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Sable French army Sable French army 2
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Sable French army

Tole10 Imperial
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Sabernot officialthe French army. Sheet 77 cms. It includes metal sheath.
French Briquet Infantry Saber with scabbard French Briquet Infantry Saber with scabbard 2
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french sabers

French Briquet Infantry Saber with scabbard

Battle Merchant
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Attention soldier! If you are looking for a saber that combines French elegance with the durability and quality you need on the battlefield, look no further! We present the Briquet French Infantry Saber with scabbard. This saber was extremely popular throughout Europe during the Napoleonic era and it is said that it was the French emperor himself who...
Discover the French briquet saber from the Napoleonic era, a true jewel of the 19th century. This saber, also known as a curved single-edged sword, was specially designed for cutting and was widely used by cavalry and officers in the 19th and even 20th centuries. What makes this saber really special is its curved blade, which traditionally sets it apart...

Napoleon saber

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Discover the Napoleon Saber, an authentic jewel of history manufactured by the prestigious swordsmith firm José Luis Rubio in Toledo, Spain. This saber has a high-quality stainless steel blade and an elegant aged brass handle, which gives it a unique and distinguished appearance. With a length of 81 cm, the Napoleon Saber is a faithful replica of the...

Briquet saber with scabbard

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Briquet saber with scabbard Briquet saber with stainless steel blade. Includes scabbard. A high quality sword from the exclusive Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords Collection manufactured by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo. The Briquet saber is a short saber (compared to cavalry sabers) called m1806 by collectors, due to its...
french sabers

Saber briquet for champagne, with wooden box

Battle Merchant
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Discover the briquet saber for champagne with wooden box. This unique champagne opener has been designed taking inspiration from the iconic infantry saber, but with a modern twist. Although its appearance is more reminiscent of a large knife, there is no doubt that it faithfully reproduces the characteristic features of the original French briquette. Its...
french sabers

Napoleonic Cuirassier Saber, year 1801

Windlass Steel Crafts
275.50 €
Immerse yourself in the majesty of the Napoleonic Sword of the French Cuirassier 1801, a masterpiece that embodies the elegance and power of Napoleonic chivalry! Let me guide you through its distinctive features and glorious history: Darkened 1075 Steel Blade: The blade, forged from 1075 high carbon steel, offers a perfect combination of durability and...
Swords (Cat. C)

Functional short Napoleonic Briquet Saber (69 cm.)

Windlass Steel Crafts
180.00 €
Immerse yourself in elegance and historical effectiveness with the Napoleonic Short Briquet Saber, a jewel that has transcended time and the French Revolution! Discover how this short sword, with its exceptional heritage, can be more than a collector's item: Pioneering Legacy: Introduced in 1767, the Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword revolutionized the way...
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French sabers are a fundamental part of France's rich military history, with varieties ranging from the sabers of the French Revolution to the sabers used by Napoleon's army. One of the most iconic types of French sabers is the one known as the "sable briquet," which played a crucial role in the military history of France. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history and meaning behind French sabers, with a special focus on briquet sabers.

The Sabers of the French Revolution

The French Revolution was a tumultuous period that changed the course of French history and, therefore, its military. During this era, a radical reform occurred in the French armed forces, leading to the creation of new types of weapons, including the sabers of the French Revolution. These sabers were characterized by their short, curved design, making them ideal for hand-to-hand combat on the streets of Paris during the turbulent years of the Revolution.

The sabers of the French Revolution were symbols of the fight for freedom and equality, and became an emblem of the Revolution. Their compact design allowed revolutionaries to easily carry them on their belts as they marched to freedom. These sabers are highly collectible today due to their historical importance.

Napoleon's Sabers

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most influential military leaders in history, also had his own range of distinctive sabers. Napoleon's sabers were known for their elegant design and usefulness on the battlefield. One of the most famous models was the "officer's saber," which was distinguished by its straight blade and ornate hilt.

These sabers were symbols of Napoleon's military greatness and were awarded to the most prominent officers in his army. Napoleon's sabers reflected his bold leadership style and his pursuit of glory on the battlefield. Today, these sabers are objects of desire for collectors and lovers of military history.

Briquet Sables: An Icon of French History

The briquet saber is perhaps one of the most iconic and recognizable French sabers. Its name comes from the French word "briquet," which translates to "spark" in Spanish. This saber is characterized by its short, straight blade, which made it extremely effective in close and hand-to-hand combat.

The briquet saber became the standard weapon of private soldiers in the French army during the 18th and 19th centuries. Its simple but efficient design made it very popular with troops, and its versatility on the battlefield made it an essential element for French forces. Soldiers often personalized their briquet sabers with unique engravings and ornaments, adding a personal touch to these weapons.

Discover the History of French Sabers

French sabers, including briquet sabers, are silent witnesses to the military history of France and the bravery of its soldiers over the centuries. If you are passionate about military history and want to explore more about these fascinating sabers, we invite you to explore our collection and learn more about their history, design and significance in French history. Discover the beauty and power of French sabers and immerse yourself in a journey through time.

Curious Questions about French Sabers

  • What is the difference between a French Revolution saber and a Napoleon saber?

    The main difference lies in the design and the historical era. The sabers of the French Revolution had short, curved blades, ideal for street combat during the Revolution. Instead, Napoleon's sabers were known for their straight blade and elegant design, used during the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Why is it called "sable briquet"?

    The term "briquet" comes from French and means "spark." The name is derived from the spark produced when two briquet sabers are struck against each other. This name became a distinctive feature of these sabers.

  • What was the symbolic importance of the sabers of the French Revolution?

    The sabers of the French Revolution were symbols of the fight for freedom and equality during that historical period. They were emblems of the Revolution and represented the spirit of change and reform that was experienced in France at that time.

  • How were briquet sabers personalized by French soldiers?

    French soldiers often personalized their briquet sabers with unique engravings and ornaments on the hilts or blades. These customizations reflected the individuality and identity of each soldier, turning their weapons into unique objects.

  • What was the range of use of Napoleon's sabers in his army?

    Napoleon's sabers were awarded to high-ranking officers in his army, and their elegant design made them symbols of status and distinction. Lower-ranking officers and rank-and-file troops often carried briquet sabers or other simpler weapons.

  • Where can you find historic French sabers today?

    Historic French sabers can be found in military history museums, private collections of passionate collectors, and sometimes at auctions specializing in antique military objects. There are also specialized stores that sell replicas and authentic historical sabers.

  • What other types of French sabers are notable in military history?

    In addition to the sabers of the French Revolution, Napoleon's sabers and briquet sabers, there are other notable types of French sabers, such as cavalry sabers and dragoon sabers, which were used in different units of the French army throughout its military history.

Explore the history of French sabers and discover the legacy of bravery and determination they represent in French history! Dive into the past and discover the fascinating history behind these iconic weapons.
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