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Decorated Iberian falcata, 64 cms. Decorated Iberian falcata, 64 cms. 2
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Decorated Iberian falcata, 64 cms.

Art Gladius
70.24 €
Are you looking for a unique and decorative piece to add to your collection? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire the decorative Iberian Falcata from Art Gladius. This impressive sword is made in Toledo, Spain, by one of the most recognized houses in the production of weapons and historical replicas. One of the main advantages of this falcata...
Iberian swords

Bronze Iberian Falcata

127.27 €
Discover the Bronze Iberian Falcata, a unique decorative piece made in Toledo-Spain by Marto. Its stainless steel blade and decorated hilt make it a true treasure for lovers of Iberian history and culture. The Bronze Iberian Falcata stands out for its authentic and detailed design, which faithfully reflects the essence of the weapons used by the ancient...
Iberian swords

Silver Iberian Falcata

136.36 €
Discover the elegance and history of the Silver Iberian Falcata, a decorative piece made in Toledo-Spain by Marto. Its stainless steel blade guarantees durability and resistance, while its decorated handle adds a touch of sophistication. This falcata is the result of the craftsmanship and tradition of Toledo, known for its excellence in the manufacture of...

Alexander the Great combat sword (falcata)

Art Gladius
94.87 €
Do you want to have an authentic piece of history in your hands? With the Alexander the Great combat sword with brass and black/gold finishes, you can feel like a true legendary warrior. This sword, manufactured by the renowned Toledo brand Art Gladius, is a unique piece that cannot be missing from your collection. One of the main advantages of this sword...
120.36 €
Discover the spectacular decorative handmade Iberian falcata, with a 60 cm blade. This incredible sword has been handcrafted in Toledo, Spain, by one of the few master craftsmen in existence. Its blade is made of stainless steel, which guarantees its durability and resistance. In addition, its handle is made of Zamak and mother-of-pearl, which gives it a...
functional swords

Falcata Circa Functional

Windlass Steel Crafts
149.63 €
The Celtic-Iberian Falcata Circa 200 BC is an authentic historical treasure forged with high quality by Windlass Steel Crafts. Its 1065 carbon steel blade guarantees exceptional strength and durability. With a total length of 64 cm, this falcata stands out for its impressive 51 cm blade. of length. The weight of 1190 gr. of this falcata offers a perfect...
Iberian swords

Iberian Falcata LARP

Epic Armoury
74.38 €
Are you looking for a high quality Iberian falcata for your LARP games? Do not look any further! We have the perfect skirt for you. Our Epic Armoury LARP Iberian Falcata is the ideal weapon for your adventures on the battlefield. The first thing you'll notice about our falcata is its impressive single-edged curved blade, which has been hand-painted a...
Iberian swords

Falcata Cobra Steel

Windlass Steel Crafts
57.75 €
Discover the Cobra Steel model Falcata from the renowned Windlass Steel Crafts brand, a sword with one of the best designs in history. This sword is essential for lovers of outdoor activities, as it has been specially designed to withstand the most adverse conditions. The blade of the Falcata Cobra Steel is made of high grade X46Cr13 stainless steel, hand...

Latex falcata Battleword series, LARP

Epic Armoury
90.91 €
Discover the Battleworn series latex Falcata from Epic Armoury, a single-edged medium sword that will transport you to the time of the ancient Iberian mercenaries. With a 26-inch blade that combines the shape of an ax and thrust sword, this Falcata gives you the ability to deliver powerful blows as you stab and pummel your enemies like a combat expert....

Latex Falcata sword for LARP, 85 cm.

Epic Armoury
82.64 €
Are you looking for a realistic looking sword for your live role playing games? Do not look any further! The 85 cm Falcata Sword from Epic Armory is the perfect choice for you. This latex medium sword is inspired by the weapons used by ancient Iberian mercenaries, adding a touch of authenticity to your adventures. With a 66 cm blade, the Falcata is...
Decorative handmade Iberian falcata with scabbard, blade... Decorative handmade Iberian falcata with scabbard, blade... 2
  • Pack
213.16 €
Spectacular Iberian falcata made by hand in Toledo, Spain, by one of the few master craftsmen that exist. Stainless steel blade and Zamak and mother-of-pearl handle. Includes high quality embossed leather scabbard. This falcata-type sword is from the primitive settlers of the Iberian Peninsula. It is therefore a reproduction of a tool of our ancestors. We...
Functional handmade Iberian falcata with scabbard, blade... Functional handmade Iberian falcata with scabbard, blade... 2
  • Pack
333.90 €
Functional Iberian falcata sword made in Toledo, Spain. It is a sword ready for combat and made in Toledo by the master gunsmith JL Rubio, one of the few factories that has the 'Made in Toledo' seal. The blade is forged in carbon steel and tempered by hand. Includes embossed leather scabbard ready to hang on the belt. The handle is riveted wood. We also...
127.98 €
Go into battle with style and power with the Falcata sword, an authentic weapon of war used by Iberian and Celtic warriors in the 4th and 3rd century BC. what you need to be prepared for any confrontation. The Falcata resembles the famous Greek Kopis sword and the fearsome Khukri of Nepal, demonstrating its efficient and lethal design. With a blade made...

