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medieval protector for hands

Epic Armoury
30.58 €
Are you passionate about medieval history? Would you like to feel like a true gentleman of the time? Then you need the Medieval Hand Guard from Epic Armoury. This incredible accessory will allow you to protect your hands while you recreate epic battles and immerse yourself in the magic of the Middle Ages. Made from high quality mild steel, this medieval...

Galvanized Chainmail Gloves

Battle Merchant
50.98 €
Battle Merchant's Galvanized Chainmail Gloves are the perfect addition to any self-respecting warrior. These gloves are made with 9mm galvanized steel rings, giving them exceptional strength and durability. Weighing just 1.30kg, these gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear, allowing you to move freely in the middle of battle. In addition, its...

Chainmail Gloves

Battle Merchant
65.92 €
Chainmail Gloves are the perfect accessory for any intrepid warrior looking for protection and style. Constructed from high-quality leather, these gloves not only provide comfort and flexibility, but also offer an extra layer of security thanks to their chrome-plated steel chain mail protection. Weighing in at just 1.3kg, these gloves are surprisingly...

Polished steel hand protectors

Battle Merchant
82.48 €
Protect your hands in style and safety with our brushed steel hand guards. Constructed from 1.6mm thick steel, these guards are the perfect choice for any warrior looking to defend themselves without compromising on style. The adjustable leather strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to focus on your movements and tactics instead of...

Padded Leather Handguards with Mail

74.23 €
Introducing the padded leather mitts with chain mail, the perfect complement to guarantee optimal protection in your combat activities. These mittens are designed with the best materials to offer you extraordinary resistance and an unbeatable level of comfort. Constructed of high-quality leather, these mitts not only give you a commanding appearance, but...

Medieval hand guard, dark finish

Epic Armoury
30.58 €
Are you looking for a medieval protector for your hands that is resistant and has an impressive dark finish? Do not look any further! We've got just what you need: Epic Armoury's Medieval Hand Guard. Made of high-quality mild steel, this protector guarantees optimal protection for your hands during your medieval battles. Its dark finish gives it an...
98.98 €
Leather mitts for medieval fighting sparring in dark brown , almost black. Acquire this magnificent pair of mitts, specially designed for lovers of medieval fighting! These mitts are perfect for fencing, sparring and combat recreations, as they will allow you to improve your mobility when wielding and performing movements with the sword. Made of resistant...
57.73 €
The padded leather mitt for fencing and recreation is the ideal complement to practice this exciting sport. Made by the renowned German manufacturer, Ulfberth, this mitten fits perfectly on your right hand thanks to its leather straps and brass buckles. Safety is a priority when fencing, which is why this mitt is designed with resistant materials and...
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A Look at Medieval Armor Gauntlets

Mittens, also known as gauntlets, were an essential part of medieval armor. They were designed to protect the hands and wrists of combatants from the dangerous cuts and blows they faced in hand-to-hand fighting. These pieces were made from a variety of materials, from metal to leather, and were carefully fitted to provide maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.

Mittens were not only functional, but they were also symbols of status and skill. The intricate designs and decorations that adorned these pieces reflected the warrior's skill and his commitment to protecting himself and his kingdom. Additionally, they were often used to represent the heraldry and colors of the warrior's family or clan, adding a personal and distinctive element to the armor.

The Evolution of Mittens Throughout History

As the Middle Ages progressed, mittens also evolved. At first, they were simple and heavy, but over time, they became more refined and lighter. Details such as hinges and joints were added to allow greater finger movement, resulting in better handling of the weapons. Elite knights and warriors often customized their gauntlets to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Gauntlets remained an essential part of armor even into the days of medieval tournaments, where knights competed in jousting and mock combat. Skill with the mitts was considered an indicator of a knight's skill in combat, and the metallic sound of mitts clashing during a tournament was an iconic sight and sound of medieval times.

Curious Questions about Mittens

  • What main function did mittens have in medieval armor?
    The mittens had the main function of protecting the hands and wrists of warriors from dangerous cuts and blows in battle.
  • How did mittens evolve throughout medieval history?
    Mittens evolved from simple, heavy designs to more refined, lightweight models with hinges and joints to allow greater finger movement.
  • What symbolism did mittens have in medieval armor?
    The mittens not only offered protection, but also symbolized the skill and status of the warriors. They often reflected the heraldry and colors of the warrior's family or clan.
  • How were the mittens personalized?
    Elite knights and warriors customized their gauntlets to suit their individual needs and preferences, adding specific details and adjustments.
  • How important were mittens in medieval tournaments?
    Mittens were still essential in medieval tournaments, where skill with these pieces was considered an indicator of a knight's skill in combat.
  • What were the most common materials used in making mittens?
    Mittens were made from a variety of materials, from metal to leather, depending on the era and the warrior's preferences.
  • What is the historical relevance of mittens in medieval culture?
    Mittens were not only functional elements of armor, but also played an important role in the culture and symbology of medieval times.

Discover more about the fascinating history of mittens and their significance in medieval armor.

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