Functional Gothic headpiece, year 1480

127.98 €
Discover the authentic functional Gothic Headpiece from the year 1480! This impressive piece includes a visor with a clip, a chin strap and interior padding to give you maximum protection and comfort in your battles. Made by the renowned German manufacturer, Ulfberth, this Headpiece has been carefully crafted from 2mm steel. thick, guaranteeing its...

Functional German headpiece, year 1480

119.98 €
Are you passionate about medieval history? Would you like to relive the combats of that fascinating era? Then this Functional German Headpiece from 1480 is perfect for you. This incredible replica of a medieval helmet has been manufactured by Ulfberth, a renowned German manufacturer specializing in high-quality historical products. The functional German...

Medieval headpiece with visor, year 1490

143.98 €
Are you a fan of medieval times? Are you passionate about history and want to live the experience of a true medieval warrior? Look no further, because we have the perfect product for you. We present the Medieval Headpiece with Visor, an incredible helmet made in the year 1490 that will transport you to those times of courage and chivalry. This medieval...

Orc Skull Headpiece

Battle Merchant
135.92 €
Are you a lover of epic fantasy? Would you like to feel like a powerful warrior from the world of magic and the sword? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire the Orc Skull Headpiece, a unique piece in its design and with a style that will transport you directly to medieval lands. This incredible helmet is inspired by medieval bascinets and has a...
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Helmets, also known as medieval military helmets from the 15th century, are historical pieces that have left an indelible mark on the evolution of military clothing. These helmets, characterized by their bell shape, eye opening, crest and neck cover, are a testament to the engineering and design of the medieval era. Join us on this journey through time as we explore the fascinating world of snares.

When the Helmets Appeared

The first helmets made their appearance at the beginning of the 15th century, marking a significant evolution with respect to the bacinete, its predecessor. These helmets not only provided protection on the battlefield, but also exhibited a distinctive style that made them objects of admiration and respect.

Types of Helmets

There are several types of helmets, each with its own unique characteristics:

  • Infante Helmet: Characterized by a folding visor that allowed a better view of the battlefield.
  • Pavilion Headpiece: It had a design similar to that of a pavilion, with a majestic appearance.
  • Venetian Headpiece: Inspired by the art and culture of Venice, this headpiece stood out for its elegance and ornamental details.
  • Headpiece-Morrión: Adorned with black velvet, this variant provided a touch of luxury to the warrior's protection.
  • Lace Headpiece: These headpieces lacked a ruff and adjusted to the shoulders, providing comfort and mobility to the user.
  • Engole Headpiece: Distinguished by the absence of a skirt, this headpiece focused on the protection of the head and face.

Evolution of Headpieces

Throughout the 15th century and until the 16th century, helmets experienced a constant evolution in their design and functionality. During this period, various improvements were introduced that changed the appearance and effectiveness of these helmets:

  • The helmet became higher, providing greater head protection.
  • The crest, a crest that adorned the top of the helmet, took center stage as a decorative element.
  • The visor was fixed in a raised position, allowing the warrior a clearer view of the battlefield without compromising his safety.
  • The jugulars appeared, straps that secured the helmet to the user's neck, providing additional support.
  • The neck cover was reduced in size, which facilitated the warrior's mobility and comfort in combat.

Over time, these evolutions transformed the helmets into what is known as "burgundians", a type of medieval helmet that continued to be relevant in the battles of the time.

In short, helmets are a fascinating part of medieval military history, not only for their protective function but also for their influence on the style and fashion of the time. These helmets bear witness to an era of bravery and elegance on the battlefield, and their legacy lives on in history.

Explore more about the history of helmets and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of medieval military clothing!

Curious Questions about Headpieces

  • What differentiates a lace headpiece from other types of headpieces?
    The lace headpiece is characterized by not having a ruff and fitting directly on the user's shoulders, providing greater mobility.
  • Why were Venetian headpieces known for their elegance?
    Venetian headpieces were inspired by the art and culture of Venice, and usually featured ornamental details and elaborate designs that made them stand out for their elegance.
  • When did the crest on helmets become more prominent?
    The crest became more prominent in the design of helmets during the 15th and 16th centuries, becoming a distinctive decorative element.
  • What are the jugulars in a helmet?
    Jugulars are straps that were used to secure the helmet to the warrior's neck, providing additional support and ensuring that the helmet remained in place during combat.
  • What was the function of the folding visor in an infant's helmet?
    The folding visor allowed the warrior to raise it to improve his vision on the battlefield and then lower it for greater facial protection.
  • When did snares begin to appear in military history?
    The first helmets made their appearance at the beginning of the 15th century, considered an evolution of the bacinete.
  • What meaning did black velvet have on morion-helmets?
    The black velvet on the helmet-helmets added a touch of luxury and distinction to the warrior's protection, reflecting his status and rank in medieval society.

Discover more about the history of helmets and their impact in the Middle Ages. Immerse yourself in a world of style and protection in war.

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