Iberian falcata with brass handle and scabbard (69 cm.)

Lord of Battles
165.28 €
Our skilled artisans have painstakingly HANDCRAFTED this decorative sword from HARD CARBON STEEL, making it last for years. The historically inspired horse-shaped handle is fashioned from PURE SOLID BRASS. The total length of this sword (including the handle) is approx. 27.1 inches. The scabbard on this sword is HANDMADE from GENUINE BUFF LEATHER and...
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Iberian swords represent an invaluable legacy of the ancient Iberian Peninsula, a sublime mix of art and war that reflects the mastery of the Celtic and Iberian peoples in iron forging. These weapons, known for their elegance and lethality, have left an indelible mark on history. In this article, we will explore some of the most prominent types of Iberian swords and their unique characteristics.

Iberian Falcata: Elegance in Curves

The Falcata, which dates back to the 5th century BC, is an Iberian sword whose curved and asymmetric blade makes it unmistakable. Its design allows for a balanced center of gravity and an effective cutting point near the tip, making it a powerful weapon.

The Iberians, passionate about the aesthetic appearance of their weapons, decorated the blades with intricate engravings, often using damascene techniques or silver thread cutting. The hooked hilt, sometimes attached to the blade by a full guard, and the pommel shaped like a horse's head or griffin added a touch of uniqueness to this sword.

The Téne or Celtic Sword: The Horror of the Romans

Named after Iron Age Celtic culture, the La Téne sword was feared for its ability to inflict horrific wounds on its enemies. With a straight double-edged blade and a length of 70-90 cm, it was a cutting sword at a time when sharp weapons predominated.

Its peculiar handle, which resembled a simplified human figure, added a touch of art to its functionality.

Gladius Hispaniensis: The Roman Legacy

The Gladius Hispaniensis, named by the Romans, caused both fear and fascination in them. This sword was the evolution of the Celtic La Téne and became the standard weapon of the Roman army.

With a shorter blade of 50 to 70 cm, its anatomical handle carved from wood, bone or ivory provided optimal grip. The spherical knob and brass forend completed its functional and stylized design.

Treasures of Antiquity

Iberian swords are a fascinating testimony to the skill and creativity of the ancient Celts and Iberians in iron forging. From the Falcata to La Téne and the Gladius Hispaniensis, each of these swords tells a unique story and offers a window into the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Falcata Sword: A Symbol of Iberian Culture

The Falcata sword is a true symbol of Iberian culture. Next, we will explore its main properties and what makes it so characteristic and unique compared to other swords.


Although it is known as Falcata, we do not know what the ancient warriors called it. The term "Falcata" was invented by Fernando Fulgosio in the 19th century in reference to the shape of its leaf, which resembles a hawk or a sickle.

Shape and Features

The Falcata has a curved and asymmetrical blade with a single edge. Its contour rotates concavely before receding back to the axis of symmetry of the tip, giving strength to each cut without losing balance.

The hilt, small and designed for one hand, is usually offset to one side with respect to the axis of the sword, allowing a hook-like grip.

These swords were made with iron ore of the highest purity. Its flexibility was so good that armorers tested its quality by bending the sword over their heads until the tip and hilt touched their respective shoulders. If the sword returned to its original shape when released, it was considered perfect.

The shape, layout and material of the Falcata made it an excellent cutting weapon, and some even had a counter edge, which suggests its occasional use as a thrust weapon.

Armor and Additional Equipment

Warriors who wielded the Falcata preferred to wear little or no armor to maintain their agility and freedom of movement. They wore short tunics, capes, wool or linen trouser legs, greaves, and leather or bronze armbands. Some, depending on their economic position, opted for breastplates and helmets made of leather, hardened fabric or metal.

They stood out for their skill in the use of shields, which could be round (caetra) or oblong (scutum), making their skill in handling these weapons a strong point in their defense.


The Iberian Falcata is characterized by having a pommel in the shape of a horse's head or griffin on its handles, which added a distinctive touch to this sword.

It is notable that the Iberian Falcata found in ancient tombs are carefully folded and unusable, suggesting that the warriors preferred to die rather than surrender and hand over their beloved weapons.

Explore the History of Iberian Swords

Iberian swords are much more than weapons; They are works of art and witnesses of a bygone era. Immerse yourself in the history of these iconic swords and discover the mastery of the ancient artisans of the Iberian Peninsula.

Explore the cultural wealth of Iberian swords and immerse yourself in the history of the Iberian Peninsula!

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