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The kabila sword is a saber of Arab origin used by North African peoples in their wars.

Characteristics of Kabilas swords

Kabilas swords are the result of a mixture of the most important and symbolic Arab swords: the scimitar and the genet.

From the scimitar take the blade

a curved and long blade, perfect for hitting while cutting. The blade of kabilas are single-edged and usually measure about 70-80 cm.

From the genet, take the part of the handle, the guard and the pommel

These pieces have the typical shape of Arab swords. The pommel is usually flat or round, the hilt is one-handed and the guard is usually very narrow, flat and falls on the edges of the blade. These three parts present the typical floral and arabesque decorations. Sometime they can present some text in Arabic.

Kabila-like swords

There are some swords, of Arab origin that are very similar to the kabila sword, among them:

Flissa: similar sword but has a straight blade and does not usually have a guard.

Gumia: very similar sword but it is usually smaller and the blade is usually more curved.

Scimitar: The blade of some scimitars can resemble the blade of kabilas.

Jineta: the handle, the pommel and the guard are usually the same or similar to the kabila.

Who used the kabila sword?

The kabila sword was born as a sword for the Arab knights. The long, curved blades used to have very good cutting ability and were able to hit the opponent without risking getting the blade stuck. Occasionally, this sword could also be used by infantry.

The kabila is an original and very rare sword. It cannot be missing in a collection of swords, especially if it is made in Toledo, like the one we sell. Our kabila is made in Toledo respecting production standards and passing a quality control, analyzing all the particulars, which gives it the "Made in Toledo" seal.

If you need more information we remain at your disposal.

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