Adventurer compass Nico model (8.5 x 3.5 cm)
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Adventurer compass Nico model (8.5 x 3.5 cm)

1.50 €
Discover new horizons with the Nico model Adventurer compass! This incredible compass keychain from the Barbaric brand is the perfect companion for adventure lovers. With a compact size of 8.5 x 3.5 cm, this compass key ring is easy to take with you wherever you go. Made of high-quality ABS material, this compass keychain is lightweight, weighing only 5...
Flint, compass, ruler, saw and whistle
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7.90 €
Flint with compass, ruler, saw and whistle. Tool developed to make fire in unfavorable conditions, after getting wet, in a storm, below freezing etc. It is also resistant to water.
folding shovel with compass
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folding shovel with compass

11.88 €
Albainox folding shovel with compass: Your reliable companion for your outdoor adventures. The folding shovel with compass from the Spanish brand Albainox is an essential element for enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Whether you're camping, hiking, or exploring, this shovel will give you the functionality and versatility you need. With its collapsible...
Pirate compass with genuine leather case (3.5 cm.) Pirate compass with genuine leather case (3.5 cm.) 2
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Pirate compass with genuine leather case (3.5 cm.)

House of Warfare
14.04 €
Embark on adventures with the Pirate Compass, stored in a genuine leather case! This piece is not only an instrument of guidance, but a treasure that connects you with the adventurous spirit of the legendary pirates. Features that highlight its authenticity and charm: Compact design and functionality: This pirate compass, with a diameter of 3.5 cm, is a...

compass with leather bag

Epic Armoury
24.79 €
Do you like adventure and exploration? Then this compass with leather bag is just right for you. Made of high-quality brass, this compass will not only help you find your bearings, but also add a touch of style and elegance. The compass comes with a brown leather bag, which makes it even more special. You can take it with you on all your expeditions and...

Paracord holds bottles with compass

5.50 €
Paracord holds a bottle with a compass from the Barbaric brand. The total paracord measures 1 meter. Available in various colors: orange, coyote, green and black.

compass with survival accessories

Tole10 Imperial
13.00 €
Discover a new way of adventuring in nature with our Compass with survival accessories. Designed by the Spanish brand Tole10 Imperial, this compass is much more than a simple orientation instrument. With this compass in your hands, you will be able to explore new places without fear of losing your way. In addition to its precision and reliability, it...

Map compass, magnifying glass and mirror

6.88 €
Handy Dingo Compass: Your reliable guide on your outdoor adventures. The practical PVC compass from Dingo is the ideal companion for your outdoor expeditions. Designed with functionality and versatility in mind, this compass gives you the tools you need to navigate and explore with confidence. The compass is equipped with maps, a magnifying glass, and a...

aluminum pocket compass

3.25 €
Aluminum Pocket Compass: Your compact tool for precise orientation on your outdoor adventures. The Dingo brand pocket compass is the perfect companion for your outdoor expeditions. With its compact ø 4.3 cm design, this compass fits easily in your pocket, backpack or adventure kit, ensuring it's always close at hand when you need it. Made of high quality...

oil compass with lid

4.75 €
Oil Pocket Compass with Lid: Your compact companion for precise orienteering. The Dingo Brand Flip Oil Pocket Compass is the perfect tool for navigation and orienteering on your outdoor adventures. With its compact design and reliable functionality, this compass will guide you on your explorations. Made of high-quality aluminum, this compass is strong and...

Compass Barbaric Clock in PVC

3.00 €
Barbaric Compass Watch: The perfect combination of orientation and style. The Barbaric Reloj compass, made of PVC, offers you a reliable navigation tool with an added touch of style. This unique compass combines the functionality of a traditional compass with a watch, giving you crucial information and the time at the same time. Constructed of durable...

Barbaric compass oil metal in military color

7.37 €
Barbaric Metal Oil Compass in Military Color: Reliable orientation with style and resistance. The Barbaric Metal Oil Compass in Military Color is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and military style enthusiasts. Constructed of strong metal, this compass ensures durability and performance in demanding conditions. With its functional design and...

Barbaric compass map-oil magnifying glass

7.37 €
Barbaric Compass Oil Map-Magnifying Glass: Precise orientation and magnified details on your adventures. The Barbaric Map-Oil Magnifying Compass, made of PVC, is an essential tool for those who seek precise navigation and the ability to examine details in their outdoor explorations. With its functional and versatile design, this compass offers a unique...

