Medieval knocker ring for chest or door (5.5 cm.) Medieval knocker ring for chest or door (5.5 cm.) 2
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5.98 €
This medieval knocker is a handcrafted piece of steel with a diamond-shaped plate and a riveted clamp that holds a ring. Perfect for adding an authentic touch to your chest, door or drawer. The hasp has been carefully crafted from steel and is varnished black for added durability. This knocker is a replica of historical objects and is ideal for lovers of...

Medieval knocker large ring front door

16.49 €
The large ring medieval knocker is the perfect addition to the front door of your home. Its handcrafted design in black powder-coated wrought iron gives it a truly medieval look. In addition, its large size gives presence and character to your entrance. This knocker is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also durable and strong. Made by Mythrojan, a...
21.48 €
Do you want to add a rustic medieval touch to your castle gate? Then this doorknocker is perfect for you! Hand forged from strong iron, this elegant piece combines function and style into one. Designed to catch the eye of all who pass through your door, this knocker boasts a medieval appeal that is sure to stand out in your well-adorned castle. Its size...
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Cast iron Roman and medieval door knocker (18.6 cm.)

House of Warfare
61.98 €
Are you looking to add a touch of authenticity and elegance to your home or property? Then you can't miss this amazing solid cast iron Roman and medieval door knocker with the face of a lion. With a diameter of 18.6 cm, this knocker is a real treasure for those who appreciate the aesthetics of the Roman and medieval times. Handcrafted by skilled artisans,...

Wrought iron lion door knocker

Mystic Colonial Hardware
35.02 €
Give your home a touch of class with our elegant cast iron knocker! Measuring 5-inches x 9-inches x 4-inches and screws included, this knocker allows you to personalize your door in simple yet sophisticated ways. Made with authentic cast iron, our knocker is the result of centuries-old techniques that guarantee its durability and reliability. Forget...

Leon door knocker in wrought iron (15.2x8.8 cm.)

Mystic Colonial Hardware
16.49 €
Give your home a touch of elegance and personality with the Puerta León knocker in wrought iron! This magnificent piece of elegant design, with the figure of a lion on its head, will completely transform the appearance of your door. Here we present the features that make this Door Knocker an exceptional choice: Elegant Design: The lion head design brings...

Medieval wrought iron door bay window

Mystic Colonial Hardware
20.62 €
If you are a lover of the Middle Ages or simply want to give your home an authentic medieval touch, our Medieval Wrought Iron Door Gazebo, hand forged by the expert artisans at Mystic Colonial Hardware in wrought iron, is an essential accessory that will not you can ignore. Let's take a look at what makes this viewpoint so exceptional: HIGH QUALITY...

Medieval baroque owl style knocker, cast iron

Mystic Colonial Hardware
24.09 €
Explorer of charm and distinction, I present to you the majestic Baroque Owl Style Medieval Knocker, forged in cast iron to elevate the attractiveness and security of your home! Notable features that make this knocker a treasure: Baroque owl style: This knocker is not simply an accessory, it is a work of art. With a majestic design inspired by the world...

Medusa head style circular medieval knocker

Mystic Colonial Hardware
24.75 €
Welcome to the mysterious and unique charm of the Medusa Head Style Circular Medieval Knocker! This piece of wrought iron invites you to add a touch of elegance to the entrance of your home with an aura of mysticism and distinction. Features that make this knocker a treasure worth admiring: Unique Medusa Head Style: Inspired by mythology, this knocker...

Traditional classic style knocker (20.3 x 8.6 cm.)

Mystic Colonial Hardware
18.02 €
Step into timeless elegance with the Classic Style Traditional Knocker. This piece, with its timeless charm, will add a touch of class to the entrance of your home. Features that define its attractiveness: Timeless Classic Style: This knocker is distinguished by its timeless and elegant design, which fits a wide range of architectural styles. Its classic...

Cast iron knocker grape cluster design

Mystic Colonial Hardware
28.64 €
Step into charm and distinction with the Grape Cluster Design Cast Iron Door Knocker! This piece is not only functional, but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the entrance of your home. Features that define its unique appeal: Nature Inspired Design: The engraved grape cluster design on this door knocker reflects the natural beauty and...
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Medieval Forge Door Knockers: Elegance and Authenticity for Your Door

The charm of the medieval era can be revived in your home with the right touch. Our medieval forge door knockers are the perfect choice for those who want to give their door an authentic feel and a unique style. Discover our unique and artisanal designs that will transport you to an era full of elegance and exquisite details. Don't wait any longer to give your home a medieval touch!

Artisanal Forge for a Unique Touch

Forge is an ancient art that has endured throughout history, and our medieval forge door knockers are the result of this tradition. Each of our knockers is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who strive to create unique designs that reflect the authenticity of the medieval era. From ornate details to rustic finishes, our knockers offer a variety of options to suit your style.

Elegance and Functionality in One Product

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, our medieval forge door knockers are also functional and durable. The high-quality forge ensures that these knockers will withstand the test of time and function efficiently on your door. Don't sacrifice functionality for style when you can have both with our medieval forge door knockers.

Curious Questions

  • What makes medieval forge door knockers different from conventional ones?

    Our medieval forge door knockers stand out for their artisanal design and details that evoke the medieval era.

  • What is the importance of artisanal forge in creating these knockers?

    Artisanal forge allows for the creation of unique and authentic designs that reflect the elegance of the medieval era.

  • What types of designs and finishes are available in medieval forge door knockers?

    We offer a variety of designs, from ornate details to rustic finishes, to satisfy your stylistic preferences.

  • Are these knockers just for decoration or are they also functional?

    Our medieval forge door knockers are both elegant and functional, ensuring that your door is secure and stylish.

  • What makes these knockers a special choice for lovers of medieval history and architecture?

    These knockers allow lovers of history and architecture to immerse themselves in the charm of the medieval era and add an authentic touch to their home.

  • Can I install these knockers on any type of door?

    Our medieval forge door knockers are versatile and can be installed on a variety of doors to add a medieval touch to your home.

Transform your door and give your home a unique medieval touch with our medieval forge door knockers!