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Functional ax throwing fight manufactured in carbon steel and leather handle. The ax is a tool with a metal blade securely fixed to a wooden handle ax typical use is for cutting but in the past was used as a weapon of...

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The axe of the Faction of the Chaos of Epic Armoury is an axe mortal of 110 cm designed for skillful hands. Has a head of 36 cm, with a claw curve and a point for a fight versatile. The head is hand painted to look...

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Axe knight for children. It is made of EVA rubber. Perfect as a gift for young warriors. The EVA rubber is a material that is completely safe and perfect for children. It is a thermoplastic material, flexible,...
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Head axe German gift design inspired by the axe used in the FIFTEENTH century. The head is produced in mild steel (low carbon). Does not include the handle of wood. Traits: Inner diameter: 20 cm Outside diameter: 20 cm
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