagine opening this mysterious box and finding inside it the enrollment letter to Hogwarts, the place where Harry Potter's incredible adventure began. But that's not all, you will also...
Round Damascene pill box
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Damascene Toledo

Round pillbox Damasquinado

17.60 €
Pastillera round box made Damasquinado of Toledo.
Pastillero Damasquinado redondo Pastillero Damasquinado redondo 2
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Damascene Toledo

Square pillbox Damasquinado

19.90 €
Pastillera square box with 2 departments. Made in Damasquinado of Toledo.
Masonic symbols jewelry box (13.8x13.8 cm) Masonic symbols jewelry box (13.8x13.8 cm) 2
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medieval decoration

Masonic symbols jewelry box (13.8x13.8 cm)

15.39 €
If you are a fan of Freemasonry or you are simply fascinated by its symbols, this Jewelry Box with the Masonic symbols of the square and the compass is perfect for you. Made of high-quality enameled wood, this box offers you an ideal compartment to store your jewelry and trinkets comfortably and safely. The hinged opening makes it easy to access your...
Trunks and boxes

Medieval chest with colored stones (10x7 cms.)

7.85 €
Discover the magic and charm of medieval times with this original medieval chest with colored stones. This magnificent chest is made of high quality wood, with a brass lock and reinforcements that give it an authentic and robust appearance. But what makes this chest unique are the colored semi-precious stones that it includes. These carefully selected...
Trunks and boxes

Medieval wooden box Castilla y León shield

12.60 €
The square medieval box with the coat of arms of Castilla y León is a magnificent piece made of natural wood. Its design and details make it a unique and exclusive piece that cannot be missing in your home. Hinged at the back, this box makes it easy to open and close, giving you easy access to its contents. In addition, it has a two-piece metal closure...
Trunks and boxes

Medieval box Cross Templars in wood

12.60 €
The medieval wooden Templar Cross box is the perfect accessory for lovers of medieval times and followers of the Order of the Templars. This box is made from high-quality natural wood, giving it a robust and authentic look. One of the best features of this box is its versatility. You can turn it into a jewelry box and store all your pendants, bracelets,...
Trunks and boxes

Wooden box prepared to house 1 katana, 120 cm.

Tole10 Imperial
36.28 €
Are you passionate about katanas and looking for the perfect way to store and display your precious sword? Look no further, because we have the ideal solution for you: the wooden box prepared to house 1 120 cm katana. This wooden box has 2 locks, which guarantees the safety of your katana at all times. In addition, its size is perfect to house a 120 cm...
Handcrafted medieval jewelry box made of authentic bone Handcrafted medieval jewelry box made of authentic bone 2
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Trunks and boxes

Handcrafted medieval jewelry box made of authentic bone

Lord of Battles
20.65 €
Store your treasures with medieval grace in our Handcrafted Authentic Bone Jewelry Box. With dimensions of 14.5x9.5 cm, this jewelry box is more than just a container; It is a functional work of art that evokes the very essence of the medieval era. Every inch of this jewelry box has been meticulously handcrafted from genuine bone, capturing the...
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Medieval Damascene Trunks, Boxes and Pill Boxes: Treasures of the Past

Damascene medieval trunks and boxes are authentic historical jewels that transport us to a time of splendor and elegance. These handcrafted pieces stand out for their exquisite inlaid metal ornamentation and are a testament to the skill of medieval craftsmen. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history and beauty of antique trunks and boxes, which were much more than just containers, but treasures in themselves.

From their use as chests to transport goods to their function as elegant decorative objects, medieval damascened trunks and boxes speak to us of a bygone era full of charm and sophistication. Discover how these pieces have become objects of desire for collectors and history lovers.

The Elegance of Medieval Damascene

Damascene is a craft technique that originated in ancient Damascus and became popular in the Middle Ages. It involves inlaying threads of precious metal, such as gold or silver, into a base metal surface, creating intricate patterns and designs. Damascene medieval trunks and boxes are outstanding examples of this technique and stand out for their beauty and detail.

These pieces were prized for their dual function: not only did they serve as secure containers for storing valuables, but they were also display objects that adorned the palaces and residences of the nobility. Damascene not only added aesthetic value, but also symbolized the luxury and sophistication of medieval times.

The Trunk: Much More Than a Chest

The trunk, in its oldest form, was a closed box-shaped piece of furniture intended for storing personal items and merchandise. Their use dates back to ancient times, but during the Middle Ages, trunks acquired special importance. They were essential for transporting goods in caravans and on long journeys, protecting their contents from the elements and potential thieves.

Over time, trunks not only became symbols of wealth and status, but were also used to tell stories through their decoration and design. Damascene medieval trunks and boxes were works of art in themselves and were inherited from generation to generation, carrying with them the history and prestige of their owners.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medieval Trunks and Boxes

What materials were used to create medieval trunks and boxes?
Medieval trunks and boxes were mainly made of wood, while damascening involved the inlay of precious metals, such as gold and silver.

How were trunks used in the Middle Ages?
Trunks were used to store and transport merchandise, personal items and family treasures. They were essential on long journeys and trade caravans.

What makes damascene so special?
Damascene is a unique technique that creates intricate designs with threads of precious metal embedded in a base metal surface, adding beauty and value to the pieces.

Where can you find medieval damascened chests and boxes today?
These pieces can be found in private collections, art and antique museums, as well as in stores specializing in historical and period objects.

How are old trunks and boxes preserved and restored?
The conservation and restoration of antique trunks and boxes requires the experience of restorers specializing in antique furniture and metal conservation techniques.

What is the historical value of medieval damascened trunks and boxes?
The historical value of these pieces lies in their ability to tell stories and represent the wealth and art of the Middle Ages. They are treasures that connect with a distant and fascinating past.

Discover the Beauty and History of Medieval Trunks and Boxes

Immerse yourself in medieval times through the damascened medieval trunks and boxes. These exceptional pieces bear witness to a time of luxury and sophistication, and each tells its own story. If you are a history lover or avid collector, explore our collection and discover the beauty and authenticity of these treasures from the past.

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