Swords Jian

Swords Jian

Jian sword, Damascus steel

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
540.39 €
Are you looking for a sword that combines the elegance and tradition of the ancient Chinese sword art? Then the Cass Hanwei Jian Sword is perfect for you. This sword is handcrafted from Damascus steel, giving it exceptional quality and strength. The blade of this sword is meticulously forged and balanced, making it an efficient and precise fighting tool....
Swords Jian

jian sword

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
418.59 €
Are you looking for a sword of high quality and exceptional design? Then look no further, because the Jian Sword from the house of Hanwei is the perfect choice for you. Designed by the renowned martial arts specialist, Scott Rodell, this sword combines tradition and excellence in a single product. One of the most prominent advantages of this sword is its...
Swords Jian

Jian sword with scabbard

163.30 €
Discover the majesty of the Jian Sword with scabbard! This Chinese sword is a true work of art, with a 75 cm blade. in hard stainless steel that guarantees its durability and resistance. Its red cord handle gives it a touch of elegance and authenticity. One of the advantages of this sword is its light weight of only 650 grams, which makes it easy to...
Swords Jian

Wushu Flexible Long Sword

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
196.83 €
The flexible Wushu long sword is the answer to the requests of Wushu practitioners who were looking for a sword with ultra-flexible blades. Hanwei, a renowned sword manufacturing house, has developed this model that meets all expectations. One of the main advantages of this sword is its spring steel blade, which tapers to almost paper thickness at the...
functional swords

Tai Chi sword for practice

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
170.48 €
Discover the Tai Chi Sword for practices, the perfect weapon for lovers of martial arts. This sword, made by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), is designed to offer you a unique and high quality training experience. One of the main advantages of this sword is its strength and durability. It is equipped with steel protections that guarantee its integrity during the...
Swords Jian

Jian short sword, LARP

Epic Armoury
61.98 €
Discover the Jian short sword, the best option for your LARP combat. Inspired by the classic Chinese sword that has been used for over 2,500 years, this sword combines traditional design with the best features to ensure exceptional performance in every battle. One of the most outstanding advantages of this sword is its hand-painted blade in a stunning...
functional swords

Functional Gim Chinese Sword

Cold Steel
453.59 €
Discover the Gim Functional Chinese Sword, the perfect weapon for collectors and lovers of Chinese martial arts. This sword features a blade forged from 1060 carbon steel and expertly treated, ensuring exceptional quality and resistance. One of the great advantages of this sword is its sharpness, which will allow you to master all your combat techniques...
Swords Jian

Jian Swallow Greatsword

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
411.59 €
The Jian Swallow model Mandoble is the perfect sword for those looking for a versatile and high quality tool for the practice of martial arts. With the possibility of using it with one hand or with both hands, this sword adapts to your needs and gives you the right balance for precise and efficient handling. One of the main advantages of this Mandoble is...
Swords Jian

Chinese Hsu Jian Sword for Tai Chi

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
275.99 €
Do you want to improve your Tai Chi skills? Then you need the Chinese Hsu Jian Sword for martial arts. This sword, made by Hanwei, is perfect for practicing Tai Chi and improving your technique. One of the main advantages of this sword is its high-quality carbon steel blade. This guarantees its durability and resistance, allowing you to practice for a...
Swords Jian

Shaolin Jian Buddhist Sword

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
435.39 €
Discover the authentic Buddhist Shaolin Jian Sword, directly from the shaolin temple in China. This sword has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, using a forged high carbon steel blade, which has been heat treated and polished to ensure strength and durability. One of the most outstanding features of this sword is its center of gravity,...
Swords Jian

Two-handed Chinese Jian Hsu Sword

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
306.59 €
Discover the Jian Hsu Chinese Sword with two hands, an authentic jewel of oriental culture that will transport you to bygone times. This sword, made by Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen), stands out for its impeccable quality and traditional design. One of the main advantages of this sword is its great handling. Thanks to its length of 124.5 cm and its weight of 907...
Swords Jian

Jian Shaolin, steel finish

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
321.99 €
Discover the Jian Shaolin sword, a masterpiece created by Hanwei with the express authorization of the Shaolin Temple. This sword fuses the philosophical principles of Zen with the physical form of the Kung Fu Jian, representing the perfect union between philosophy and martial arts. The design of the Jian Shaolin sword is simple yet elegant, embodying the...
Swords Jian

Shaolin Hunyuan Sword of Hanwei (121.3 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
1,916.59 €
Get ready to feel the strength and beauty of the Hun Yuan Shaolin Sword! This impressive Jian Saber is a true treasure for any martial artist looking for a fully functional and beautifully designed weapon. The Paduak wood handle, combined with a carefully sculpted nickel silver pommel and guard, make this saber a work of art. The central design of the...
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Jian swords, also known as "straight-bladed swords," are iconic treasures of Chinese culture that have endured through the centuries. Since the Zhou Dynasty in 1050-256 BC, these double-edged swords have been an integral part of Chinese history and represent a combination of art, skill and tradition. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history and characteristics of Jian swords.

Millennial Origins of Jian Swords

Jian swords have a history dating back more than 2,500 years, during the Zhou Dynasty. During this era, these swords were considered symbols of status and honor, and were only used by the nobility and the most skilled warriors. Their straight blade and double-edged design made them versatile and lethal weapons in expert hands.

The making of Jian swords became a refined art, with master swordsmiths spending years perfecting their techniques. These swords were prized not only for their functionality on the battlefield, but also for their aesthetic beauty and importance in ritual ceremonies.

Unique Features of Jian Swords

Jian swords are known for their unique characteristics that distinguish them from other swords in the world. Some of these features include:

  • Straight blade and double edge: Unlike many other swords that have curved blades, Jian swords have a straight blade that gives them an elegant appearance and great precision in cutting.
  • Ring-shaped guard: The circular guard near the handle not only protects the user's hand, but also allows great versatility in combat techniques.
  • Long, Balanced Handle: The long handle of Jian swords allows for precise and balanced control, making them effective weapons for both close combat and defense.
  • High-quality materials: Traditionally, Jian sword blades were made of high-quality steel, and their manufacturing involved tempering and folding processes to increase their strength and durability.

The Cultural Significance of Jian Swords

Jian swords have deep cultural significance in China. Throughout history, they have been associated with virtue, discipline, and skill. These swords were often presented as gifts to dignitaries and were considered symbols of honor and loyalty.

In addition to their importance in warfare and nobility, Jian swords also played an essential role in Chinese martial arts, where they became tools for meditation and self-discipline.

Discover the Jian Swords: Treasures of Chinese History

Jian swords continue to be admired for their elegance and craftsmanship today. His legacy lives on in Chinese culture and in the world of martial arts. Explore more about these iconic swords and delve into their history and cultural significance.

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