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Swords Kit Rae

Swords Kit Rae

Kit Rae's Mithrodin Sword

Kit Rae
165.00 €
Are you a true fan of medieval and fantasy weapons? Then Kit Rae's Mithrodin Sword is the treasure you've been waiting for. Designed by the famed Kit Rae, this sword will transport you to a world full of mythology and fantastic literature. The blade of the Mithrodin Sword is made of 420J2 tempered steel, which makes it resistant and durable. To add a...
Swords Kit Rae

Sedethul Sword of Avonthia, Kit Rae

Kit Rae
150.00 €
Discover the incredible sword Sedethul of Avonthia, designed by the renowned maker Kit Rae! This sword is a true jewel that combines precision and beauty in every detail. Its AUS-6 stainless steel blade, laser-engraved with the Kit Rae® * trademark, looks imposing and is ready to take on any challenge. The leather-wrapped hilt adds a touch of elegance and...
Swords Kit Rae

Kit Rae's Mithrodin Sword, Dark Finish

Kit Rae
172.50 €
Discover Kit Rae's sword Mithrodin, now in its exclusive dark finish! This fantastic special edition sword is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of medieval and fantasy weapons. Designed by the renowned Kit Rae in 2005, it has a 420 tempered steel blade with detailed engravings. Its dark iron finish gives it a unique and fascinating look. With a total...
Sword Stands

Wooden wall display, Kit Rae

Kit Rae
30.43 €
Are you a fan of Kit Rae swords or any other fantasy sword? Then this wooden wall display is just the thing for you! With this unique sword plate in the shape of a shield, you will be able to show off your valuable collectibles in a stylish and safe way. This display rack is built with high-quality solid wood, which guarantees its durability and...
Decorative Axes

Black Legion Axe, Kit Rae

Kit Rae
186.75 €
Are you looking for a powerful ax with a unique design? Then Kit Rae's Black Legion Ax is perfect for you. Designed by famed fantasy sword and knife designer Kit Rae, this piece combines style and functionality in one product. The blade of the Black Legion Ax is made of 420J2 tempered steel, which makes it extremely resistant and durable. In addition, it...

Kit Rae's Allaxdrow Spear

Kit Rae
143.20 €
Kit Rae's Allaxdrow Spear is a masterpiece forged from blackened 420 steel, designed by Toukol for Estea, one of Mithrodin's legendary warriors. These warriors were the keepers of the legendary swords of the ancients, known as Swords of the Ancients. This incredible spear features a leather-wrapped grip, making it comfortable and easy to handle....
Swords Kit Rae

Kit Rae's Vorthelok Sword, Dark Finish

Kit Rae
224.25 €
Kit Rae's Vorthelok sword is a true masterpiece in the Swords of the Ancients collection. With its dark finish and 28-inch stainless steel blade with a special dark iron finish, this sword stands out for its unique design and attention to detail. The false edge of the blade is etched with mysterious runes, making it look even more fascinating and...
65.63 €
Are you a lover of swords and fantastic worlds? Then Enethia's Avoloch sword is perfect for you. This unofficial decorative sword will transport you to a universe full of magic and mystery. Get ready to live epic battles and protect the Great Kingdom! Enethia's Avoloch sword stands out for its imposing design and careful details. With a length of 100 cm,...
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In 1997, Kit Rae created the successful Kit Rae Fantasy Art brand, a line of his unique collectible weapons with complementary art prints of his fantasy paintings. Kit Rae transports us to a hidden world of dreams and nightmares through her sharp creations.

Some of his designs are strikingly beautiful, some perversely disturbing, and some defy conventional description. Kit's fantasy knives and swords led to the creation of a huge global collectibles market for fantasy weapons that has spawned numerous imitators.

He is best known for his best-selling collection, "Swords of the Ancients", an ongoing line of medieval-inspired fantasy weapons for which he created a series of complementary fantasy art paintings and long-standing mythology.

Kit Rae's Legacy

Kit Rae is one of the industry's leading knife and sword designers with a worldwide following for his unique fantasy weapons. He was the lead product designer for United Cutlery for over fifteen years, and his knives and swords have appeared on popular television shows such as Burn Notice, The X-Files, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and numerous films. like Spider Man 2, Star Trek: Nemesis and The Chronicles of Riddick.

In addition to designing such famous collectible weapons as Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie for Lucasfilm and Sword of Darkness for United Cutlery, Kit also produced and oversaw the creation of many replica weapons licensed from films and television shows such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, The Expendables (1 and 2), Blade, Blade Trinity, Hellboy, GI Joe, Mortal Kombat, Highlander, The Mask of Zorro, Prince of Persia and the Heroes television series.

Kit also produced and oversaw replicas of many weapons in the video game industry, including the Frostmourne sword from World of Warcraft, the Chaos Eater from Darksiders, Kratos' knives from God of War, and the Red Queen sword from Devil May Cry. His own sword designs have also appeared in several video games, including Two Worlds.

Curious Questions and Answers

1. What is Kit Rae's best-selling collection?
Kit Rae's best-selling collection is "Swords of the Ancients," a line of fantasy weapons inspired by the medieval era.

2. What TV shows and movies have Kit Rae's weapons appeared in?
Kit Rae's weapons have appeared in shows like Burn Notice, The X-Files, and movies like Spider Man 2 and Star Trek: Nemesis.

3. What replicas of famous weapons has Kit Rae produced?
Kit Rae has produced replica weapons from films such as The Lord of the Rings, Blade, and GI Joe, among others.

4. What is the most well-known video game sword designed by Kit Rae?
One of the most well-known video game swords designed by Kit Rae is the Frostmourne from World of Warcraft.

5. What characterizes Kit Rae's fantasy weapons?
Kit Rae's fantasy weapons are known for being strikingly beautiful, sometimes disturbing, and for defying conventional description.

6. What is Kit Rae's brand that combines weapons with art prints?
Kit Rae's brand that combines weapons with art prints is Kit Rae Fantasy Art.

Explore the World of Kit Rae!

Discover the amazing world of Kit Rae Fantasy Art and immerse yourself in the fantasy and creativity of one of the most influential knife and sword designers in the industry. Collect these fantasy masterpieces and become part of the legend.

Ready to add a Kit Rae sword to your collection? Explore our options and find your favorite!

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