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West revolvers


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Peacemaker revolver model designed by S. Colt, USA 1873. It is a replica Zamak and grip wood handles. The revolver is 5 1/2 inches.

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Stir the confederates designed by Griswold & Gunnison in the US. This replica is from 1860 and is made of zamak, it measures 35 cm long and weighs 1022 grams. The mechanism is functioning as the trigger and the...
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We have a wide range of replica Western Revolvers ready for immediate dispatch. The best simulated revolvers Colt .45, Peacemaker, Smith & Wesson and more you will find here in our store-medieval.

How is the Western Revolver of the west

The western revolver is a type of pistol that is characterized by having the ammunition arranged in a barrel, more commonly known as a drum. The difference with the pistol is that the latter usually carries the ammunition housed in a magazine. It was originally used in the old American West (Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri or California).

The Colt 45 revolver

It is undoubtedly the most famous revolver of the time, the Colt 45 or Peacemaker (Colt Single Action Army). It began to be manufactured in 1873 at the Hartford factory in Connecticut, USA and later became popular in the Wild West and currently in Hollywood movies.


single action

They require thumb cocking before the trigger is pulled for them to fire

double action

They can shoot in two ways:

  • Cocking before pulling the trigger trigger
  • Pulling the trigger of the trigger without cocking it first.

Despiece Colt 45. Año 1839

creator of the western revolver

The first revolver pistol was built by Elisha Collier for the English Army in 1814 and the barrel had to be rotated by hand. In 1835, when Samuel Colt patented the first modern five-shot, single-action, 36-caliber revolver, extremely in an anchor-raising mechanism that slowed down during a sea voyage.

The revolver's rapid rate of fire, compared to single-shot pistols of the time, immediately made it popular throughout the world.

Lavandera con blusa medieval
samuel colt

Non-functional rev replicas

All the replica revolvers that you will find in our online store do not have a projectile projection mechanism. These are decorative replicas whose action mechanism works but the barrel is clogged. They are also metal replicas, which simulate the weight of the real ones, but in no case can they be tricked or become functional.

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