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Viking series swords

Ragnar Lodbrok Sword, Unofficial Ragnar Lodbrok Sword, Unofficial 2
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Viking series swords

Ragnar Lodbrok Sword (Unofficial)

96.53 €
Ragnar Lodbrok's Sword of the Kings, featured in the Vikings series. It is a sword with a blade forged in stainless steel. It includes a wooden stand with the logo of the series. It is an unofficial replica.
Unofficial Sword Ragnar Lodbrok, Vikings (101 cm.)
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76.83 €
The Unofficial Ragnar Lodbrok sword from the Vikings series is a must have for any fan of the series! With a steel blade and a metal handle and guard, this sword is a detailed replica of the weapon used by the famous Viking warrior. With an overall length of 1010mm and a 820mm blade, this sword is an impressive weapon that will be the center of attention...
Viking series swords

Viking Sword of Lagertha

Shadow Cutlery
270.00 €
Lagertha's Viking Sword is the perfect item for fans of the Vikings TV series. This sword, which has been manufactured based on Lagertha's official design, has a black 420 stainless steel blade, which provides durability and resistance. In addition, its guard and pommel are made of zinc and its grip covered in leather, which gives it an authentic and...

Scabbard for Viking Sword Lagertha

Shadow Cutlery
128.00 €
Are you a fan of the Vikings series? Are you passionate about the aesthetics and theme of the series? Then this Lagertha Viking Sword scabbard is perfect for you! This scabbard is specific and official for the Official Viking Sword of Lagertha, based on the Vikings TV series. It's made of 2-tone faux leather, giving it a rugged, authentic look. It even...
Viking series swords

Laguertha Viking Sword (Unofficial)

95.25 €
Laguertha Viking sword based on the television series, Vikings. Made with black stainless steel blade. Includes decorated wooden support to hang the sword on the wall. It is an NOT official product.
Viking series swords

Laguertha sword scabbard (Unofficial)

50.57 €
Scabbard for the unofficial version of Laguertha's sword, from the famous television series. The sheath is made of leather and synthetic leather.
Viking series swords

Ragnar Lodbrok sword scabbard (Unofficial)

50.57 €
Scabbard for the unofficial version of Ragnar Lodbrok's sword, from the famous television series. The sheath is made of leather and synthetic leather.
104.00 €
Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Sword (Unofficial) decorative with a handle adorned with yellow, orange, ruby red and mother-of-pearl stones that create an ornate appearance. The stainless steel blade is mirror polished and engraved with Viking runes leading to the sword of kings. The knob and the protection are made of zinc die-cast. This decorative sword comes...
Viking Panoply Ragnar Lodbrok with sword, shield and ax
  • Pack
Panoplies Tent-Medieval

Viking Panoply Ragnar Lodbrok with sword, shield and ax

213.02 €
Viking panoply Ragnar with his sword, shield and axe. Ideal for decorating any Viking-themed space. Minimum width: 110 cm. Minimum height: 115 cm. This pack is composed of: Ref. 099860001. Ragnar Lodbrok Sword (Unofficial). Engraved text on sheet: NO. See article Ref. 015330000. Wooden Viking shield, 56 cms.. . See article Ref. 099870001. Ragnar Lothbrok...
Viking series swords

Ax and Adze Floki Unofficial, Vikings series

90.75 €
Are you a fan of the Vikings series? Then you can't miss the opportunity to get your hands on the Unofficial Floki Ax and Adze, the most emblematic weapons of the Floki character. These unofficial weapons are made with the highest quality and attention to detail. The head of the ax and the adze are made of carbon steel, which guarantees its durability and...
Discover the Laguertha Sword from the Vikings series and immerse yourself in the exciting world of Viking warriors. This incredible replica of the sword used by Laguertha in the Vikings television series will transport you to a universe of brave and fearless warriors. Made with a high-quality black stainless steel blade, this sword is a real treasure for...
Pack Banner + Sword of Laguertha from the Vikings series Pack Banner + Sword of Laguertha from the Vikings series 2
  • Pack
95.35 €
Be a Viking warrior with the Banner + Sword of Laguertha Pack from the Vikings series! This pack includes the Laguertha Banner-Flag from the Vikings series, resistant to adverse weather conditions and available in two types of fabric: polyester or satin. It also includes an ornate sword inspired by the sword of Laguertha Loðbrók, with a steel blade and a...
Unofficial Viking sword Vikings series, with stand Unofficial Viking sword Vikings series, with stand 2
  • New
77.47 €
Embark on an epic adventure with the Viking Sword inspired by the Netflix series Vikings! This unofficial replica takes you back to the times of the brave warriors of the North with its impressive design and authentic details. Featured Features: Authentic Viking Design: The sword features a design faithful to the Netflix series Vikings, with a 82 cm steel...
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Vikings, or "Vikings" in its original title, is a Canadian and Irish series that debuted in 2013. This historical series focuses on the life of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his exciting adventures. Production took place in Ireland and the series premiered in the United States on the History Channel. In Europe, fans can enjoy this series created by Michael Hirst on the Netflix platform.

Viking Swords

In our catalog, we offer an impressive selection of swords inspired by the characters of the Vikings series. From Ragnar Lodbrok's sword to Lagertha's, as well as axes and other Viking weapons, we have a wide variety of replicas available.

Ragnar's Official Sword

One of the most notable swords in our collection is the Official Sword of Ragnar Lothbrok. This sword embodies Ragnar's bravery and skill on the battlefield. It is a must-have piece for any fan of the series.

Panoplies of Viking Weapons

For those who are true fans of Vikings, we have prepared a panoply of weapons ideal to decorate any space dedicated to the series. These authentic replicas will transport you directly to the world of the Vikings and their legendary exploits.

Emblematic Viking Characters

The Vikings series presents a series of unforgettable characters who have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Here we present some of the most emblematic characters:

Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok is a legendary Viking hero, a brave warrior and a fearless explorer who leads his people on epic voyages across the northern seas.


Lagertha, Queen of Denmark, is a Viking warrior who defies gender conventions and bravely fights alongside her husband Ragnar in battles.


Rollo, Ragnar's older brother, is also a formidable Viking warrior. His destiny takes him down turbulent paths, and his loyalty is sometimes tested.

Björn Ragnarsson

Björn is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha. Following in his father's footsteps, he becomes an outstanding warrior, leader and adventurer who explores unknown lands.


Floki, Ragnar's shipbuilder and close friend, draws admiration for his ability to build the ships that carry the Vikings on their epic raids.

Curious Questions about Vikings

What is the name of the protagonist of the Vikings series?
The protagonist of the Vikings series is Ragnar Lothbrok.

Where was the Vikings series mainly filmed?
The Vikings series was primarily filmed in Ireland.

What streaming platform offers Vikings in Europe?
Fans in Europe can enjoy Vikings on the Netflix platform.

What is Ragnar Lothbrok's official sword?
Ragnar Lothbrok's official sword is one of the featured replicas in our catalog.

Who is Lagertha in the Vikings series?
Lagertha is a brave Viking warrior and the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok.

What is Floki's role in Vikings?
Floki is the shipbuilder and one of Ragnar's best friends, known for his skill in building Viking ships.

Immerse yourself in the Viking Epic

If you are passionate about the Vikings series and its fascinating Viking world, don't miss the opportunity to explore our collection of swords and weapons inspired by this exciting story. Make your space fit for a Viking and show your admiration for these legendary characters!

Discover the Viking epic with our Viking swords and weapons! Forge your path to adventure!

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