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Excellent Replica of Armor from the Collection 'Historical Armor' manufactured by MARTO. Includes the certificate of Quality and Origin 'Made in Toledo'. The armor is made of stainless steel and the base is made of wood.
Complete Armor of the Knights Templar with cape included. Handcrafted in treated steel for proper conservation. Armor is a clothing made of metal pieces or other resistant material that was used to protect the body of...
Complete armor of the Knights Templar with the cross engraved on the chest and cape included. Handcrafted in treated steel for proper conservation. Armor is a clothing made of metal pieces or other resistant material...
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Medieval armor bust made in Italy by hand in steel and wood base included. It can occur in desktop or wall-hung. Approximate height: 1 meter. Approximate weight: 6-8 Kg.
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Decorative armor in various sizes. The Armors protected the body from attacks and were normally metallic or also made of resistant materials such as leather.

What is a Decorative Armor

A decorative armor, as its name suggests, is a piece that should only be used as an ornament and is not intended to be functional.

Decorative Armor Pieces

The complete armor consists of numerous articulated pieces having come to meet up to 250 in a single combatant with a weight of about 25 to 30 kilos, but the most common and important medieval armor is reduced to about twenty-five, distributed in the four head, trunk, and limb groups. upper and lower.


The helmet, helmet and the like

Protecting the upper part and formed by morion, visor and barbera.

the morion

It was the top of the helmet, where the crest used to be.

The visor

That covered the face.

the barber

For the mouth and chin

the ruff

That defended the neck ahead.

the neck cover

That defended the neck from behind.


The gorget or ruff on the upper part of the chest and back, eventually replacing the ruff. The breastplate, on the rest of the chest The purses that reached a little lower than the previous one The purses, a kind of purses that extended with joints to the knees The waistguard, for the loins The pancera for the belly, made of mesh The culera, for the buttocks, also made of mesh.


The shoulder pads, on the shoulder The armguards on the upper arm The shoulder straps on the armpit The elbow braces The bracers on the forearm The crabs on the opposite part of the elbow The mittens on the wrists and hands The gauntlets on the fingers and hand.


The leg guards or leg guards to defend the thighs The knee pads The greaves for the legs The booties and shod shoes for the foot The tarja or card, which was added to these pieces in the jousting and consisted of a small shield that was fixed on the upper and left part of the breastplate and which bore the emblem and insignia of the noble knight.

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