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SERRALZATE S.L. (THE OWNER) with VAT ESB99269748 offers in this website some informative contents about its business.

These Terms and Conditions regulate exclusively THE OWNER and THE USERS that get into the website.

These Terms and Conditions are shown to THE USER in all of the pages of the website, ready to read them, print them, save them and agree them through the internet and to inform you in every time. The same thing is happening for the Privacy Policy on this website.

Getting into the website of THE OWNER imply the agreement of these Terms and Conditions that THE USER confirm to understand totally.
THE USER commit himself to don't use the website and its services to make illegal activities and it will have to respect these conditions in every time.


THE WEBSITE of THE OWNER has been created to offer informations to third parts about the activities, contact with it, get more informations and give the opportunity to the users to buy the products offered.

The requirement of those products and services offered on THE WEBSITE, will follow the specific conditions of trading.


2.1 - The use of THE OWNER'S WEBSITE, don't require the signing up of THE USER. The access and the use conditions of THE WEBSITE are following the current law and under the good faith of THE USER, making a correct use of THE WEBSITE.

All the actions that violate the law, rights and interests of the third parts are forbidden: privacy rights, informations privacy, copyright, etc... THE OWNER forbids the following:

2.1.1 - Make actions that could damage the WEBSITE or the system of THE OWNER or third parts in any way.
2.1.2 - Spamming with no authorization any kind of advertising or commercial informations, directly or covertly, by mail ("spamming") or with big sized mail with the aim to block the server ("mail bombing").
2.2 - THE OWNER, can interrupt anytime the access to THE WEBSITE if detects an illegal use, or against the good faith to these General Conditions - See Fifth.

THIRD .- Fifth-Bladed Weapons and copies

Our catalogue has a huge variety of items, some of them are classified as weapons. Our online shop is completely authorized as retailer, to sell these copies and bladed weapons, only after having and getting an authorization from the Civil Guard.

  • 5th Category: Bladed Weapons and above all, those which are not forbidden although that also are sharpened/pointed. Knives and machetes used by military units, either officials or copies.
  • 6th Category: Copies of historical weapons (non functionals) specially for collectors.

Weapons from 5th and 6th Category will only be sold to people over 18 years old. Once the client accepts our buy/purchase conditions will become responsible of every single data included when he logs himself in our site ad of  the final destination of the items purchases; moreover it will be totally obligatory to send us a photocopy of their ID Card or their Fiscal Identification Number.


The contents of this website have been made and included by:

- 4.1 - THE OWNER using internal and external sources, so it will be only responsible of the internal contents.
- 4.2 - THE OWNER keeps its right to modify anytime the contents on the website. THE OWNER doesn't ensure and is not responsable of the correct working of the links of other websites that appear in MEDIEVAL-SHOP.COM.

Besides, through the website of THE OWNER,some free and pay services will be offered by third parts and the user will have to accept the conditions of each of them.

THE OWNER cannot guarantee the veracity, exactitude and update of the contents and services offered by the third parts and will be totally exempt of any kind of responsibility for any damages that could be made by the exactitude of those contents and services.


- 5.1 - THE OWNER in no case will be responsible for:

- 5.1.1 - Of any kind of damage that THE USER or third parts could get on THE WEBSITE.
- 5.1.2 - Of the reliability and veracity of the informations introduced from third parts to the website, through links or sources. THE OWNER will cooperate and will notify to the authorities all those incidents when those problems will come from any illegal activity.

- 5.2 - THE OWNER keeps his right to suspend the access, without any previous warning, in a discretionary way and definitive or temporal way until the assurance of the responsibility of the damages that could be made.

THE OWNER will cooperate and will notify to the authorities all those incidents when those problems will come from any illegal activity.


This domain WEBSITE of THE OWNER - the own contents, the programming and the design of THE WEBSITE - is totally protected by the copyright, so, the reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the protected elements is totally forbidden excepting if THE OWNER allow it.

The graphic and written materials sent by the users through the ways offered on THE WEBSITE, are property of the user that allow to send them by their responsibility and assign the reproduction and distribution rights to THE OWNER.


The postage cost is calculated, every time, depending on different factors: weight of the package, wrapping, destination and existing promotions. If you would like to know the exact price of an order, just add the items to the cart and click forward.


If you are signed in, the system will ask you the paying method, and then the total to pay will be shown, itemized by items, discounts, VAT, etc.

From 1th January 2021 all goods shipped to the United Kingdom are VAT exempt. Buyer should pay VAT when the order will be delivered.


Estimated postage cost for other Union European countries: 10-40€

The prices applied to the international shipments depends on the destination country, weight, and total of the order. To know the exact price of the shipment, just add the item to the cart and in this link you can get the exact price of the postage.

All of the shipments to the U.E. are subject to the VAT payment, except all of those that present a valid international VAT number.


The delivery service is made by different Express Couriers (GLS, FedEx) with the fastest service of home delivery. We'll keep you updated about the status of your order and the estimated delivery anytime. Please, to get more informations, just contact us. We're happy to help.


We offer an after-sale service to solve any problem, before, during and after the shipment, regarding our items, keeping updated our customers.

If for any reason, you're not happy with your order, you've got 14 natural days (since the delivery date) to return the item, following the customer waiver rights.

The waiver rights won't be applied for all the items that are custom made or modified by the customer, except factory faults or faulty items.

You can withdraw your purchasing contract, just sending us an e-mail or filling up the withdrawal form within the previously specified time.

You will have to ship back the items (paying the postage) in the way you prefer. Cash on delivery (COD) packages won't be accepted.


In the case of any factory fault, we will (according to any situation) fix it, replace it, change it, discount it or refund it.
The paperwork, (depending on the case) will be totally free for the user or the customer. We will be responsible for any factory fault that could appear in three years time (since the delivery).

The user or the customer will have to inform the seller about the fault in 2 months time since when it has appeared.


These conditions of use of the website will follow and will be interpreted by the Spanish law. The Spanish court will have the only jurisdiction to solve any controversy that could appear in these conditions.


In the case of any of these points won't be valid anymore following the governing law or after a legal or administrative resolution, doesn't mean that all of these points won't be valid anymore.

That point will be void from the list of conditions that will be valid and will be applied. In that case, SERRALZATE S.L. will modify or replace that point for another valid one.

The parts will decide, the resolution of any issue, and in case of renunciation, it will be at the place of residence of the user.



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