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Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Tombo by John Lee Katana Tombo by John Lee 2
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Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Tombo by John Lee

John Lee
393.00 €
The John Lee Katana Tombo is an exceptional sword that will transport you to the time of the samurai. Its sharp blade is made of 1095 carbon steel, in a Shobo zukuri style that is characterized by a fluid transition to the tip and a fuller body (bo-hi). But what really makes this sword unique is its incredible details. Themed decorations give it an...
Katana Hana by John Lee Katana Hana by John Lee 2
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Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Hana by John Lee

John Lee
238.40 €
Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and beauty with the John Lee Hana Katana. The theme of this sword is flowers in gold and silver tones. These floral decorative elements can be found on both the scabbard and the ornate tsuba. The rest of the embellishments follow this theme as well, creating a truly unique work of art. Sharp blade, hand forged in...
Standard exercise Katanas

Katana practices XL series

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
338.79 €
Do you want to enter the exciting world of Japanese martial arts? Then you need the practical Katana XL series, an authentic jewel that will transport you to the time of the samurai and will allow you to train like a true warrior. This katana is made by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), a renowned brand specializing in the creation of traditional Japanese weapons....

Katana Plus for practices

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
435.39 €
The Practice Katana Plus is the perfect weapon for those looking to hone their martial arts skills. Designed by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), this katana features a carbon steel blade differentially forged and hardened using the traditional claying method, ensuring its strength and durability. One of the most prominent features of this katana is its sori,...

Practice Shinobi Ninja Katana (Black Handle)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
314.99 €
Discover the Katana Shinobi Ninja for practices, the perfect weapon for fans of the Ninja path. This katana is designed with a carbon steel blade forged by hand, using the traditional claying method to harden it and guarantee its durability. Also, all the fittings on this katana are black in color, giving it an aged and mysterious look. One of the most...

Katana practices special

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
306.59 €
Discover the special practice Katana of the renowned brand Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen). This impressive sword is designed to offer you an unmatched practice experience. Its blade is forged in high carbon steel, which guarantees its durability and resistance. In addition, its lightness and excellent manageability will allow you to make precise and fluid...
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Hanwei Tactical Katana

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
241.49 €
Are you looking for a high quality tactical katana? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing the Hanwei Tactical Katana, a sword that combines Japanese tradition with modern functionality. The first thing you should know is that this katana is made by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), a brand renowned for its exceptional...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Shikoto Longquan Master Teal Katana, Hand Forged

United Cutlery
432.59 €
Can you imagine having in your hands the same weapon that a warrior used more than 2,500 years ago? With the Shikoto Longquan Master Teal Katana, you will be able to experience the excitement and power of carrying a sword forged by hand, with ancient techniques used by smiths from the Bronze Age. The blade of this katana is made of 1060 carbon steel, a...

Iaito Tori Cas Hanwei, 29 inches

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
547.39 €
The 29-inch Tori Cas Hanwei Iaito is the perfect weapon for the discerning Iaido practitioner. Its elegant and sophisticated design will make you stand out in every training and demonstration. One of the standout features of this Iaito is its crane-inspired tsuba. This beautiful piece not only adds a touch of class to the weapon, but also provides a...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Functional katana for practices

Jiri Krondak
300.00 €
Do you want to enter the exciting world of Japanese fencing? Then our functional Practice Katana is perfect for you. With a blade forged in carbon steel and a hilt covered in leather, this katana stands out for its quality and durability. The blade of this katana measures 69 cm, providing you with the perfect balance between ease of handling and cutting...

Katana John Lee model Hannya

John Lee
343.50 €
Katana John Lee model Hannya. It is a masterpiece of Asian forging. Characteristic: The blades of the swords are hand forged from 1095 carbon steel. The sharp blades have traditionally been differentially hardened as a result of the application of clay and have an original Hamon line. Hardness: 60 HRC to the ha and 40 HRC to the mune The wooden grips...

Sharp Katana Damaso Steel Honshu Boshin

United Cutlery
270.00 €
Sharp Damaso Steel Honshu Boshin Katana. The Honshu Boshin Damascus Katana melds tradition and innovation to produce a masterpiece of modern sword design. The Boshin is not an ordinary Katana. Trading traditional trappings for sleek, contemporary styling, the cutting-edge Boshin is an undeniably modern weapon. The 30-inch long Damascus steel blade has...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Musashi Kazara by John Lee

John Lee
278.40 €
Katana Musashi Kazara by John Lee with a specially sharpened Damascus blade made of 12-layer 1045 carbon steel with more than 8,000 layers. Shinogi-Zukuri style blade with fillet (Bo-Hi) with integrated hamon line. In this special version the Tsuba is additionally decorated with fine gold inlays and the other parts are also elegantly decorated. Black...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana John Lee model Goemon

John Lee
286.40 €
Katana John Lee model Goemon. The tsuba shows, among others, Goemon being executed by a woodcut by Toyokuni Ichiyoai. Among other reasons, his name can also be found in the Fuchi in Japanese letters. Characteristic: Sharp blade made of 9260 carbon spring steel (not stainless), suitable for cutting tests. Blade in Unokubi-Zukuri style. Hand-painted tsuba...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Midnight Forge Double Edge Honshu Katana, Special Edition

