Italian Sabers


Radaelli saber bowl

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
170.48 €
The Radaelli Saber Bowl is a true gem for lovers of history and elegance. This saber, inspired by the Italian style of the 19th century, has an impeccable design and exceptional quality that make it a unique piece. One of the most outstanding features of this saber is its 9260 steel blade with high carbon content. This composition gives it exceptional...

Saber Hutton

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
170.48 €
Discover the Hutton Saber, a true handmade work of art. This saber combines elegance and functionality, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a unique experience in their fencing practices. One of the outstanding features of the Hutton Saber is its stainless steel guard, which not only gives it an imposing appearance, but also guarantees its...

Sable Pecoraro bowl

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
196.83 €
The Pecoraro Saber with bowl is an authentic jewel for lovers of history and elegance. Inspired by 19th-century Italian designs, this saber stands out for its exquisite handguard and high-carbon 9260 steel blade. One of the main advantages of this saber is its blade, which is extremely flexible and light, which allows agile and precise handling. In...

Italian Dueling Saber with handguard

Cold Steel
369.59 €
The Italian Dueling Saber with handguard manufactured by Cold Steel® is the perfect weapon for those seeking excellence in the art of dueling. This saber has a blade made of high carbon 1055 steel, which guarantees exceptional resistance and durability. The blade of the Italian Dueling Saber is a true work of art, decorated with intricate details that...
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Italian Sabers: Elegance and Dexterity in the Sword

Italian sabers are true jewels of the art of fencing and military tradition. In this article, we will explore the rich history of these sabers, from military models to Italian dueling sabers, such as the Radaelli saber, the Pecorato saber and the Hutton saber, which have left an indelible mark on the world of edged weapons.

A Tradition of Military Excellence

Italian military sabers have been used throughout history by the Italian armed forces. These swords are characterized by their straight and sharp blade, designed for effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat. One of the most notable models is the Radaelli saber, developed by the fencing master Giuseppe Radaelli in the 19th century. This saber became a standard for military training and is characterized by its simple and functional guard.

Italian Dueling Sabers: Elegance and Precision

In addition to military sabers, Italy has also given rise to a tradition of exceptional dueling sabers. The Pecorato saber is an example of these sabers, known for its slightly curved blade and decorative hilt. This saber was used in duels and fencing competitions and stood out for its balance and precision.

Another notable saber is the Hutton saber, which combines Italian elegance with British influence. Developed by British fencing master Alfred Hutton, this saber features a straight blade and guard reminiscent of Italian military sabers, but with a distinctive British touch.

Curious Questions

What is the main characteristic of Italian military sabers?

Italian military sabers are characterized by their straight and sharp blade, designed for hand-to-hand combat.

Who was Giuseppe Radaelli and what legacy did he leave in Italian fencing?

Giuseppe Radaelli was a 19th century Italian fencing master who developed the Radaelli saber, which became a standard for military training.

What distinguishes Italian dueling sabers like the Pecorato saber?

Italian dueling sabers, such as the Pecorato saber, are known for their slightly curved blade and decorative hilt, ideal for duels and fencing competitions.

What is the influence of the Hutton saber on Italian fencing?

The Hutton saber combines Italian elegance with British influence, creating a saber with a straight blade and a distinctive guard.

Where can you find authentic Italian sabers today?

Authentic Italian sabers can be found in stores specializing in historical weapons and through collectors of military objects.

What does the legacy of Italian sabers symbolize in Italian culture?

The legacy of the Italian sabers represents excellence in fencing and military tradition that has endured throughout Italian history.

Discover the elegance and precision of Italian sabers and immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Italian fencing.
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