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Functional sword of Captain Pirata. The handle has a beautifully aged brass finish. The blade is made of tempered steel with a high carbon content. Includes leather sheath.
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Sword Toledo model Arming with a blade forged in stainless steel. For this model there is the possibility of adquirila with a sheath of leather to measure.
Sword in Milan of the FIFTEENTH century carried out by hand with a blade of 87 cm. tempered in oil, and the trim on the knob. The guard and pommel are forged in steel and the hilt is wrapped in steel wire. Includes...
Viking sword with scabbard Carolingian functional. It is not suitable for combat or training and is intended for collectors. Handmade. Tempered steel blade with a hardness of 48 ° HRC. Developed from the Roman Spatha...
Dybeck Viking sword with steel blade forged one-piece carbon riveted to the pommel. The guard and pommel are decorated and finished with brass. Based on the original that was found in southern Sweden and can be seen...
Viking sword Hurum model with blade made of carbon steel EN-45 and wooden handle covered in leather. The pod is made of wood covered with leather. The blade is pointed, so it is not recommended for the fight./ p>
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Sword Toledo model Daguesse with a blade forged in stainless steel. The sword is decorated with a fleur-de-lys on the knob. For this model there is the possibility of adquirila with a sheath of leather to measure.
Viking sword Hedmark model. It is a replica of the Norwegian sword dating from the 9th century. The original sword is in the Historical Cultural Museum of Oslo. The blade of the sword is double-edged, NOT sharp, with...
This sword belonged to the noble Gauls of the La Tene period, which corresponds to the last years before the Roman occupation. With this sword model the Gauls fought against the legions of Caesar. WildebeestThis...
Rapier sword model Pappenheimer, replica of the original 17th century model. It has the name of Marshal Gottfried Heinrich zu Pappenheim, with an experience of more than 30 years in the army. The blade of the steel...
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The design of this Rapiera was quite popular in the late SIXTEENTH century and early SEVENTEENTH centuries. This model is forged by hand by expert craftsmen of Windlass Steelcrafts and has a sheet of steel with a high...
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