United Cutlery
186.75 €
We present you the Midnight Forge double-edged Honshu katana, special edition. It just made sense for Honshu to add this sword to their Midnight Forge line, as the original version has been a huge hit with sword aficionados. This katana has the same dimensions as the original Boshin double-edged katana, but it stands out for its black color from the...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Bamboo Stick of Hanwei (99.7 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
596.39 €
The Hanwei Bamboo Katana Stick is a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship that combines elegance and functionality. Its unique design, with an ingeniously carved bamboo scabbard and handle, makes it a unique and exclusive piece. But don't be fooled by its delicate appearance, this katana is designed to be a true combat weapon. Its blade (nagasa) has been...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Hanwei Pro Practice Katana (116.2 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
435.39 €
Hanwei's Pro Practice Katana is the perfect sword for those looking for an inexpensive yet high quality option for their heavy targets. With a blade constructed from high carbon steel that is hand forged and differentially hardened using a traditional clay method, this sword guarantees durability and strength. One of the outstanding features of the...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Raptor, Shinogi Zukuri, by Hanwei (102.2 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
418.59 €
The Hanwei Raptor Shinogi-Zukuri Katana is the perfect sword for those who want to practice and perfect their cutting technique. Designed specifically for cutting, this Japanese sword features a blade forged from 5160 carbon steel that is highly resistant and tolerant of misdirected cuts. One of the most notable advantages of this katana is its edge...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Iga Ninja-To to practice Ninjutsu (83.8 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
475.99 €
Are you passionate about ninja history and Ninjutsu? Then you can not miss the opportunity to acquire the Iga Ninja-To . A sword designed to commemorate the legendary ninja warriors of the Kouga and Iga clans of feudal Japan. The Iga Ninja-To stands out for its blade forged in high carbon steel, differentially tempered and tempered to an edge hardness of...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Hanwei snake katana (116 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
491.39 €
Lovers of Japanese swords, I present to you the impressive Snake Katana! This masterfully forged samurai sword features a wavy hamon and beautifully etched snake motifs on the tsuka, fuchi and tsuba, making it a must-have for any collector. The Snake Katana comes with a one-of-a-kind decorative saya, which makes it even more impressive. And to protect and...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Katana Dragonfly, Unokubi Zukuri from TaoForge (102.4 cm.)

297.25 €
Discover the strength and elegance of the Ronin class Unser Dragonfly Katana - Unokubi Zukuri, forged from 1060 steel. The blade has been honed to a sharp edge and forged in the Unokubi Zukuri style, which is derived from the Naginata and has been carried over to other weapons, such as the Katana. The shape of the blade makes it lighter and perfect for...
Intermediate practice Katanas

Functional Katana Akito by Böker

120.00 €
Discover Böker's functional Akito katana, the perfect weapon to unleash your warrior spirit! This true functional sword is ideal not only for katas and iaito, but also for temeshigiri, the cutting tests! Thanks to its clay-treated 1045 carbon steel blade, the Akito offers exceptional quality, sharpness and durability, with a true hamon that enhances its...
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This intermediate line of practice katanas offers more than just the “standard practice” line in terms of blade type, some of the Koshirae finishes, and added accessories. The middle line is equipped with blades treated with selective hardened clay and visible Hamon (not artificial), or with folded steel similar to Damascus. This line is produced exclusively for the practice of martial arts and offers:

Perfectly Balanced Blade

The katanas of this line are designed with a perfectly balanced blade that guarantees precise and efficient handling during martial arts practice. The careful selection of materials and manufacturing techniques ensures exceptional performance with every stroke and movement.

High Level Finishes

The Koshirae of these katanas has high-level finishes that not only improve aesthetics, but also durability and functionality. The copper Seppa, Habaki and Shitodome provide additional strength and a touch of authenticity to each katana, while the genuine leather Tsukagawa provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Exquisite Details

Each katana in this line features exquisite details in its design, such as the Tsuba, the Fuchi and the Kashira, made with a more complex process that highlights the beauty and elegance of these weapons. These elements are not only functional but also a work of art in themselves, elevating the user experience to a higher level.

If you are looking for a superior quality katana for your intermediate martial arts practice, this line is the ideal choice. With their exceptional balance, high-level finishes and meticulous attention to detail, these katanas will give you a unique and authentic experience.

Frequent questions

  • Are these katanas suitable for advanced martial arts practice?
    Yes, although they are designed mainly for intermediate practice, their quality makes them suitable for advanced practices.
  • How are these katanas maintained?
    It is recommended to keep them clean and dry after each use and apply oil regularly to prevent rust.
  • Can I customize the Koshirae of my katana?
    Some aspects can be customized. Check with the manufacturer for options.
  • Are these katanas suitable for display?
    Yes, the high quality finishes make them ideal for displays and collections.
  • What is the difference between folded Damascus-like steel and visible Hamon?
    Bent steel has a wave pattern on the blade, while visible Hamon is a more visible line pattern created during the hardening process.
  • What warranty do these katanas offer?
    Warranty varies by manufacturer, be sure to check the terms before purchasing.

In short, the intermediate practice katanas in this line represent excellence in Japanese sword craftsmanship. With their unmatched quality and meticulous details, they will help you reach your full martial arts potential. Get yours and take your training to the next level!

Discover more about our intermediate practice katanas in our store and choose the one that best suits your style and needs!

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