Black oil fiber compass

9.75 €
Black Oil Fiber Compass: Reliable orientation and distinctive Barbaric style. The black oil-fibre compass, from the renowned Barbaric brand, combines reliable navigation with distinctive style. Made of durable PVC, this compass offers you a durable tool for your outdoor adventures. The oil fiber in the compass ensures a smooth and accurate direction...

Compass Dingo oil metal in black color

6.88 €
Dingo Oil-Fiber Compass in Black Color: Precise navigation and resistance in an elegant design. The Dingo Black Oil-Fiber Compass is a reliable tool for those seeking precise navigation and elegant style. Made of resistant metal with a black finish, this compass combines functionality and aesthetics in a single device. The oil fiber in the compass ensures...
5.20 €
Compass with Distance Calculator and Height Calculator: The complete tool for your outdoor adventures. Compass with Distance Calculator and Height Calculator is an essential tool for those looking for accurate navigation and the ability to measure distances and heights on their expeditions. With its functional and versatile design, this compass provides...

plastic compass with lid

9.37 €
Barbaric Compass with Plastic Cap: Reliable orientation in a compact design. The Barbaric Plastic Compass with Cover is the perfect tool for those looking for precise navigation in a compact design. At 3.75 inches in size, this compass is easy to take with you on your outdoor adventures. Made of durable plastic, this compass ensures durability and...
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Quality Compasses: Find Your Course

Discover our wide selection of high quality compasses. Navigate with confidence and precision on your outdoor adventures. Buy now and find the perfect course! Compasses have been crucial tools for navigation throughout history. Since their invention, they have been used by explorers, sailors and travelers to orient themselves and plot routes with precision. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of compasses and their importance in navigation.

Types of Compasses and Their Characteristics

There are several types of compasses, each designed for a specific purpose. One of the most common is the magnetic compass, which uses a magnetized needle to indicate magnetic north. These compasses are portable and easy to use, making them ideal tools for hikers and travelers.

Another popular type of compass is the transit compass, used in surveying and mapping. This compass is equipped with a sight and spirit level, allowing for accurate measurements of angles and directions.

In addition, there are electronic compasses that combine magnetic technology with sensors and digital screens. These compasses provide additional information such as altitude, speed, and GPS coordinates, making them very versatile tools.

The History of Compasses

The first known compasses were used in ancient China during the Han dynasty, around the 2nd century BC. These compasses, known as "water compasses", consisted of a magnetized iron rod floating in a container filled with water. Its main use was divination and guidance in religious rituals.

The magnetic compass, as we know it today, was developed in Europe during the 12th century. It was used by sailors for maritime navigation, allowing them to draw more precise routes and avoid getting lost in the vast ocean. The compass played a crucial role in the Age of Discovery, facilitating the voyages of explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama.

Tips for Using Compasses

To use a compass accurately, it is important to follow some practical tips. First, make sure the compass is level and away from magnetic objects that could affect its operation. Also, avoid holding the compass near metal objects, as they may interfere with the magnetized needle.

It is important to remember that the compass points to magnetic north, not geographic north. Depending on your geographical location, there may be a difference between both cardinal points. Therefore, a correction is necessary to obtain accurate navigation.

Explore the history and meaning of compasses and discover how these tools continue to be essential in navigation!

Curious Questions about Compasses

What is the purpose of a magnetic compass?

A magnetic compass is used to indicate the direction of magnetic north, which helps in orientation and navigation.

What types of electronic compasses exist and what information do they provide?

Electronic compasses combine magnetic technology with sensors and digital displays, providing additional information such as altitude, speed and GPS coordinates.

What was the original use of "water compasses" in ancient China?

"Water compasses" in ancient China were used mainly for divination and in religious rituals.

Why was the compass so important in the Age of Discovery?

The compass allowed navigators to plot precise routes at sea, facilitating voyages of exploration and discovery at the time.

How do you correct the difference between magnetic north and geographic north when using a compass?

Correcting the difference between magnetic north and geographic north is done by using correction charts or adjusting the compass reading based on geographic location.

Immerse yourself in the world of compass navigation and find your way with confidence!
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