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Dragon Ball Swords

Swords Movies

Sword Z, Dragon Ball

83.47 €
Z sword from the famous Dragon Ball series (Dragon Ball). In the series it is a very heavy ancient sword, which was embedded in the top of a mountain on the Sacred Planet. The legend says that whoever managed to get her out of the mountain, would gain amazing powers and would become the most powerful warrior. Its bearers have followed Gohan and Trunks...
Swords Movies

Sword of Trunks, Dragon Ball

90.34 €
Replica is NOT an official of the sword of Trunks from the series Dragon Ball. The sword measures 112 cm and has the sheet steel. Includes a sheath made of red leather with details in blue and black. Trunks, also known as the Trunk in the dubbing to the Spanish of Spain, is a halfbreed between a human earthling and Saiyan born on Earth, and the son of...
72.28 €
Become a true warrior with the awesome Dragon Ball Super Trunks Sword! This incredible sword is meticulously crafted with a stainless steel blade and a resin and metal hilt, ensuring exceptional durability and an authentic look. In addition, it comes with a case with a metal buckle for easy transport and safe storage. One of the most beloved and iconic...
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Dragon Ball Swords - The Fan Shop

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Sword Shop, the place where lovers of this legendary anime and manga series can find the iconic swords used by their favorite characters. Immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball Z universe and discover a unique collection of swords, including Trunks' legendary swords.

Dragon Ball Z Swords

One of the most influential anime series of all time, Dragon Ball Z features a variety of powerful swords that have played a crucial role in the plot. From the Z Sword that belonged to Tapion to Gohan's sword, these weapons have left a lasting impression on fans.

Among the most famous swords in Dragon Ball Z are the Z Sword, Gohan's Sword, and Trunks' Sword. Each of these swords has its own history and symbolism in the series.

Discover Trunks' Sword

One of the most iconic swords in Dragon Ball Z is Trunks' Sword. Trunks, a warrior from the future, carries this sword with him throughout his travels through time and battles against formidable enemies. Trunks' Sword is an oversized katana with a distinctive design and a sharp blade that can cut through virtually anything.

In our store, we offer high-quality replicas of Trunks' Sword, perfect for fans who want to have a piece of the Dragon Ball world in their hands. These swords are detailed and faithful to the originals, ideal for collectors and Dragon Ball enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dragon Ball Swords

  • What is the Z Sword in Dragon Ball Z?
    The Z Sword is a sacred sword that belonged to Tapion, a character in the movie "Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Broly."
  • What is the importance of Gohan's Sword in the series?
    Gohan's Sword, also known as the Z Sword, plays an important role when Gohan attempts to free it as part of his training.
  • What is the origin of Trunks' Sword in Dragon Ball Z?
    Trunks' Sword is a katana that belonged to his master, Gohan, and became his possession after Gohan's death.
  • What materials are used to create the replicas of Dragon Ball swords?
    Our Dragon Ball sword replicas are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and authenticity.
  • How can I purchase a replica of Trunks' Sword?
    You can find replicas of Trunks' Sword in our Dragon Ball Sword Store and make your purchase online safely.
  • Why are Dragon Ball swords so popular among fans?
    Dragon Ball swords are popular due to their connection to beloved characters and memorable moments in the series, making them highly sought-after collector's items.
Explore our Dragon Ball Sword Shop and bring home Trunks' Sword and other iconic swords from the series!
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