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Roman belts

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Roman belt, cingulum, made of bovine leather with a thickness of about 2 mm and strips of 3.5 cm wide each, decorated with studs. Long belt suitable for measurements between 85 and 115 centimeters. For higher long...

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Belt made of leather Roman general 1.8-2 mm thick and adorned with studs and end of each strip with a lion's head and on each side a pair of rings to turn the sword. Width Cnt buckle 6, and each strip 8 Cnt....
Belt of a Legionary Roman, also called a 'Cingulum'. It is a belt inspired belt, military used by roman soldiers of high rank. The five plates of leather pendants and the metal fittings of the Belt-Roman to protect...
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A wide belt of Roman Gladiator that offers great protection in the Sand. Crafted in premium leather with a distressed finish, is adjusted by means of the three straps with buckles of brass. Features:Size S/M: fits...
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