Dueling Guns

Wooden panoply with guns and gunpowder
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Wooden panoply with guns and gunpowder

112.04 €
Would you like to relive the excitement and adventure of the Middle Ages? With our wooden panoply with pistols and powder, you will be able to transport yourself to that time full of knights, castles and duels to the death. This panoply is made of high quality wood and zamak, which gives it exceptional resistance and durability. In addition, it has a...
Dueling Guns

Set 2 Italian dueling pistols, 1825

93.75 €
Are you looking for a unique way to decorate your home or office? Look no further, because we have the perfect product for you. Introducing the Set of 2 Italian Dueling Pistols, made in 1825. Not only are these pistols an exact replica of the weapons used in dueling at the time, but they are also a stunning piece of decor that is sure to catch the eye of...
Dueling Guns

French dueling pistol, 1810

53.30 €
Discover the elegance and history of the French Dueling Pistol from the year 1810, a true jewel made of Zamak and wood by the renowned Spanish company Denix. This decorative replica will transport you to the days of Versailles, where dueling was a common practice among the most distinguished gentlemen. The French Dueling Pistol stands out for its...
Dueling Guns

Set of 2 English dueling pistols, 18th century

94.55 €
Are you passionate about history and love to collect unique and authentic objects? Then, you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire this incredible set of 2 English dueling pistols from the 18th century. Dueling pistols are a symbol of bravery and honor, and now you too can be a part of that tradition. This set of pistols is an exact replica of those used...

wooden panoply with pistols

87.45 €
Are you passionate about medieval times? Do you love to immerse yourself in history and relive the most exciting moments of those times? Then this wooden range with flint pistols in brass finish is perfect for you. With an authentic and detailed design, this panoply will transport you straight to the Middle Ages. Its two brass-finish flint pistols are the...
Dueling Guns

Brassed Dueling Pistol Set

67.49 €
Are you ready to relive the exciting duels of the Middle Ages? With our set of brass dueling pistols you will be able to transport yourself to that time full of brave knights and daring adventurers. This set includes two flint pistols in an elegant brass finish, which will add a touch of authenticity to your confrontations. The pistols are made of high...
32.28 €
Discover the replica of the Joseph Kirner percussion pistol, year 1807, an authentic work of art that will transport you to bygone times. This pistol, with a Forsyth patent lock, represents the evolution of 19th century firearms. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this muzzleloader replica is made of metal and imitation wood resin, which guarantees...
Discover this incredible set of 2 French dueling pistols with 18th century brass finishes. These pistols are notable for their octagonal barrel, giving them an authentic and detailed look. Manufactured with high-quality materials such as metal and resin (imitation wood), these muzzle-loading replicas guarantee their durability over time. Each metal...
85.78 €
Discover the exciting world of dueling with the set of 2 brass-plated Espingoles dueling pistols from the 18th century. These impressive replicas of the famous Espingole pistols, also known as blunderbuss or tromblon pistols, will transport you to a time of adventure and bravery. Crafted with meticulous detail, these flint pistols feature a wide muzzle...
47.58 €
Are you passionate about history and ancient weapons? Then you cannot miss this incredible opportunity to acquire the replica of the Espingole dueling pistol, ivory finish, 18th century. This captivating artifact is a faithful reproduction of the famous 18th century Espingole pistol, also known as a blunderbuss or trombone pistol. In addition to its...
42.48 €
Discover the elegance and sophistication of the 18th century French brass-plated flintlock pistol. This meticulously detailed replica will transport you back to the Parisian era of 1781, with its ornate octagonal barrel making it a true work of art. Made with top quality materials, this pistol is made of resin, perfectly imitating the beauty and texture...
84.13 €
Are you passionate about history and ancient weapons? Then this set of 2 decorative flintlock dueling pistols from the 18th century, created by Kolser, is perfect for you. These dueling pistol replicas are totally decorative, although their mechanism works impeccably. Their brass-plated design and the scales decorated in imitation ivory give them an...
32.28 €
The 18th century decorative flintlock Forsyth Pistol is a real gem for lovers of history and decoration. With its design based on the percussion lock-on pistols of the year 1760, this finely crafted replica perfectly captures the essence of the era. The pistol has a zamak barrel and blued finishes, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. In...
44.18 €
Are you passionate about history and collectible weapons? If so, this 18th Century Spark Decorative Dueling Pistol is perfect for you. Exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted, this replica will transport you to a bygone era of dueling and knighting. The barrel of this pistol is made of zamak, which gives it an elegant and resistant appearance. In...
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Dueling Guns: The Art of Resolving Conflicts in History

Duels have been an intriguing part of history, where honor and pride were intertwined with controlled violence. From the era of European dueling swords to the rise of pistols in the 17th century, these clashes have left an indelible mark on culture and society. In a time when life had a relative value compared to the defense of honor, duels were the response to insults, slander and misunderstandings.

The 17th century marked a turning point in the history of dueling, as pistols became the preferred tool for settling honor disputes. The ability to deal deadly damage from a distance added a new level of excitement and danger to these clashes. Social elites, in particular, were attracted to this form of conflict resolution, turning duels into aristocratic entertainment. But beyond the spectacle, pistol duels were a matter of life and death for those who participated in them.

Over time, laws and society evolved, and duels to the death with pistols fell into disuse. Despite its archaic nature, the legacy of pistol duels lives on, reminding us of a time when honor was defended with bullets. Throughout history, these confrontations teach us valuable lessons about the evolution of justice and conflict resolution in society.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gun Duels

What was the most famous pistol duel in history?
The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr in 1804 is one of the most famous, resulting in Hamilton's death.

What was the code of honor that governed duels?
The code of honor varied by time and culture, but in general, it involved participants facing each other fairly and respectfully.

What was the typical distance in a pistol duel?
The typical distance in a pistol duel was usually 10 steps, although this could vary depending on the circumstances and agreed rules.

What factors led to the decline of pistol dueling?
The decline in gun dueling was due in part to changes in laws and a greater valuing of human life, as well as the perception that violence was not the best way to resolve conflicts.

Are there records of duels between women in history?
Although less common, there are records of duels between women in history, especially in high society.

How was the cause of a duel chosen?
The cause of a duel could be an affront to honor, such as an insult or slander, and the participants agreed on the rules and conditions before facing each other.

What legacy did gun duels leave in today's society?
The legacy of gun dueling reminds us of the importance of respect, justice, and peaceful conflict resolution in modern society.

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