Lunettes medieval XIV century Lunettes medieval XIV century 2
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Lunettes medieval XIV century

Marshal Historical
10.74 €
Lunettes medieval with a design based on that used during the S. XIV. Designed to protect the armpits, as part of a harness of plate armor. The set includes 2 bezels and 2 laces. The diameter of 9,65 mm
65.98 €
Take authentic medieval history with you with our pair of 15th Century Gothic Plate Armor Besagues! These impressive besagues are based on those found in Germany in the year 1472 AD, so we are talking about a piece of great historical value. Made of 1.2 mm steel. thick, they are resistant and durable, perfect to complement your plate armor. We include a...
Shoulder pads

Pair of medieval Besagues for armor, 15th century

Battle Merchant
21.23 €
Unleash the power of authentic medieval protection with our pair of late medieval Besagues! In the turbulent 15th century, the need for defense rose to new heights, and it is in that context that these fascinating pieces come to life. Made from 1.2mm (18 gauge) steel, these Besagues are not only a masterpiece of defensive engineering, but also a visual...
185.98 €
Medieval gorget with shoulder pads with a design inspired by the models used during the 14th century. This wearable, articulated reconstruction of late medieval plate armor for the neck (gorget) and shoulders/upper arms (shoulders, sometimes spelled pouldrons or powldrons) is hand forged from 1. 6mm thick. The shoulder pads have steel rondels (so-called...
Shoulder pads

Medieval shoulder pads with armpit protection, S. XIV

Lord of Battles
74.37 €
The medieval shoulder pads with armpit protection S. XIV are the perfect accessory for those who love historical re-enactment or tournaments. These shoulder pads are meticulously handcrafted from heavy-duty 16-gauge mild steel, ensuring durability and strength. One of the main advantages of these shoulder pads is their functionality. They are fully...
140.41 €
Discover medieval grandeur with the Galahad Shoulder Pads, a true tribute to nobility and freedom of movement! Imagine carrying a pair of towering backs, equipped with knifebreakers and besagews on each side. The Galahad Shoulder Pads are a masterpiece made to give you a unique experience on the battlefield. Let me take you through the features that make...
Shoulder pads

Medieval shoulder pads with bucklers

Lord of Battles
105.78 €
The Lord of Battles brand medieval shoulder pads with bucklers are the perfect complement to the ideal knight's outfit. These shoulder pads are handcrafted from 16 gauge MILD STEEL making them a fully functional accessory for real life combat. But that's not all, when combined with a well-designed pair of rondels, they provide additional underarm...
Shoulder pads

Medieval steel roundels, with leather straps

Lord of Battles
19.00 €
Get ready to immerse yourself in medieval authenticity with these Steel Rondelas, complete with leather straps, an essential accessory for any brave warrior like you! Features that highlight its authenticity and functionality: Durable steel construction: These rings have been created with durable steel, providing true protection. Its resistance guarantees...
Shoulder pads

14th century light round shoulder pads

Lord of Battles
41.31 €
The 14th century light round shoulder pads are exactly what you need to complete your medieval armour! These shoulder pads are meticulously HAND-MADE from the strongest 16 gauge MILD STEEL, ensuring exceptional protection on the battlefield. Its thick GENUINE leather edges not only add a touch of authenticity, but also reinforce Rondell's rounded plate...
Pair of Gothic Besagues in steel, late 15th century Pair of Gothic Besagues in steel, late 15th century 2
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50.98 €
Enter the late Middle Ages with this authentic pair of Gothic steel Besagues, a jewel that evokes the protection and splendor of the European knights of the 15th century. Find out why these pieces are essential for your armor collection: Maximum Protection: Made from 1.6mm thick steel, these besagews are robust and durable, designed to protect vulnerable...
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Besagues, also known as besagews, are pieces of armor designed to protect the elbow joints. These defenses are a vital part of medieval armor, providing both protection and mobility to warriors on the battlefield.

Origins and Evolution

Besagues have their roots in the plate armor of the Middle Ages, where joint protection was essential for survival in combat. Initially, they were made as simple metal plates attached to the warrior's chain mail or harness. Over time, they evolved to be more ergonomic and offer greater mobility without sacrificing safety.

Design and Operation

The design of the besagues varies depending on the era and style of armor. They typically consist of curved metal plates that fit around the elbow and are secured with straps or hinges. These plates are designed to disperse the impact of blows in combat, thus protecting the warrior's vital joints.

Importance in Battle

In medieval battle, besagues played a crucial role in protecting one of the most vulnerable areas of the warrior's body: the elbows. By guaranteeing the integrity of these joints, besagues allowed combatants to engage in hand-to-hand combat with greater confidence and security.

Decoration and Personalization

In addition to their practical function, besagues were also occasionally used as a canvas for artistic expression. Many times, they were decorated with engravings, enamels or even inscriptions that reflected the identity and status of the wearer.

Influence on Popular Culture

Although besagues are historical elements, their presence in popular culture is still relevant. Representations of these pieces can be found in books, films and video games that recreate medieval times, showing their importance and impact on the history of war.

Maintenance and conservation

To preserve the authenticity and integrity of historic besagues, it is important to carry out a careful maintenance and conservation process. This may include regular cleaning, anti-corrosion treatment, and proper storage in a controlled environment.

Collecting and Current Market

Historical besagues are highly valued collectibles by history enthusiasts, recreationists and armor collectors. In today's market, authentic pieces can be found at specialty auctions and antique stores, although their availability may be limited and their price is often high.

What function did besagues fulfill in medieval armor?

The besagues protected the elbow joints of warriors in combat, providing security and mobility.

How were besagues made historically?

Besagues were generally made of curved metal plates that fit around the elbow and were secured with straps or hinges.

How important were besagues in medieval battle?

The besagues were crucial in protecting one of the most vulnerable areas of the warrior's body, allowing them to engage in hand-to-hand combat with confidence and security.

What role do besagues play in modern popular culture?

Although they are historical elements, besagues continue to be relevant in popular culture, appearing in books, movies and video games that recreate medieval times.

How are historical besagues preserved and maintained?

To preserve its authenticity and integrity, it is important to carry out a careful maintenance process that includes regular cleaning, anti-corrosion treatment and proper storage.

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